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I Love It Black Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
I Love It Black
íI Love It Blackí is the newest website from the Brain Pass network, which I recently nominated as the best porn site network around for the Porn Reviewers Association. There are over 20 high quality websites that are part of this network and membership to one grants access to every single one of them. The reason that I rate Brain Pass so high is that each one of its websites can stand on its own merits and doesnít have to rely on its friends to be worthy of membership. Many porn networks have a multitude of empty sites that contain little content other than the free stuff on the tour. The Brain Pass network has a lot to be proud of: admirable diversity, outstanding value for money and an excellent personality.

This site concentrates on interracial porn. There is anal sex, double penetration, gangbangs and group sex. The girls are diverse but whether they are white, black or Asian they all crave a big black cock or three and are ready for anything.

I Love You Celeste (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
I Love You Celeste (Updated)


The star of the show Celeste shows us a different side to the solo girl site genre with some great hardcore action. With a membership fee of $34.90 appears pretty expensive, even with the network access itís still higher than the norm. There's a fair amount of content, but it's currently only being updated once a month - still, there's tons of bonus content, which goes some way to making up for it! Overall I was impressed with the site, it has good content and Celeste is really something else!!

**19/12/2008 - We've been asked to look at the site again, as there's been much more content added since our last review. Features information and some text in the review have been updated accordingly!**

I Post Naked Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
I Post Naked

We love this concept, and I Post Naked has enough contributions to make it a worthwhile members area to view. If you prefer the amateur style of photos of normal people who are not glamour models, you will certainly enjoy this site.

I Watch Pornos Screenshot
Overall Rating 57/100
I Watch Pornos

Summary is part of an small network of sites all of which feature content produced to a very good standard and quality. Itís unfortunate though, that the whole network of sites at present is still very new, thus lacking in quantity of exclusive content in both image galleries and videos. Membership does provide access to all 7 sites in the network, along with access to many external video feeds and bonus galleries, altogether making the site a little more Ďvalue for moneyí. The membership of $24.95 for 30 days access is a high, as to be honest there are far better general sites like this with much more content on offer. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This is an enjoyable site providing a pretty fine selection of stunning young models. Thereís plenty of variety on offer here with movies incorporating anything from hand jobs and blowjobs right through to anal penetration, threesomes and so on. Admittedly content is a little limited here with just 23 episodes to enjoy so far, however this is way compensated by the many bonus sites that are also included in the deal. Content quality is impeccable with both picture galleries and videos providing amazing footage and performances and proving to be a real pleasure throughout. The membership costs about $36.00/30 days at present, this being a little steep on first impressions, but well worth consideration when taking into account the amount of bonus sites that are included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an enjoyable site and possibly one of my favourites in the network so far, the girls featured here are really cute, some of them fresh faced and new to the adult industry, others more familiar and even well known on occasion, thus adding plenty of variety. Thereís a pretty good amount of content available here in comparison to some of the others in the network, and the quality of content seems to be much improved continuously throughout the site too. Thereís plenty of variety on offer here with everything from subtle nudity right through to anal penetration on occasion and most of the girls actually do have very small tits as the site is based upon. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days on a recurring basis, this in my opinion being a pretty reasonable price when taking into account the quality of content provided and the heaps of bonus content included in the deal.

ImLive Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100


Well what can I say, is brilliant. Great design, easy navigation, simple chat interface, large content and excellent support! With so many hosts to choose from youíll be hard pushed not find what your looking for. With the Celebrity Porn Star feature being launched this site now has everything, and itís FREE to join! I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing as my first Webcam site, and I would highly recommend people to sign up.

In Focus Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 94/100
In Focus Girls


The guys at Sapphic Erotica have surpassed themselves with In Focus Girls. It has to be one of the best sites we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing! It offers high quality content with an amazingly effective and simple navigation system. If you were going to sign up to one site in your life this one should be it. With an array of different themes and stunning models you will be hard pushed to get bored of In Focus Girls. Go on try it out now, I promise you wonít be disappointed.

In The Crack (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
In The Crack (Updated)

Described as a site Ďfor the pussy and ass connoisseurí, In The Crack takes female masturbation movies to the next level, specialising in gorgeous girls teasing and playing with themselves in glorious high definition - not a quiver, pore, or droplet of girly juice is left to the imagination! The last time we reviewed In The Crack was 6 years ago, and we rated it pretty highly then - despite having only 25 picture sets and 10 models at the time, we knew that we were onto something pretty special, and we were right! The site has practically exploded since we last looked at it, and boasts some of the very best close up camera work that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. With over 220 models, tons of photos, and over 440 HD videos now included with your membership, I would most definitely recommend that anyone with an interest in beautiful women and the workings of their most intimate parts should check this one out!

**Update - In The Crack have now greatly improved their site navigation, as well as adding a keyword search feature with 29 categories, and updating their FAQ section. Content quantity and model variety has also greatly increased! The review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site originally reviewed on 26-May-2009

In The Sex Party Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100
In The Sex Party

This is an average reality porn site. Girls get picked up to audition for the chance to appear in a sex party video. The content is of a decent quality but is nothing particularly new. The site needs to exploit it's sex party theme more before it can stand out from the reality crowd. The tour is worth a look as it features a trailer for every video to be found in the site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

This is an exciting reality site with an arousing concept, featuring a lovely choice of young models performing impeccably in an exciting variety of hardcore massage scenarios. My only disappointment here is the extreme lack of exclusive content provided, however this is partially compensated by the heaps of bonus material thatís been made available. This aside though, the content that is provided is produced to an impressive quality, with sexy babes performing in arousing penetrative hardcore action that will please most. Videos provide crystal clear viewing to a DVD quality or better, whilst impeccable hi res picture sets provide additional pleasure and many hours of arousal. The membership costs just $29.95/month, this being pretty reasonable in my opinion when considering the amount of bonus stuff on offer and the various sites that are included.

Indian Booty Hunters Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100
Indian Booty Hunters

Summary is very typical of the sites in this particular network. The usual trend here is limited content, average quality streaming videos, no image galleries and no updates, and unfortunately this site offers exactly that. With just 10 videos on the site, none of which can be downloaded, these Indian ladies perform in a mixture of hardcore scenarios with the look of distress on their faces which is a turn off. I would imagine there was no real enjoyment on the part of the actresses whilst filming took place and of course this is reflected in the videos. This network sells itself purely by quantity of sites, and not quality of content. If you are looking for as many sites as you can get for one fee, then it maybe of interest, but if it is quality content I would have to say look elsewhere. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

This is an amazing site thatís been a real pleasure to view, providing high quality content, both picture sets and videos and a very good amount of content for this particular niche. Thereís consistent and regular updates on a weekly basis and the models featured are rather pleasing to the eye, performing in some amazing explicit scenarios that are provided to the highest of standards. Content is extremely arousing, with explicit close up action provided, whilst scenes offer plenty of variety with quality being impeccable throughout the site. The membership costs $55.00/month, which is extremely high in my opinion, though possibly acceptable, when considering the niche provided here and the amount of content made available, which is quite unusual for this kind of site.

Innocent Eve Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100
Innocent Eve

Innocent Eve is actually not innocent at all! And the site is all the better for it. Plenty of great images and nice quality movies, in a well designed and easy to use site. I can see Eve being a very popular model for anyone who likes the great looking young lady! Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

This is a very nice hentai themed site with an arousing and enjoyable concept, providing an impressive collection of she male Hentai artwork thatís unique and explicit. Admittedly the videos on the site are scarce in deed, but these are a work in progress and will be improved in time, however, the videos available on the site at the moment are still well worth viewing in my opinion. The image content once again is quite limited but scenarios are exciting, artwork is impressive and itís content is explicit with pussy and anal penetration, oral and cum shots. The membership costs $ 34.95/30 days access, which in my opinion is a bit high for whatís on offer here at the moment, however once the quantity of videos and picture content has been expanded in the coming months, this will be much more justified. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Summary is a really enjoyable site offering an impressive choice of girls and an outstanding quality of content, all of which succeeds in capturing only the best in hardcore performances. The quantity of content on the site is pretty good too with at least 100 girls featured so far and of course access to the various other content across the bonus sites, and all for just one monthly fee of $24.87/month. What a deal, this is definitely one you should be checking out, even if itís just to see some of the cutest girls on the Net in action. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Summary features some outstanding content both in the form of images and movies. The quality here is simply awesome! With a combination of DVD quality movie clips, the full length features, and high resolution image galleries there is a good selection of media to wade through. The only problem is the limited quantity here. With just 19 scenarios it might not offer as much choice as other sites in the same niche. The membership fees of $29.95 per month is reasonable, but because of the limited quantity, a 3 Day trial would probably be enough to download the entire site, if you have some time to spare! Iíd say, if you are into interracial scenes, this site is a must see! Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100

Summary is one of the many sites produced by these guys. The layout and design is exactly the same as the others all except for the home page, but this does have itís advantages, because these guys give you full access to their eleven other sites when you purchase a membership to this one. This site itself only boasts of 15 girls in the memberís area, all the rest of the content being just leased content and bonus sites. The quality and content of the movie clips was quite impressive I thought, although the picture galleries were disappointing as they are made up solely of movie stills. A full membership to this site will set you back about $49.95 per month so itís not exactly cheap, however the content is exclusive to the site and taking into account the many other sites you gain access to, all in all, itís not too bad a deal, although I would recommend the trial period first as a taster!

IntheVIP Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100


A great idea for a site and really well done, it lacks some of the more advanced features available on a lot of sites nowadays but hell does it make up for it in the quality and quantity of the content. If you are looking for something different and want some really hot women then definitely check this one out (I just wish I could get an invite to one of their parties).

Is it Wet Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100
Is it Wet

Summary is a very odd site indeed. Navigation is a bit of a disaster and even signing up for a membership is confusing. A membership to the site is only available by purchasing each months content individually, each at $11.97/per year, so you have to preview the content for each month on the join page, select which month to purchase and then pay your fee. This seems like a very complicated way of doing things to me. The girls on the site are quite pleasing, all of them Asian and most of them fit, but unfortunately most of them seem unhappy. This aside however, thereís plenty of good quality picture galleries to view, but the videos on the site are extremely disappointing and very short! Iím afraid my overall opinion on this site is not good at all.

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