Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Office Girls Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Office Girls Re-Review

We first looked at Office Girls back in 2003, and despite loving the idea behind the site, we werenít overly impressed by the amount of office themed content on offer... thankfully, Iím pleased to say that vast improvements have been made! The site is now packed to the rafters with sexy secretaries and all manner of other business ladies, plus a ton of extra bonus content - although perhaps the best thing is that currently, theyíre offering memberships at a reduced rate of $21.95, saving you a huge 30% on their normal sign-up price. I donít know how long this rate will last, mind you, so Iíd get in there quickly if I were you!!

Old Farts Young Tarts Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100
Old Farts Young Tarts


This site has a distinct lack of options or features and, without any support, this site really did not impress me that much. The only thing going for this site is the fairly decent video quality and the fact that it caters for a relatively un-catered for niche.

OldMenFucking Screenshot
Overall Rating 37/100

Although this is a great theme for a website, Iíd have to say it has not been carried through too well. The videos arenít really up to much at all, but the picture section isnít too bad. The general feeling is of a lack of site organisation, the webmaster should spend time overhauling the site completely and making it easier to use. Some of the picture content really is rather good, but getting to it can be confusing.

Oliver Klozov Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Oliver Klozov
Oliver Klosov is a tasteful website with a heap of excellent quality content that focuses on straight, lesbian and solo girl action.

This site is certainly for those of you with more refined tastes when it comes to porn. That is not to say that it is tame or boring. It is in fact highly erotic and doesnít skimp on close-up action but if you are looking for BDSM, group sex, or anything considered a fetish, then Iíd look elsewhere.

Only Carla Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Only Carla


Both this and are almost identical and this isnít actually such a bad thing, the features and site design do everything you could ask for and the content isnít too shabby either. So the choice is not whether to join the site or not, it is actually which one to join and I will leave that down to your impeccable taste.

Only DP Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Only DP
Double Penetration is about as hard as it gets. If you like your porn to be extra tough, then this site could be for you. This site offers an intense dose of DP, there is other stuff going on too but you can rest assured that the movie always ends satisfactorily with two cocks in one girl. Sometimes there are two girls two guys sessions but donít worry this doesnít mean the girls only get one each, it just means they take it in turns.

The content is excellent quality and it is completely exclusive to Only DP. I am also very happy to say that each one of the girls I have seen on this site is extremely hot. There is an excellent range of girls here: cute blondes, stunning black girls, Asian and Latina babes and a couple of horny matures thrown in for good measure.

Only Melanie Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Only Melanie


A well thought out site that really delivers. The content quality isnít too bad either, there are just a few niggling points that I would like to see sorted out; the biggest one being the update schedule which does need a bit of a kick up the jacksy. Saying this, there is enough content on the site to be getting on with so it isnít going to be too much of a problem. If you enjoy softcore solo sites and Melanie looks like your sort of Babe then you honestly canít go far wrong with

Only Tease (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Only Tease (Re-Review)

OnlyTease has come a long way since the first time we looked at it. With almost all exclusive material these days shot by their own crew, and some stunning girls actively participating in the running of the site, its dramatically better than it was a few years back. If appreciating the female form in an erotic and suggestive way is your thing then Only Tease is right for you. The webmaster makes sure that the site is very well maintained keeping members up to date on a daily basis. With a monthly subscription cost of only $19.95 per month / $49.95 for 3 months / $89.95 for 6 months the site represents excellent value for money also. I only have a big thumbs up for the guys who run the site, Onlytease has become a class leading site.

OnlyBlowJob Screenshot
Overall Rating 87/100

Denys work goes without saying as being, probably, the best on the internet. There I have said it. I cannot think of anyone who shoots better porn. Whilst guys like Hegre shoot in a different style, and with different girls (Hegre is Finnish, Denys from Budapest) Denys has the pick of the crop where he is, and has exploited his physical location by producing outstanding porn. OnlyBlowJob is the best BlowJob site I have seen. My guess is it is the best Blowjob site on the Internet today. If you want to see great BlowJobs, this is the place to go. No exceptions. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

Summary is a nice easy site, and for a change with Teen sites does seem to provide exclusive content of only teens! The site is easily navigated and features some really hot teen girls doing some great cock sucking and cum swallowing! Updates are limited to just one a week, however there are a variety of bonus movie feeds which provide additional updates on a regular basis too. If you donít get bored of blow job after blow job then you should enjoy this site. A membership can be purchased at around $24.95 per month, which is typical for this type of site.

Oral-Amber Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

As amateur sites go, this is certainly one of the better ones I have seen. Amber is actively updating the site with good quality media in both still and moving picture format. I think the only thing lacking here is a little more diversity in the models featured. I reckon the site could benefit from some fresh models as its very clear whomever is shooting the content is very capable. With a wider range of girls to look at this site would be highly recommended.

Orgy Ental Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Orgy Ental

Summary is a typical Reality site, an attractive home page to entice you in, but basic layout and no thrills once you become a member. Itís also disappointing that each scenario featured offers a video stills picture gallery instead of high-resolution good quality images. The videoís on the site thankfully are better, although limited with just 18 scenarios, videos are produced to an high quality with some really erotic interracial orgies, and most of the girls are damn hot too. A membership to the site costs $29.97/30 days, which is a little high for whatís on offer here, but better value when you take into account the bonus sites included too.

OrgyFantasy Screenshot
Overall Rating 56/100

Orgy fantasy is a difficult site to summarise. Whilst it does feature a lot of content, most of it is non-orgy related. As an orgy site, it does not rate well, but as a porn site, it does. 13 Full feature exclusive reality sites, and 100ís of plug in content feeds, some of which are real nice add up to plenty of porn for your dollar. However, personally I would have preferred to see some good orgy themed exclusive videos and image sets. A $1 trial is available, but watch the monthly membership of $39.73. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This could be a really enjoyable site, and a very impressive one over time if content is increased dramatically. The girls featured here are young and sexy, and provide impressive performances with absolutely no holes barred. Both videos and picture sets are provided to a very impressive quality at all times and thereís plenty of variety on offer here too, with each video providing anything from hand jobs and blowjobs, through to amazing anal penetration performances. The membership costs $24.95 for 30 days access, this being a little steep for whatís on offer here if Iím honest, however thereís a few bonus sites included too, these over a variety of niches, thus bulking up the quantity of content and making the spend a little more justified. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

Summary is a really nice site and possibly one of the best I have seen so far in this network. Itís a pity that the content on these sites is slightly limited in terms of quantity, but this is way compensated by the outstanding quality of content and the impressive performances from video to video. The Asian girls featured on the site are not only stunning but also provide awesome and realistic hardcore performances throughout the site. The membership costs around $29.99 per month, which may seem a little high considering the amount of content available, but this is outweighed by the amount of bonus HD sites that you also get access to. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

Summary is a very entertaining site with some very explicit TS material inside. With almost all the content being 100% exclusive to the site, and both the picture galleries and movies being decent quality it a real pleasure to view itís content. Although this is not really my kind of site, it is right up there when it comes to quality, performance and exclusivity, so yes, I found myself very impressed with this one! A full membership to this site will set you back $29.95 for 30 days membership which isnít a bad deal at all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

Summary is not the best site in this network offering a very limited choice of girls and just 18 image galleries and videos to choose from. On a good note the video quality remains very good from site to site, however the image galleries contain very few pics and images are quite small in size too. The site offers a variety of hardcore scenarios that are quite enjoyable but I would not be happy paying the monthly fee of $24.95 for this site alone, however the access to over 10 bonus sites from the network makes this a more justified site to look at. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Summary seems to be the newest site in this 4 year old network, and as such itís not surprising that there are only 43 girls featured so far. However each of the beautiful Latina girls on this site are captured in an erotic hardcore video, each with an accompanying picture set, all of which are produced to an outstanding quality. Performances are impressive and exciting and navigation remains simple throughout the site. You get a choice of viewing options from 1 minute clips through to a full length feature and gallery sets can be viewed as a slideshow too, thus offering the hands free option. Scenes offer plenty of variety and you also get numerous bonus sites included in the membership, and all for just $24.87 per month. I really like this network, and I would gladly recommend to it to anyone.