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Fetish Network Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Fetish Network

Originally called Members Extreme, Fetish Network, as the name implies, is a mega site dedicated entirely to fetish content. We first reviewed it just last year, but it has since almost doubled in size, so we figured it was worth another look. With 21 sites on the bill so far, and more being added all the time, this is an absolute must see for fans of bondage, torture, smothering, spanking and, well, pain really - and with a $1.00 trial option, lovers of BDSM wonít be losing much by checking this one out, so Iíd highly recommend it!

Figure Baby Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Figure Baby

Figure Baby is a nice little site in the amateur glamour niche, and features cute girls from all walks of life in sexy softcore action. Clearly fans of the pinup styles of old, the guys behind the site have achieved just the right mix of tongue-in-cheek saucy and tongues-on-the-floor sensual to make this one a real winner in my eyes - fresh faced girls, exclusive content and an excellent $14.95 price point equal a big thumbs up from me!

Filthy Britain Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Filthy Britain

Filthy Britain, if you hadnít guessed already, is a site dedicated to filthy amateur Brits doing very rude things to themselves, and each other! Jerry Springer, eat your heart out. Anyway, Iím not sure how long the siteís been running, but thereís a fair amount of content to keep you busy - some of it is exclusive, but there is quite a bit here that Iíve seen before. Still, if you want all your dirty Brit porn in one place, then this is as good a site as any! Fans of Johnny Rebel and naughty UK porn stars like Alicia Rhodes, take note! Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This is quite an enjoyable site providing an impressive and explicit, and very personal collection of Alex Firestoneís many sexually experiences over the last decade. Content admittedly is a little poor in quality on occasion and thereís not that much available considering itís over a 10 year period, (sorry Alex), but when you consider the performances carried out here and the variety of scenarios on offer, from one scene to the next, thereís a pretty enjoyable time to be had as you feast your eyes on the arousing and explicit archives of the site. The membership costs about $18.99 a month, reducing on a recurring basis, this being a little steep when considering the poor quality of content at times, however thereís some really impressive XXX action on offer here, and those interactive galleries prove to be very arousing in deed, thus making this definitely well worth thinking about in my opinion.

First Time Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
First Time

This is an interesting network of sites, this one in particular being rather limited in the quantity of content, yet providing an enjoyable collection of explicit and exclusive videos featuring a rather unique and cute selection of young amateur models. The girls can be seen in enjoyable raw hardcore performances, these offering plenty of variety throughout each scene. Picture sets are unfortunately a bit of a disappointment, and are extremely lacking in quantity, though this is partially compensated by the various other sites and bonus material included in the membership. A membership costs $29.99/30 days access, which in my opinion is still a little overpriced when considering whatís on offer here, even despite the bonus stuff thatís included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100

Its very clear that has only just got started simply because there is such limited content here. Four girls is not really enough to warrant a paid for members area, and perhaps the chaps who run it should get a lot more content on board before selling it to the public. Although I quite like the idea, and you can see that these guys are trying to do something different to the rest, I think there is just not enough here and I think the site struggles to justify a membership fee of $19.95 per month, even if you do get access to also. The advice here is then Ė wait and see what happens in six months time. We shall have a re-look at that time to see how the site develops.

Florida Honeys Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
Florida Honeys

I was disappointed with, mainly because all the video scenarios have been taken in the same location, with the same scenario and the same performances. The only thing that changes is the girlís that are featured. A little imagination would have been better and a bit of work to the background maybe would have made things more interesting? Given the sites title I expected sun, sea and sand, exotic locations, interesting settings and stunning girls, but what I actually viewed were sweet girls in a drab apartment on the same bedspread and the same rug! UgghÖ In addition to this I found the movie clips to be way too short and the quality a little poor on occasion. The membership fee is quite high at $34.95/month, yet it seems that the absolute minimum of effort and outlay of costs have been made to produce the content. You get a decent amount of bonus sites with your membership, but in my opinion the site is still way over priced.

FM Teens Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
FM Teens

Summary is a classy site with an interesting design, and itís very easily navigated. The girls are very carefully selected with just two or three cuties featured in each issue. This is a interesting and brave idea in my opinion, , but it could prove to be an expensive way to purchase your kicks. I personally found the content of each issue to be a little too tame as most of the sets and videos had just nudity, not even masturbation it seems. On a good note the quality of content is very impressive throughout the site. In conclusion, I think itís a tad too expensive to have to purchase a membership to each issue at $34.95/30 days, especially as there are only about 20 picture sets and videos available in each.

Football-Babes Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary combines many mens two greatest interests, football, and girls! This is a pretty unique concept featuring a fine selection of girls in an exclusive collection of image galleries and videos. The content, although a little limited is produced to a very good quality overall. Unfortunately some of the images could be a lot bigger but this aside, scenarios are well thought out and enjoyable to view. Most of the content is rather subtle but is still very entertaining with cute European models stripping, posing and masturbating for the camera. There are quite a few familiar faces featured on the site, that Iíve seen many times before but the site also features some fresh faces too on occasion. The membership costs around $24.99/month at the moment on a special limited offer, but it would usually cost around $40.00/month which is way overpriced in my opinion considering the amount of content on offer.

For The Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100
For The Girls

A well thought out site with plenty of articles and media to appeal to women. Its like a mini Cosmopolitan with some raunchy pics and video to get get you in the mood. The amount of written information is far greater than on your average ďgirly pornĒ site, and given we all know how girls just love to read a good magazine, this site is bang on for its target audience. It could only have been run by a women, and she is doing a damned fine job.

Fuck Mature Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Fuck Mature

No prizes for guessing what this oneís all about... mature chicks getting the granny shagged out of them, of course (quite literally)! Part of the Fetish Hits network, Fuck Mature features older ladies of all ages, from the spritely 40-something to grey haired grannies in their twilight years, and itís about as hardcore as these gals can get without doing themselves a serious mischief! Thereís plenty to see and do here, and with access to the other 56 sites in the network, the $29.95 membership fee seems pretty reasonable to me. If youíre a man who enjoys the more experienced woman, this is definitely worth checking out.

Fuck My Flab Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100
Fuck My Flab

This is another charming site (with an equally charming name) from the Hardcore Network family, home to such masterpieces as Attack My Ass and Her Last Fuck. Fuck My Flab, in case you hadnít already gathered, is dedicated to the wonder that is the BBW, promising obese women weighing 300 to 400 pounds getting it on with skinny guys. Now whilst it may not completely live up to this promise (there are a few suspiciously slimline chicks floating around), all in all, I reckon lovers of real BBWs are going to spend quite a few happy hours in front of their PCs with their pants round their ankles checking this one out! If youíre not a fan of big girls, however, I suggest giving Fuck My Flab a pretty wide berth... Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100

Summary was a huge disappointment to me, as the quantity of exclusive content was very limited with just 10 videos available. The bulk of video content was supplied via bonus sites and links to streaming videos and feeds. More annoyingly was the fact that the only images on the site were from a huge picture archive containing anything but nanny hardcore. Whatís more the quality of content was appalling on occasion, with some being rather dated and blurred at times. With the recent HD quality we are seeing more and more now, this site really needs to buck up itís ideas and get out there shooting some exclusive high quality content, if itís ever to justify the extortionate membership fee of $39.95/month. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Whilst porn is generally all about fantasy, here we have a website where the fantasy can become reality. Faye is offering the chance for members of her site not only to meet her, but have sex with her and her friends also. Being quite an attractive girl, I can see Fayeís site becoming very popular. I only hope she can keep up with the number of guys who may find this prospect too appealing to miss out.

Fudge Stick Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Fudge Stick


As far as introducing us porn lovers to the latest amateurs trying to hit the big time, FudgeStick does this pretty well. The design, navigation and layout would all need to be looked at, as well as adding a full length video option, downloadable photo sets and a large image gallery. Apart from these few points the site overall has good content and you also get access to If amateur interracial hardcore action is your thing would be a good place to look, with a few changes this site will definitely be one to look out for!

Fun Brunettes Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Fun Brunettes

Summary in my opinion has almost everything that I would look for in a site, except for blondes! The site offers impressive shoots, top quality content, interesting locations and stunning babes, both amateurs and some well known porn stars. Thereís a very good quantity of image galleries featured on the site, along with an awesome collection of exclusive downloadable videos, and in addition to all this the monthly membership of $19.95 includes access to heaps of bonus sites and additional feeds, so if Iím honest, it would be a shame to miss out on this one!

Gag A Gay Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Gag A Gay

Summary is a well designed site which offers a small but exclusive collection of gay gagging image galleries and videos. The guys are well chosen, and the content although slightly limited is produced to a very good quality. Itís a pity the site is not updated that often but if youíre into gay gagging material then you wil certainly enjoy this site. A membership costs $24.95/30days, which is fairly justified considering the access included to the many additional sites accross the network.

Gag On My Cock Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100
Gag On My Cock

Two of the sites you get for one subscription fee here are really good. Plenty of exclusive high quality video, plenty of great looking girls, and lots of cock sucking everywhere! If you have a real desire to see young girls sucking on cocks, and not necessarily having full penetrative sex, then this site should certainly be near the top of your list!

Gag School Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Gag School

Gag School is an adult educational institute that we should all take a peak in to. The pupils are of an excellent standard and though the teachers seem to be firm they are fair. The raw facts are that these girls are given penis poundings in the face. If Gag School was a pupil at the University of Internet Porn it would graduate with flying colours. Screenshot
Overall Rating 67/100

As with most of the sites in this network, both picture and video content is very limited, relying hugely on a bonus DVD archive and the various bonus sites that are included in the membership. Videos are produced to a pretty good quality, but itís an awful shame that this particular niche is a rather repetitive one and doesnít do that much for me, however the site provides a pretty good choice of models and performances are quite good throughout the site. Picture content on the other hand is a little disappointing as image size is small, and once again youíve seen one gallery youíve seen them all, I also noticed that some of the galleries accompanying the videos featured the same girl over and over, despite it not matching up to any video featured on the site? A slight blip I fear! Anyway for anyone with a love for blowjobs and gagging itís probably worth checking out.

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