Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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BaDoink (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100
BaDoink (Re-Review)

BaDoink is essentially a large DVD archive that throws in some pretty nifty tech elements to make your porn surfing (and storage) a stress free experience. When we first looked at the site back in 2007, we were less than impressed, but thanks to a completely updated interface and a huge increase in content quantity (and in most cases, quality), Iím pleased to say that these guys are finally competing with the big boys on the DVD scene. Finally, to top it all off, theyíre offering Richardís Realm users a special monthly membership price of $24.95 (usually over $39) - just click here to sign up!

Big House Of Porn Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100
Big House Of Porn

On first impressions, Big House of Porn looks like a nice little site thatís packed full of porn DVDs, all accessible for the bargain price of $14.95. Unfortunately, this one isnít all it appears at the surface - granted, the site looks good and is nice and simple to use, and yes, you do get access to tons of porn, but 99% of it is streaming only! Still, if you want loads of choice across tons of different niches without packing your hard drive full (or if you just donít want your wife to find a porn stash on your pc), then for less than 15 dollars a month, this might well be just what youíre looking for.

DDF Productions (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 94/100
DDF Productions (Updated)

DDF Productions is, quite simply, a top quality megasite which gives you access to 10 of the best adult websites that you will ever have the pleasure of visiting! Many of you will already be familiar with the DDF name, and will know that it is synonymous with gorgeous European beauties in the sort of hard and softcore scenarios that dreams are made of - combine this with the photographic talents of Denys Defrancesco, and youíre on to a winning combination! For the first time, you can now gain access to the whole spectrum of DDF sites, including Euro Girls on Girls, 1 By Day, DDF Busty, Hands on Hardcore, Hot Legs and Feet and many more, all for the price of a single site subscription - I really can't recommend this network enough!

**Update - Since looking at the site in November, navigation has improved, and content quantity has increased enormously. Youíre now getting even more bang for your buck, but the price has stayed the same! Review text and features have been updated accordingly**
Site originally reviewed 26-Nov-2009

Exclusive Club Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Exclusive Club
Exclusive Club is a Czech website that features a host of Euro babes getting the sort of intimate medical examinations that women the world over have nightmares about. Carried out by an ageing ĎDoctorí (who I wouldnít want going anywhere near my nether regions), they can feature anything from breast manipulation and speculum close ups to milk enemas - this is certainly the most unusual gynaecology clinic that Iíve ever seen, and it makes me a little more appreciative of the humble NHS! The site is fairly standard aside from its content, but if this is your particular fetish, then the $29.95 membership fee is likely to be well worth it for you!

Fem Flood Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Fem Flood
Fem Flood is a niche site documenting the phenomenon of squirting female orgasms. It used to be the official Lori Rivers website, however, since our last look Lori has been joined by a plethora of other gushing girls! If youíre into squirting, or are even just curious, I would definitely recommend a look - squirt vids donít get any more real than this!

Filthy and Fisting Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Filthy and Fisting

Filthy and Fisting is an extreme hardcore site brought to you by the Porn XN network. Fairly obviously, itís based around some pretty severe fisting adventures, and unsurprisingly, itís European! It features some incredibly hot women in various fisting scenarios, from solo and lesbian to full on hardcore. All of the content has one thing in common, however - it is incredibly graphic, and definitely not for the faint hearted! So, if you think you can handle it, read on... Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This is quite an enjoyable site for a solo site, providing a rather impressive collection of content, thatís totally exclusive to the site. Dee is a pretty good selection it seems, not for her looks admittedly, but for her broadminded attitude to sex and her willingness to impress throughout each explicit video performance or shoot. Thereís quite a good amount of content on offer here, especially for this kind of site, and content seems to be provided to a pretty good standard most of the time. A membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is a little steep in my opinion, but not too bad when taking into consideration the variety of content on offer here and the many bonus sites that are included in the deal.

Gushing Lezzies Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Gushing Lezzies

Gushing Lezzies is a nice little site dedicated to squirting lesbians. Itís fairly new, but Iím definitely impressed with what Iíve seen so far - itís well designed, easy to use, packed with squirt videos and has an excellent support section. Initially it seems a little on the expensive side at $34.95 per month, but when you take into account the 2 lesbian fetish bonus sites and the extreme niche content, it seems pretty reasonable to me. If youíre a fan of lady love with a difference, Iíd definitely suggest checking this one out!

In The Crack (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
In The Crack (Updated)

Described as a site Ďfor the pussy and ass connoisseurí, In The Crack takes female masturbation movies to the next level, specialising in gorgeous girls teasing and playing with themselves in glorious high definition - not a quiver, pore, or droplet of girly juice is left to the imagination! The last time we reviewed In The Crack was 6 years ago, and we rated it pretty highly then - despite having only 25 picture sets and 10 models at the time, we knew that we were onto something pretty special, and we were right! The site has practically exploded since we last looked at it, and boasts some of the very best close up camera work that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. With over 220 models, tons of photos, and over 440 HD videos now included with your membership, I would most definitely recommend that anyone with an interest in beautiful women and the workings of their most intimate parts should check this one out!

**Update - In The Crack have now greatly improved their site navigation, as well as adding a keyword search feature with 29 categories, and updating their FAQ section. Content quantity and model variety has also greatly increased! The review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site originally reviewed on 26-May-2009 Screenshot
Overall Rating 92/100

This is an impressive site and one thatís definitely one of the best providers of Japanese porn in my opinion. The site brings to us a fantastic collection of downloadable DVDís, covering a vast amount of exciting hardcore categories and niches, so whether its straight boy/girl hardcore or you prefer that little bit of something harder or even of a fetish nature this site seems to cover it all. Thereís an abundance of titles to choose from with only the most stunning of models featured many of them Asian but also Latinaís, European girls and so on, scenes provide explicit and erotic performances that are impeccable from start to finish. A premier membership costs $29.99 a month which admittedly seems a bit high on first impressions, however as you enter into the site youíll see youíll definitely get your monies worth and if in doubt thereís always the PPV option as an alternative if preferred. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This site and the network it belongs to ensures a pleasurable experience to be had by all. Thereís a pretty good amount of exclusive content on offer here as well as plenty of additional categorised content to enjoy too, thus providing plenty of variety of a hardcore nature. Most of the girls featured here are extremely pleasing to the eye, all of them well capable of squirting and ensuring impressive performances when in front of the camera. Videos are provided to an impressive quality in a choice of bandwidths to suit, with amazing scenes of penetration action that will blow your mind. The membership costs $29.95/30 days access, which is quite normal for a site of this kind, and in my opinion itís a pretty good deal when considering the many bonus sites that are also included.

Ten (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Ten (Updated)

Summary is a great movie site with some excellent content, and it gives you access to 11 other sites with your membership! If you want a good mix of hardcore content from top name studios, plus a site that is technologically on the cutting edge then I would definitely suggest giving this one a look. We initially reviewed in 2007, and since then, loads of changes have been made - in some ways this is great, but itís a bit of a shame to see some of the old features disappearing. Thankfully though, theyíve been considerate and kept the old Ten design there behind the scenes, so if youíre really not into the new look, just click the ĎOld Tení button on the navigation bar!

***Update: was originally reviewed in August 2007 - since then, the site has been completely redesigned, so we've updated our review and scores accordingly!***

The Female Orgasm (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100
The Female Orgasm (Re-Review)

The Female Orgasm is a site entirely dedicated to close up action of lovely ladies having 100% real orgasms. We last reviewed the site in 2008, and I'll happily admit to loving it then - now though, yet more improvement has been made to the site design, content has improved and increased, and this is firmly cemented as one of my personal all time favourite sites. The tour has also been updated, and there are some excellent previews for prospective members that are bound to entice you in. If you want to know what a woman looks like when sheís really enjoying herself, and no doubt pick up a few tips along the way, then this oneís for you!

Wet and Puffy (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Wet and Puffy (Re-Review)

Wet and Puffy is a pretty impressive site thatís dedicated to the wonder that is Ďwet, fluffy and puffy cameltoeí. It features all sorts of gorgeous Euro girls playing with their squishy lady bits with speculums, dildos and their fingers, as well as some hot lesbian labia loving - thereís even a bit of hardcore thrown in to keep everybody happy! The site is well laid out, easy to navigate, and there are some great little features here that make browsing a real pleasure. Keeping in mind the siteís memorable slogan, ĎSay No to Small Pussyí, it goes without saying that if youíre a lover of soft, juicy coochies, then you will definitely love this site! Since we last looked, they've increased their content, added higher quality options and given members plenty more bonuses for their buck, including access to their new site, - well worth another look, in my humble opinion! Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a pleasing site from an enjoyable network, focusing on real sex scenarios performed by models, real couples and swingers. Thereís a combination of solo, boy/girl and lesbian action here, with almost every hardcore performance imaginable available in a vast movie archive of totally exclusive content. Video quality is impeccable and seems to remain so throughout the site, whilst images can be a little poor in quality, as expected with video stills, however despite this thereís such a good amount of video content on offer here as well as plenty of bonus content and bonus sites on offer too, altogether making this a pretty good deal overall at $29.95 for 30 days access.

Yanks Re-Review (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
Yanks Re-Review (Updated)

Yanks is a huge American site entirely dedicated to the art of female masturbation, on a very grand scale! We first reviewed it back in 2007, and whilst it didnít score too badly, Iím pleased to say that it has improved enormously - with integrated social networking, super-quick servers, high quality exclusive content, simple navigation and loads of member extras, youíll be hard pushed to find a better amateur masturbation site. Of course, the fact that practically every video features a real girly orgasm is the icing on the cake!

**Update** - The site has undergone some changes since we last looked at it, including the addition of more load balanced servers to improve download speed, plus plenty of new HD content. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly.
Site previously reviewed on 16-Dec-2010.