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Overall Rating 81/100

Summary is a really enjoyable site and forms part of a very good network of Babe themed sites. The site succeeds in providing a very good choice of stunning European models, most being familiar faces from the industry whilst a few new faces appear here to. Content is produced to an impeccable quality most of the time, with plenty of videos to choose from along with a good selection of images galleries. The site combines a wide variety of hardcore action ranging from blowjobs and facials through to erotic penetration scenes that are guaranteed to arouse. A membership costs $29.95 per month, which is a pretty good deal considering you get access to 8 bonus sites from the network too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Summary has a pretty neat concept and I like the theme of the sexual conquests! It contains some fabulous footage of some really stunning European girls. I think these guys have some really interesting ideas, the movies are entertaining and the scenarios involve some really hot hardcore action. I found it most entertaining though at the end of each movie, where they actually tell the girl that they will let her know, that they have to try out some other girls first and in fact that itís just an audition, itís great fun to watch these girls get really angry and upset as they realize they have just been used for sex! With most of the content being both high quality and exclusive to this site, itís a pretty nice package especially considering the bonus content in the other reality themed sites that are included. A membership to this site will set you back about $38.80 per month, however there are other payment options to be considered, for example yearly membership will work out to only $7.98 per month, but is billed as a one off payment annually. That is a pretty good deal. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

For an amateur based site thereís some pretty exciting content on offer here with some pretty cute girls to enjoy too on occasion. Admittedly some of the girls featured leave a lot to be desired but are not afraid to spread for the camera or get down and dirty in awesome hardcore action and share it with the world. Sorting through youíll find a vast choice of niches covered, mild masturbation, interracial threesomes, intimate lesbian or simply clothed party girls but all combined, the site provides hours of soft and hardcore entertainment with arousing downloadable videos and quite good picture galleries, and considering the quantity of content on offer here itís not too bad a deal overall, though slightly overpriced for amateurs I feel at $29.95/30 days.

Explicite Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100

Itís pretty clear that I liked Explicite. I have to say I have yet to see a site so full of quality photos and videos. In fact the videos are the best I have seen in a long while. With an option to join at $29.95, this site is great value for money.

Extreme Freaks Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100
Extreme Freaks

As with various other sites I have reviewed within this particular network, it seems that lacks quantity, regular updates, interesting girls and on this occasion picture sets. Itís unfortunate, as my first opinion on the site was that it was attractive and offers very good quality videos and speedy downloads. Whatís more, I also find it difficult to comprehend the concept of the site title, it seems to me that thereís absolutely nothing extreme and nothing freakish about the site at all? This title would be better suited to a bondage site or something similar surely?. Despite the many bonus sites within the group I have to evaluate this site on itís own merit alone, therefore the membership fee of $34.95/month is hugely inflated in my opinion, however there is a trial offer available to anyone considering a membership.

Extreme Kream Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Extreme Kream

Extreme Kream is a site based around the sexploits of a very kinky Canadian, who many squirting fans may already be familiar with. Aptly named Kream, this mischievous lady is truly an expert squirter, with a penchant for dildos, lesbian fun, all manner of fetishes and hardcore anal sex. Potentially not one for the faint hearted, the site features a variety of quality content and a bevy of gorgeous girls with absolutely no qualms about what they get up to in or out of the bedroom! Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Summary features a good selection of girls performing in a mixture of both soft and hardcore scenes. The site is part of a network and therefore provides a lot of content over a wide variety of niches. The sad thing is that the shared content is really not very good, at least what I saw is typical of what you would see 5 years ago Ė low resolution images featuring models who by now probably have 3 kids. However their is some nice exclusive content here Ė its what is previewed on the tour, so take a look through that and if it appeals, its definitely inside for you to watch. In addition their are 14 other sites to wade through, so in terms of quantity of content for your buck, you wont go wrong. Just donít expect it all to feature big clits. - Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Overall this is a pretty cool network of sites, but Face Pounders does offer very limited content with just 17 girls featured. The content on offer is totally exclusive offering excellent performances and a pretty good quality overall, especially when it comes to the videos. The membership costs $24.95 for 30 days which isnít too bad considering the various bonus sites that you get included with the membership.

Facial Spray Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100
Facial Spray

FacialSpray is not a dreadful site in anyway, however its not brilliant either. Iíd like to say its pretty average for a site of this Ďtypeí. And when I say Ďtypeí this describes a site with a bunch of exclusive content and then a whole load of bonus Ďsitesí thrown in. Whilst the content is reasonable, it does not make an outstanding site. So even at the lower than usual monthly membership fee of $16.95 per month its still just average.

FacialAbuse Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100

Well, this is certainly a fine collection of video and pictures depicting girls with cum drenched faces. The content, given the ďthemeĒ of the site, is spot on, and cannot really be faulted. However, I have a problem with the way women are completely degraded here in both descriptions and on film. If abusing women appeals to you then hop along and get in on the abuse. However, if not, this site might offend. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

This site is very typical to most other Reality sites on the Net, providing a very limited amount of exclusive content, thus relying very much on the many bonus sites provided in the network. On a positive note though, Iím well impressed with the excellent choice of girls selected and featured here, most of them being very sexy and providing impressive and enjoyable performances of a hardcore nature. Full length Flash videos provide an impressive quality of viewing with arousing hardcore action and explicit performances to enjoy, however downloads are only available in 1 minute clips in WMV which is very annoying, especially when thereís sometimes well over 20 per movie. Picture size could also be improved in my opinion, however at $24.95/month to include all the other sites in the network its not a bad deal at all.

Faith69 Screenshot
Overall Rating 55/100

Although Faith is a great looking gal, it a shame that the members area is so small. The limited, low resolution movies, and a picture database comprising of 10 photo sets is simply not enough to constitute a members area these days. Faith need to add far more content before she can expect surfers to pay for access to her website. AT least subscription costs just $10 a month, but quite frankly, this is still too much. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Summary is not really this reviewers kind of site, however for someone with a fatty fetish this would be right up your street. The site has a good amount of exclusive and quality XXX content on offer. In addition to this is a wide selection of bonus feeds, recorded shows, live chat and games to participate in and enjoy. The site is slightly confusing at times with its layout and navigation but putting this aside it can be quite entertaining and enjoyable. There are also very regular updates which I always appreciate, thus providing something different to view and providing confidence and commitment to its memberís. The membership fee for this site is around $40.00 per month, which I do feel is a little steep for whatís on offer. However, if I had a flabby fetish maybe I would be much happier to part with my money!

Feet Files Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Feet Files

Summary is a nicely designed site featuring a great selection of young and attractive women. Most of the content although very soft, should prove to be very exciting to the foot fetish lover. The site provides a limited archive of picture galleries and a limited amount of videos too, but all have been produced to a very good quality and are totally exclusive to the site. Anyone who adores girls feet would have to appreciate this site for the satisfaction it can bring despite itís soft themed content. A membership to the site costs $24.95 for 30 days, which I have no doubt a true foot fanatic would consider money well spent! Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Summary is a nicely designed site offering a fine mixture of foot fetish material in a subtle and erotic nature. The picture galleries are shot and produced to a high quality and the videos are almost approaching DVD quality. They offer sexy girls in stockings, high heels or mesh tights with close ups of pussies, toe sucking, lesbian and foot jobs or cum splattered feet. The site also offers many non exclusive feeds and access to additional bonus sites within the membership. 30 Days access will cost $24.95 if paying by credit card, however rates may vary subject to other payment methods. In my opinion this is a quality site with a good quantity of exclusive content on offer, and should be extremely enjoyable to anyone with a fetish for feet or heels and stockings.

FelicityFey,com (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
FelicityFey,com (Re-Review)

Felicity is an adorable young girl who just loves to perform on camera. Her image galleries portray innocence, purity and perfection, whilst providing rather teasing and very entertaining scenes. For a solo site you get plenty of high quality image galleries on offer and a good quantity of DVD quality videos, which although subtle are very addictive and leave you wanting more. The content on the site is well thought out with scenes taken in imaginative indoor and outdoor locations. In addition to the exclusive content on the site a membership also gets you access to a great selection of bonus friends sites and plenty of additional bonus galleries too, thus making a visit to the site well worth while. Its developed nicely in 2 years and its good to see so many more image galleries. You simply cant get enough of Felicity's tits!

Fem Flood Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Fem Flood
Fem Flood is a niche site documenting the phenomenon of squirting female orgasms. It used to be the official Lori Rivers website, however, since our last look Lori has been joined by a plethora of other gushing girls! If youíre into squirting, or are even just curious, I would definitely recommend a look - squirt vids donít get any more real than this! Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100

Summary is isnít a bad site at all. However I thought that it was a little too busy for my liking, as it contains so many leased feeds and links to bonus sites, thereís just a few too many different windows popping up! There are things going on all over the place but I think the secret to this site is to concentrate on the galleries of the celebrities only, initially, as there are some really nice images and some great information and gossip on some of these stars inside the site. If its raw sex and hardcore content youíre after though, then you wonít really find it in the celebrity area of the site but at least there is the Real Sex section, this provides you with thousands of image galleries and videos of this kind. The thing to remember with this site is that most of the images and videos in the main celebrity section are not exactly fabulous in terms of quality. The fee of $29.95 for 30 days does include access to 4 Premium bonus sites too.

Femjoy (R) Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
Femjoy (R)

Summary is unique and quite simply very professional. The site features some stunningly beautiful girls, in scenes that you can only imagine in your dreams. The photographers who contribute here are clearly experts in the field. This truly is the ultimate in nude art.

Over the last two years this site has hugely expanded the quantity of content on offer and the quality although very impressive back then is even more outstanding now offering a choice of HD quality videos and even larger images. The membership to the site costs around $30.00 per month, which is a is a damn good deal considering the quantity of unique exclusive content and the outstanding quality provided throughout the site. Hats off to FemJoy, these guys deserve the praise they so rightfully get.

Femme Fight Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Femme Fight

Summary is an interesting site and an enjoyable concept which would prove to be exciting to almost anyone. The girls on the site are very well chosen, mostly good looking, and quite the action is really very realistic. Thereís heaps of content on offer and some of the image galleries contain up to 600 images in a set. The videos offer quick downloads and are very entertaining to watch. Thereís a range of interesting scenarios ranging from two sisters having a brawl to a girlfriend walking in on her boyfriend having a fling, so clearly a lot of time has been spent creating each scene. The quality of videos is impressive most of the time but on the odd occasion I did experience poor image quality in the gallery sets. This aside this site provides hours of exciting entertainment, thus making a visit well worth it at EU24.95 for 30 Days.

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