Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 77/100

This is an arousing site from an interesting network, featuring a rather unique and wild choice of punk girls performing in some amazing and explicit hardcore video scenarios. Itís unfortunate, as with some of the other sites in this network, that the quantity of content is extremely limited at the moment, but what is available here, is provided to an impressive quality, both videos and picture galleries, and itís pretty clear to see that scenes have been well thought out with outstanding performances carried out at all times. The membership costs around $19.99 for 30 days access, which is pretty good in my opinion, despite the lack of content provided, as you do get the various bonus sites included which altogether make the purchase almost a justified one.

Pacinoís World Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Pacinoís World

Summary is a really cool site featuring a great selection of girls all of which are as sexy as they come!. I did recognise some of the models, so clearly they are not all fresh faces, but the ones I knew are some of the hottest models around and are not to missed off any site really. There are a lot of fresh faces featured too, and most of the girls offer exceptional performances throughout the site. Thereís a good choice of girls, a reasonable amount of content and very good standard and quality of content throughout. The site provides exciting scenes to include subtle nudity through to lesbian dildo action, which in my opinion makes it well worth the $24.95 for 30 days access. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Summary is a really enjoyable site providing a vast amount of content with both videos and images featuring Celebs and Politicians that have been captured in a variety of awesome nudity and hardcore scenes. The quality of content varies throughout the site, from good to bad but the performances youíll find here are sometimes shocking and highly arousing on occasion. A membership to the site costs $29.95/30 days, this in my opinion being a pretty good deal when considering whatís on offer here and the amount of well-known stars that are featured.

Panty Amateur Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Panty Amateur


With a really good selection of models and nice lot of videos the only thing that lets this site down is the video quality and the lack of any photos. The site isnít the best looking in the world but it does its job surprisingly well. Just as a word of warning, the content is all pretty softcore and donít expect any insertion or even a glimpse of a fanny. So this site isnít going to be for everyone but if you like the sound of that sort of content then you might want to take a look, but I have to say it is a little on the pricey side for what you are getting.

Panty Maniacs Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Panty Maniacs

As panty sites go has gotta be right up there with the best. When it comes to quantity you couldnít ask for more, and such a fine selection of UK girls that have been very carefully chosen. Both the quality of picture galleries and videos also well exceed expectations with DVD quality video and high-resolution galleries. Yes this site has got it all if youíre into panties and definitely one to be recommended at the reasonable price of EU19.95/30 days. Panties donít really do it for me but after checking out this site I can actually see what the big attraction is for the first time ever! Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

Pantyhosetv certainly impresses. It has a nice clean, well designed look, has a fantastic range of video content and some nice picture galleries too. I am guessing this stuff is 100% exclusive to the site, as I have not seen it anywhere else, neither have I seen most of the models from the site. Anyone who loves Pantyhose, should take a look. This site could be a contender for best pantyhose site I have seen to date. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

This is an pretty decent, but small network of sites, with this particular site appealing to all pantie lovers out there. The thought of cum covered panties can be quite arousing for most guys, even if you dont really get to see naked pussy. Itís a bit of a shame that you donít get good high quality picture galleries to view, however the videos on the site are more than satisfactory and partially compensate for the lack of picture content available. The membership of $24.95/30 days is quite reasonable, considering the bonus sites included, however this may be perceived quite high as a stand alone site, considering the lack of picture content available here on the site.

Party Hardcore Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Party Hardcore

Those of you who are familiar with our Links to Free Pics section will already know all about Party Hardcore, but for those who arenít, itís a Euro site based solely around huge groups of good looking people getting it on in nightclubs and bars. There is also usually a lot of alcohol involved! The site itself has a real community feel, and you get access to loads of networked sites as well as some great bonuses, so youíll definitely want to keep coming back! There are various pricing options, but with a basic photo & video membership costing Ä24.99 itís pretty good value all told.

Penthouse Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100

Penthouse is a brand that really needs no introduction - unless youíve been living under a rock for the past 40 years, you will know exactly who these guys are and what theyíre all about... super-hot porn and even hotter women! Their huge website doesnít disappoint - packed with great quality content and features galore, this is one of the most impressive sites that Iíve reviewed in quite some time, but donít just take my word for it... go take a look for yourself!

PerfectD Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Another superb site from G Picasso Productions. This site has a superb selection of hot girls from Eastern Europe. In addition members get access to six other sites all of which are equally good, and they donít cost you a cent more. This is superb value, even if you are not a fan of big boobed chicks.

Peter's Cumshots Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Peter's Cumshots

The legend known as Peter North has not let himself down with this excellent website. The photo sets rock and the video has great cum splashing shots that only Peter can do himself! Youíll find similar stuff on the internet but you wonít get the quality nor the performance that Peter produces.

Join this site and youíll also join other top porn star websites such as Christine Young and Shelby Bell amongst many others. Peterís Cumshots simply provide high quality content and value for money Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

Summary is a fantastic site with a very impressive collection of exclusive hardcore videos to enjoy. Peter is a real hit with the ladies and well at home in front of the camera, ensuring impeccable performances and scenarios with a stunning choice of both well known and up and coming young models. This video collection is not only huge but provides such a vast range of content, from handjobs and blowjobs to explicit gang bangs, DP, lesbian and much more, all of it provided consistently to an outstanding quality throughout the site, and as if this little lot isnít enough, the membership also gets you access to various other sites as a bonus, all in all making this one hell of a deal at just $29.95 for 30 days access, youíd have to be a fool to miss out on this one! Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

This is quite a good site for a solo site and Jasmine is extremely pleasing in both appearance and her performances it seems. Itís just an awful shame that her face is blurred out in the picture sets and that the HD videos tend to playback a little slow and jumpy. Potentially though, this girl is really sexy and the site has a lot of enjoyable content on offer with plenty of variety covering both soft and hardcore performances. The membership costs $29.95 per month, which is a little high when considering my disappointments with the various issues, however if you like the look of this girl, then youíll possibly find itís money well spent overall.

Phat White Booty Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Phat White Booty

Summary is an entertaining site which has a reasonable amount of good quality video content on offer. However, despite the promise that you can download the movies I could only stream the content. I am unsure whether this was a temporary problem or something caused by my setup but it should be taken into account prior to taking out a membership to the site. The video content on the site is of a high quality otherwise, although on occasion the backgrounds and settings can seem a little drab and boring. This aside, the hardcore performances are well shot and feature some great looking girls and if youíre into interracial sex then they are almost sure to satisfy. The membership costs $29.97/30 days, which is a little high in my opinion, however you do get many bonus sites included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

It has to be said that this site is one of my favourites in this extensive network so far, as itís clear that it offers a better quality of content, more exciting scenarios with scenes taken outdoors and in, and at last a huge improvement on the accompanying picture sets, which look like well thought out photo shoots that have been taken in attractive locations, unlike the usual ďvideo stillsĒ on the various other sites in the network! My only disappointment with the site is the lack in quantity with just 22 girls featured, however hopefully this will grow rapidly over time and in the meantime thereís plenty of bonus content included, making the membership fee of $29.97/30 days a pretty nice deal overall. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

This is quite an enjoyable site but could be much more impressive if it had a larger amount of content available. Thereís a nice selection of girls featured here, some of them well known, despite the site being based around amateurs. However performances are experienced and impressive with exciting hardcore scenarios that can be quite arousing at times. Movie quality is very good throughout each scene, although some of the gallery sets were extremely limited in size and on occasion appeared to be to simply video stills. Overall though this is quite an enjoyable little network with plenty of room for expansion over the coming months, but at $14.99 per month, whoís complaining!

Pigtails Round Asses Screenshot
Overall Rating 40/100
Pigtails Round Asses

I found Pigtail Round Asses quite a disappointing site and quite misleading in its approach to dealing with members. The very limited amount of Pigtail content is shot and produced exclusively which I felt was a good aspect. The site is much larger beyond this offering 4 more websites with the one joining fee and a lot of Ebony content. For the monthly cost of $24.88 via Credit card and $34.95 for check payments this is expensive for what you actually receive.

PineapplePink Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100

Pineapple Pink certainly has its high spots. Featuring some very cute young ladies and some pretty nice photography. It needs more in the way of video and also, a lot more content to make it a highly recommended site. The content in the other three sites may make up for this however. $29.95 a month is a little high for such a small site. There are far better Teen Sites for less money. And as a final note, the join page features some annoying pop-ups should you decide not to join after all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

Now here is an amazing little network giving access to a wide variety of exclusive content covering a number of exciting niches. The site boasts a vast selection of models, almost all of them are pretty damned cute and offering impressive performances at all times. Thereís a little something to meet all tastes here, so whether youíre a big tit lover, a huge butt fan, or simply into Teens or Milf content, youíll find plenty to satisfy your needs here and a whole lot more, of this Iím pretty sure. The site provides simplicity in navigation and is attractive by appearance, this coupled with the huge amount of high quality content on offer and the explicit performances provided, making this a definite ďmust purchaseĒ at the very reasonable price of $29.95 for 30 days access.

Pinup Files Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Pinup Files

Pinup Files is a gorgeous site that celebrates the wonder of the 50s pinup girl in a thoroughly modern way. Itís packed with a whole host of beautiful busty women with the kind of physiques that inspired the ad campaigns of the post war era - long legs, slim waists, rounded derrieres and enormous breasts - and best of all theyíre all from the present day, so you do actually stand a chance of bumping into them on your weekly shop... admittedly, itís not actually enormously likely, but hey... Anyway, if youíre a boob man, youíll be in seventh heaven with this site, I guarantee it!

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