Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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x Lez Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
x Lez


This is a difficult site to summarise and all in all it wasnít overly bad but could be so much better with a complete overhaul on the site design, by looking at the update schedule and giving it a swift kick up the arse, oh and by increasing the content quality so that there is some 2.0 Mbps plus content to look atÖÖ oh yeah and by adding some photo content. Right, after reading that back over I think I am going to have to change my stance and say that this side really needs to up its game and has rather a few problems that need sorting before I can even think about recommending it. Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

This is quite an odd site despite it featuring a rather unique concept. It lacks any design or professionalism whatsoever. And itís a pity that some of the girls featured arenít a little more attractive and it seems that the ones that are pretty are very unwilling to go any more than a partial or full nudity shoot. Itís an awful shame that thereís such a small amount of content available too as this to me seems to be an idea that can be taken much more seriously and taken to the extreme given a bit more time and effort. With an improved choice of girls, a complete re-design, regular updates and hotter action and even a bit of lesbian and hardcore action at some point maybe, this site could really be better, but at the moment the membership fee of $39.18/30 days is way overpriced for whatís on offer.

Xisty Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100


An all round great site with some utterly gorgeous models and lots of great content; there is not much you can criticise this site for. This site has also got the price just about right and for a measly $24.95 you can experience Xisty for yourself.

XXX Gianna Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
XXX Gianna

XXX Gianna is an unofficial site dedicated to the busty beauty that is Gianna Michaels. Offering access to 12 other solo girl sites, this one is by no means an exhaustive archive of all of Giannaís movies, but it does have some nice content - if youíre a fan of the girl herself, then itís worth a look, at least until her official website opens later in the year! The joining fee of $29.95 isnít worth it for the Gianna content alone, but the added networked sites and various other bonuses mean that youíre getting pretty fair value for money.

XXX Key Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100


The videos available from all from the sites astounded me but unfortunately the photos where a little lacking in the quality and quantity department (but hey lets be honest we are only there for the videos anyway). If you are looking for a good selection of different porn at a decent quality and are not that worried about the look of your sites as well as a lack of download options for low band users then this one might be worth a gander.

XXX OF INDIA Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100

Summary was a big disappointment. On first impressions all was fine with an attractive home page and an easily navigated site, however once I accessed the image galleries, the content was very limited and the quality extremely poor. The movie quality was acceptable but once again there was such a small number available that this added to the disappointment. On a positive note, a membership to the site includes access to many bonus sites over a variety of niches, although having a quick look at some of the others Ė they seem to follow the same trend, with the lack of both quality and quantity. Best look elsewhere for you Indian Themed quality adult site, this one does not cut it. Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100

Summary provides a reasonable selection of fetish adult material in the form of high resolution images and some cracking xxx videos to download. Unfortunately though, as with all the other sites from this group, regular updates are non existent, for some reason these guys just donít update their sites. Its beyond me why this would be, but the consequence is best join for a trial, and make sure you cancel. There is going to be nothing new added! The existing content on the site, although very limited is of a good quality with some really stunning girls on board. But in reality, I cant recommend the site unless it is for a trial membership. You can download the lot in a few hours on a fast connection.