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Ultimate Celebs Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Ultimate Celebs


The thing you have to remember is that celeb porn sites do not offer the greatest of hardcore action, if any in some cases, if thatís what you desire then is not the site for you. However truly lives up to the name of ultimate, the content they have on offer is superb in both quantity and quality. You could spend all day going through the entire site and not get bored. I personally found the site a pleasure to review and would highly recommend this to all you celeb porn lovers out there. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Summary is quite an cool site! Although very limited in its content, it provides a great selection of exclusive erotic hardcore in the form of good quality movies and hi resolution images. I like the fact the members get to get involved, and are taken to some of the parties! The majority of content is based around group sex or threesome action in the form of gang bangs and such, which makes for very erotic scenarios. With access to many bonus sites included in the membership fee of $29.21 per month, its not a bad deal at all, especially if you are into party style group sex video. Shame about the limited pic galleries thatís all!

VideosZ Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
VideosZ Re-Review

We last reviewed this site back in 2009, and as my esteemed colleague said at the time, if you are a lover of porn, you will be a lover of VideosZ! This couldnít ring more true, only now, their features are even better, their content has increased to eye watering proportions, thereís no DRM, and there are masses more options to keep even the fussiest lovers of filth amongst you happy! The clever chaps at VideosZ have even managed to wangle deals with some top production studios, making them the exclusive distributors of many of the films that youíll find on the site - exclusive movies on a DVD site? Sign me up!

VidsOD Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

A relative new comer on the video site scene, VidsOD has all the makings of becoming the next big thing. It is, simply, a huge virtual library of over 1,100 full length adult movies, catering for a multitude of tastes, and whatís more, itís appealing to all pockets - from as little as $1 for trial membership, youíll literally have countless hours of DVD quality adult entertainment at your fingertips!

Vintage Classic Porn Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Vintage Classic Porn

Vintage Classic Porn, as you may well imagine, is an archive of adult pictures and movies dating from the 1920s and earlier, to the 1980s - and Iíve got to admit, Iíve absolutely loved reviewing it! If youíve ever longed to hark back to a simpler time, when breasts were real, women had hips, and Photoshop hadnít been invented yet, then youíre likely to feel as enthusiastic about it as I am! There are a couple of kinks to iron out, navigation could be a little better, and I wish there was more content, but there are some serious gems here which more than make up for it!

Viv Thomas Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100
Viv Thomas


Simply a superb site for any lover of quality photography who wants to see a real variation of different categories and wants to join a site that has a real buzzing community with a chance of getting up close and personal with some of the girls. In my opinion this site is much more than your regular porn site and really offers some added value features and sections. Go on give it a try and you wonít walk away disappointed especially at such a competitive price.

Viv Thomas Video (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 92/100
Viv Thomas Video (Updated)

Viv Thomas Video is a truly sophisticated site with masses of content and wide appeal. It is well established, having been successfully running for 8 years, and many of you will already be familiar with it - however, in recent years it has undergone a complete overhaul, and is now better than ever. Inside you will find hundreds of stunning girls, beautifully shot in fantastic locations. If you like your porn hardcore, but seductive and classy, as opposed to gritty and amateur, then this is the absolute pinnacle!

**Update - Viv Thomas Video have now added widescreen videos, and content quantity has increased dramatically - review features and scores have been updated accordingly** - Site originally reviewed on 01-Jan-2009. Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100

Vivid is pretty well known in the whole porn game having been around a while, and being famous for producing some fabulous video. Their site quite rightly proclaims themselves as one of the best providers of adult entertainment and I must say initial impressions of the site were really good. With some of the biggest names and most stunning porn stars seen on the net and its many photo galleries and top quality xxx movies, this site certainly looks like it will take some beating! You can see the likes of Lexie Marie, Briana Banks, Jenna Jamieson, Taylor Hayes and Cheyenne Silver to name just a few. The action is fabulous with photo shoots and behind the scenes videos through to preview movies and full length feature films, these being sometimes over 2 hours in length. Youíll see lesbians, boy girl action, group action and plenty more all brought to you in the high quality media. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Summary provides an impressive quality of content and an attractive selection of girls to choose from, although itís rather limited in quantity at present. Picture sets are colourful and erotic with heaps of masturbation and dildo penetration, whilst the videos provide a DVD quality of viewing with scenes incorporating dildo in the ass and so on. For anyone that loves solo girl content this siteís well worth checking out as the membership gets you access to plenty of additional content for the one monthly fee of $24.95.

Vixeo Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100


Trying to compete with sites such as DVD Box and Video Box was always going to be a tall order (although coming up with a more original name wasnít difficult). But it appears Vixeo has done a pretty good job and really all that separates them is a slight variation in features and Vixeo suffering in the update schedule wars (although it appears to be in the middle with the DVD quantity stakes). One thing that Vixeo does suffer from is a lack of support and that is the thing that is really going to let it down in the review scoring. So when it comes down to it the choice is all down to personal preference and with all three sites allowing you to browse the content without signing up I suggest you go and have a look at all three and then make your decision. But rest assured, whichever one you plump for you will not be disappointed, saying that I ought to mention that your bank balance may suffer depending on which one you choose as Video Box is still the clear winner when it comes to value for money by only charging $9.95 a month when the others are charging a comparatively high $29.95.

Watch 4 Beauty (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 90/100
Watch 4 Beauty (Updated)


As the site so correctly states, Watch 4 Beauty is an exclusive, on-line erotic art magazine for gentlemen of taste. This site was up against some stiff competition, but they've managed to really impress me, and have convinced me that they deserve a place in this relatively crowded market. The site offers fantastic photo content with quite possibly the best selection of women that you will ever see in one place, as well as some super sexy softcore videos. All in all, if you are after some seriously hot softcore content, then this one has to be at the top of your list!

**Update - Watch 4 Beauty has now had a complete design overhaul, and as well as adding loads of new content and features, the video section has been greatly improved. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site originally reviewed on 24-May-2007

Web Cams Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Web Cams


The actual site doesnít look too great but the most important bit of the site, the chat interface, works brilliantly. Your experience on this site obviously depends on your chosen host but with so many to choose from on this site it wonít take you long to find one that will be happy to fulfil your needs. This was a new experience for me and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that this is a two way thing really makes it interesting and the fact that you can join up for free makes it even more interesting.

x Lez Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
x Lez


This is a difficult site to summarise and all in all it wasnít overly bad but could be so much better with a complete overhaul on the site design, by looking at the update schedule and giving it a swift kick up the arse, oh and by increasing the content quality so that there is some 2.0 Mbps plus content to look atÖÖ oh yeah and by adding some photo content. Right, after reading that back over I think I am going to have to change my stance and say that this side really needs to up its game and has rather a few problems that need sorting before I can even think about recommending it.

Xisty Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100


An all round great site with some utterly gorgeous models and lots of great content; there is not much you can criticise this site for. This site has also got the price just about right and for a measly $24.95 you can experience Xisty for yourself.

XXX Gianna Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
XXX Gianna

XXX Gianna is an unofficial site dedicated to the busty beauty that is Gianna Michaels. Offering access to 12 other solo girl sites, this one is by no means an exhaustive archive of all of Giannaís movies, but it does have some nice content - if youíre a fan of the girl herself, then itís worth a look, at least until her official website opens later in the year! The joining fee of $29.95 isnít worth it for the Gianna content alone, but the added networked sites and various other bonuses mean that youíre getting pretty fair value for money.

XXX Key Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100


The videos available from all from the sites astounded me but unfortunately the photos where a little lacking in the quality and quantity department (but hey lets be honest we are only there for the videos anyway). If you are looking for a good selection of different porn at a decent quality and are not that worried about the look of your sites as well as a lack of download options for low band users then this one might be worth a gander. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a really enjoyable site for the tit lover, offering a good choice of young busty models, whilst featuring them in a range of exciting scenarios that are well thought out and filmed in rather interesting locations. I did notice that whilst some of the girls are familiar they looked rather young in the shoots so I think a lot of the content is old and taken a few years ago but then carried into this new fresh looking website, but despite this thereís still heaps of enjoyable content on offer, most of it exclusive and some of it never seen before. So whether itís the C cup or the EE cup, youíre sure to find plenty of scenes to arouse you when you purchase a membership to the site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is one of the better sites in the network, featuring a lovely choice of young models, some of them familiar, seen on other sites and some of them fresh faces and new to the industry. Together the girls provide an exciting variety and choice and offer very arousing and exciting performances. Picture galleries are produced to a very good quality offering variety from set to set with shoots taken in attractive settings whilst videos offer exciting and explicit performances that are sure to satisfy most. Quantity of content is quite good too with plenty of video content and over 1000 picture sets to view, not to mention all the bonus sites included, for the fee of $34.95/month, making this all in all a pretty good purchase in my opinion.

ZTOD Screenshot
Overall Rating 95/100

ZTOD is a DVD site brought to you by the guys and girls at Zero Tolerance films - and anyone whoís ever been lucky enough to see a Zero Tolerance movie will know what I mean when I say that the content here is absolutely top notch! We first reviewed the site back in 2006, and had no difficulty in placing it within our top 20 at the time - unbelievably, itís improved enormously since then! The content is the same fantastic quality that we remember, but the site itself has hugely evolved, with tons more options and features, including access to two other excellent sites, Third Movies and Black Ice, all for just $29.95 a month.

**Update** ZTOD have now updated their site design, and navigation is easier than ever. Updates are also more frequent, and content quantity has increased enormously. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly**
Site originally reviewed on 26-Feb-2009

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