Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 75/100

This is quite an enjoyable site for a solo site, providing a rather impressive collection of content, thatís totally exclusive to the site. Dee is a pretty good selection it seems, not for her looks admittedly, but for her broadminded attitude to sex and her willingness to impress throughout each explicit video performance or shoot. Thereís quite a good amount of content on offer here, especially for this kind of site, and content seems to be provided to a pretty good standard most of the time. A membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is a little steep in my opinion, but not too bad when taking into consideration the variety of content on offer here and the many bonus sites that are included in the deal. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Summary is a pretty decent site giving a good mix of quality and quantity to itís members. With plenty of video and some decent matching photo sets the site certainly has more gaping content then I have seen elsewhere. The site is very easy to use and also offers a variety of additional niches across the 8 bonus sites included in the membership fee. If you love gaping holes, then this should be your first point of call! Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

GapingGirls,com is an eye catching site which is pretty easy to use and navigate. There is no doubt there are plenty of stunning models here doing some very nasty hardcore scenes. The site contains its own exclusive content with some very high quality footage of girls taking it up the ass and getting their butts stretched wide open, but there is not quite enough of this to make a really decent members area. The images donít quite match the quality of the video, but nonetheless maybe useful to get an idea of what a movie is about. All in all, this is not a bad site, but its high membership fee does put me off. A $4.95 trial is available, but watch you donít get billed nearly $50 for the month afterwards. Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

Summary is an awesome reality gay site featuring a great selection of guys captured in an impressive collection of exclusive high res image galleries and HD videos. The site features outstanding gay sexual performances that are filmed in exciting locations with interesting and erotic scenarios. If youíre into the gay scene and enjoy gay penetration sex scenes then this site is definitely one for you. A membership costs around $30.00 which is pretty standard for this kind of site, but you also gets you access to a variety of other sites, altogether making the purchase good value. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

Summary is part of three sites bundled together under the ďAdult DoorwayĒ banner. It offers a good selection of exclusive movies and in addition there is a reasonable amount of high quality image galleries too with plenty of facials, cum shots and plenty of penetration material too. Some of this material is very extreme so be prepared to see extreme gagging and all that comes with that kind of activity. Apart from this, which I found distasteful, the site is OK, and can be recommended if you are not put off by this kind of stuff.

Gia Marie Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Gia Marie


This site has some really nice content with the videos being really authentic and the photos being well taken. Unfortunately the site is let down by bad design and a fairly poor update schedule. If you really like the look of Gia then this one would definitely be worth a look but just be aware that you are going to be faced with a hell of a lot of design faults. After a rocky start I did actually start to warm to this site after a while purely because of the content.

Girl Fun Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100
Girl Fun Re-Review

Girl Fun is a fairly decent lesbian themed reality site, brought to you by the team behind Dream Girls Members and Club Flashers. Thereís plenty of content on offer here - as well as the siteís own updates, you also get a massive amount of bonus plug ins and free access to all of the other sites on the Dream Girls network. We first reviewed the site back in 2005, and Iím pleased to say that thereís been a vast improvement - by far the best change thatís been made, however, is the 25% reduction of the monthly membership fee! If youíre a fan of amateur college girls getting it on (hey, who isnít?), then this oneís definitely worth checking out!

Girlfriend Files Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Girlfriend Files

Girlfriend Files is a new website that features user submitted content of cute amateurs doing rude stuff on camera. There have been a lot of these sorts of sites cropping up lately, so theyíre obviously popular, and thereís clearly no shortage of charming guys out there who choose to get back at their exes by posting dirty photos of them online! Considering the fact that the site has only been around since January, thereís a surprisingly large amount of content here, but as even the site itself says, some of it isnít the best quality. Still, if girls next door are your thing, then despite the poor quality of some of the material here, this one should keep you happy for a while at least!

Girlies Cam Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100
Girlies Cam

If I was a paying member who had just signed up, I would be pretty damned frustrated if I couldnít see any good action on any cam on offer. Iíve said before, it could be time I accessed the site (Morning GMT), but members are members wherever they are in the world. If youíre just catering for the US market, donít state 24/7. The best parts of the sites are the picture sections, and videos contained within; there are a couple of video feeds from other websites, but nothing to get too excited about. Given that I am reviewing a Cam Site, and there were no cams running when I looked at it, Iím not going to recommend it. That said, you may have better luck than me!

Girls Love Toys Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Girls Love Toys

Summary: doesnít have the design for a top flight adult site but there are glimmers of hope. The content is almost there and with a bit of variation and a slight increase in quality they will have cracked it. Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100

Summary is a nicely designed site and is very inviting from the tour pages. The thing I liked mostly about this site was the fact that the girls on this site really do look like teens, sexy and naughty teens at that. You get to see lots of neat teen snatches, thereís solo and lesbian masturbation, toys and also a small selection of boy/girl, and threesome fucking scenes, so there is certainly a nice mixture of teen hardcore.

The biggest issue I have with the site though is the quantity of content on the site. With only 19 picture galleries and 13 movies, itís unfortunately relying on its streaming videos, leased feeds and bonus sites to bump up those tour figures and maintain member satisfaction. A fee of $60.00 for a 4 month membership is a little steep I think, although thereís always the option of a trial period to sample the offerings! Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

Summary is possibly one of the nicest Lesbo-Themed Reality sites I have seen. Thereís an absolute abundance of stunning girls participating in lesbian sex and some real hardcore action with strap ons and dildoís! I believe most of the content on this site is exclusive. As usual with a membership to this site you gain free access to the other Reality sites tooÖ.Teen Hitchhikers, Nude Beach House, Hardcore Partying and so onÖ.so itís not too surprising that the membership fee per month sets you back about $38.80, although there are other payment options available which work out quite a bit cheaper! Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100

Summary is a truly excellent amateur site. The imaginative locations along with the stunning girls and interesting scenarios provide some fabulous and entertaining shoots. The photographers clearly know what they are doing here, combining a fine mixture of close up erotic shots along with the subtle Ďdistantí shots, boasting stunning landscapes and scenarios. The consistency of quality, quantity and support given to itís memberís throughout, confirms the site owners commitment to produce a truly excellent adult site. Quite simply the quality and quantity of content was up there with the best. The final bit of good news is membership is just $19.50 per month which is a steal! Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Summary is a fresh, classy and stylishly designed site but remains simply navigated from start to finish. Using only the finest and very well selected models, Thierry Murrell combines elegance with seductive poses, all performed in imaginative locations, the outcome, an erotic and stunning collection of fine erotic art. With just 17 models featured and only 24 videos so far, the site is a little limited at present, however this is well compensated by the exclusivity and quality of the content on offer. A membership to the site is $29.99/30 days, which may seem a little steep for the amount of content available, but to be frank, the girls here are stunning, the quality of media stunning, and I would recommend this site without hesitation, if only because these girls are all brand new Ė I have never sen any of them anywhere. And they are truly beautiful.

GloryHoleCity Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100

GloryHoleCity totally surprised me. Iíd expected a small site with a few exclusive sets featuring guys getting blowjobs through a hole in the wall. In fac, this site is huge, with not only plenty of the aforementioned subject matter, but plenty of other top-notch porn too. With lots of exclusive material, and a superbly designed website to make navigation easy and even fun, this site gets a big thumbs up from me. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

Summary is another one of Dirty Dís reality sites, this time with a pretty unqiue theme for a reality site. The site contains a wide variety of ladies from late teens to mature so the variety is good although it may not appeal to all. However, I think there is a limit to how many times you can get off on seeing a penis stuck through a hole getting sucked off and then shooting its load into a girls mouth. I personally need a little more action, however itís each to their own. The quality of content is a little poor due to the fact the scene of the activity is both small and dark. Despite this though the content is exclusive, and really quite entertaining and you do get access to 15 bonus sites for the one monthly membership fee of $19.95. Itís recommended that you check out the trailer videos before joining, as what you see there is what you get all the way through and this becomes a tad bit boring in my opinion! Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

Well needless to say, ďGlossy AngelsĒ offers everything you look for in a site. Admittedly quantity is a bit limited at the moment, but I would much rather have quality over quantity which this site promises to deliver. So when it comes to adorable young models, unique and exquisite settings with outstanding performances then this site is up there with the best. This site proves that finely tuned subtlety in content can be much more appreciated than loads of hardcore action thatís thrown together. Image galleries and videos display stunning poses and performances with a high level of professionalism by both model and photographer. The result of this hard work is an awesome quality of content throughout the site. A membership is priced at just EU19.95/30 days, which I consider to be well worth the money and a must have! My only slight moan is the backing music to the videos which I found a little annoying but there is the option to switch this off. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

This is an impressive site with an attractive and classy design that features an extremely pleasing selection of sexy amateur models, both young and slightly mature. Content is mostly subtle displaying full nudity in attractive and well thought out locations from set to set. Videos provide sensual performances of striptease, nudity, pillow fights and so on with quality remaining impeccable throughout the site. Video quantity is a little limited but somehow acceptable for this kind of a site but thereís a pretty good amount of picture content available here with sets dating back to 2004 right up to the present date. The membership costs $24.95/month on a non-recurring basis with better deals available for a regular membership. If you can appreciate naturally beautiful women captured at their finest and donít necessarily need explicit close ups of hardcore action, then this site is a definite must see and well worth itís fee in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

If you have a fantasy to be dominated by one or two cute girls, to be humiliated with anal fingering and spanking and then have youíre ass penetrated with a strap on dildo, then your just gonna love the videos featured on this site. Speedy downloads and impeccable quality, are complimented by exciting and natural performances, with twosome, threesome and even group hardcore scenarios on offer. Images on the other hand are a bit of a disappointment with limited resolution and individual picture downloads. A membership costs $29.95 for 30 days, so itís a little steep on first impression, however on considering video quality, cute girls and bonus material, despite my disappointment with the images itís not such a bad deal overall.

HandJob Porno Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
HandJob Porno

Summary was a little disappointing for me unfortunately. It seems that the content quantity is rather limited, Images are small, and unfortunately the quality is a little poor on occasion too, especially where video stills galleries are provided. In my opinion thereís no excuse for poor picture galleries in this day and age, and especially not for a high membership fee like this! These guys are charging high prices for average quality, which is not really good value. On the other hand, the videos are produced to a much better quality offering enjoyable viewing and reasonably enjoyable performances for a hand job site. The site offers a good amount of bonus content with plenty of harder content on offer too, and of course thereís a few bonus sites included, which helps to make the fee of $29.83/30 days a little more justified. Think long and ďhardĒ before your purchase.

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