Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 79/100

This is an exciting site with an enjoyable concept. The performers featured here are not only highly entertaining but also extremely naughty and pretty much up for anything. You can enjoy cross dressing, mild bondage, anal teasing and all sorts, all of it provided with plenty of variety from one scenario to the next. Video and picture quality remains consistently impressive at all times and the quantity of content on offer here is pretty good too, especially when considering the niche and content on offer here. The membership costs $29.75 per month, which is rather pleasing in my opinion and a ďmust haveĒ purchase for anyone who enjoys this kind of entertainment.

Femjoy (R) Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
Femjoy (R)

Summary is unique and quite simply very professional. The site features some stunningly beautiful girls, in scenes that you can only imagine in your dreams. The photographers who contribute here are clearly experts in the field. This truly is the ultimate in nude art.

Over the last two years this site has hugely expanded the quantity of content on offer and the quality although very impressive back then is even more outstanding now offering a choice of HD quality videos and even larger images. The membership to the site costs around $30.00 per month, which is a is a damn good deal considering the quantity of unique exclusive content and the outstanding quality provided throughout the site. Hats off to FemJoy, these guys deserve the praise they so rightfully get.

Femme Fight Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Femme Fight

Summary is an interesting site and an enjoyable concept which would prove to be exciting to almost anyone. The girls on the site are very well chosen, mostly good looking, and quite the action is really very realistic. Thereís heaps of content on offer and some of the image galleries contain up to 600 images in a set. The videos offer quick downloads and are very entertaining to watch. Thereís a range of interesting scenarios ranging from two sisters having a brawl to a girlfriend walking in on her boyfriend having a fling, so clearly a lot of time has been spent creating each scene. The quality of videos is impressive most of the time but on the odd occasion I did experience poor image quality in the gallery sets. This aside this site provides hours of exciting entertainment, thus making a visit well worth it at EU24.95 for 30 Days.

Fetish Network Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Fetish Network

Originally called Members Extreme, Fetish Network, as the name implies, is a mega site dedicated entirely to fetish content. We first reviewed it just last year, but it has since almost doubled in size, so we figured it was worth another look. With 21 sites on the bill so far, and more being added all the time, this is an absolute must see for fans of bondage, torture, smothering, spanking and, well, pain really - and with a $1.00 trial option, lovers of BDSM wonít be losing much by checking this one out, so Iíd highly recommend it! Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

I was well and truly impressed by this site. is pure class among Lesbian Sites, with quality and value for money right up there with some of the best. The site is attractive, the models even more so, navigation is simple yet effective and it contains some of the most sensuous and erotic high class lesbian content on offer today. There is a reasonable amount of image galleries to view and some excellent high quality videos to download providing some really hot, entertaining content. And all this for a respectable $24.95 for 30 days access. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is an enjoyable site with an impressive collection of content to enjoy in the form of picture galleries, videos and erotic stories. Thereís a vast amount of high quality content provided here by a wide variety of top recommended fetish sites, thus ensuring stunning featured models, plenty of choice and varied scenarios over the many niches covered. Its unfortunate that all the videos are in Flash only and that thereís no zip download for the picture sets either, however this aside the site provides hour after hour of erotic and fetish entertainment and brings to us the knowledge and familiarity of many additional fetish sites on the Net, all this for just $9.95 for 30 days access. Well worth consideration in my opinion if youíre into the fetish niche.

Filthy Britain Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Filthy Britain

Filthy Britain, if you hadnít guessed already, is a site dedicated to filthy amateur Brits doing very rude things to themselves, and each other! Jerry Springer, eat your heart out. Anyway, Iím not sure how long the siteís been running, but thereís a fair amount of content to keep you busy - some of it is exclusive, but there is quite a bit here that Iíve seen before. Still, if you want all your dirty Brit porn in one place, then this is as good a site as any! Fans of Johnny Rebel and naughty UK porn stars like Alicia Rhodes, take note! Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This is quite an enjoyable site providing an impressive and explicit, and very personal collection of Alex Firestoneís many sexually experiences over the last decade. Content admittedly is a little poor in quality on occasion and thereís not that much available considering itís over a 10 year period, (sorry Alex), but when you consider the performances carried out here and the variety of scenarios on offer, from one scene to the next, thereís a pretty enjoyable time to be had as you feast your eyes on the arousing and explicit archives of the site. The membership costs about $18.99 a month, reducing on a recurring basis, this being a little steep when considering the poor quality of content at times, however thereís some really impressive XXX action on offer here, and those interactive galleries prove to be very arousing in deed, thus making this definitely well worth thinking about in my opinion.

First Time Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
First Time

This is an interesting network of sites, this one in particular being rather limited in the quantity of content, yet providing an enjoyable collection of explicit and exclusive videos featuring a rather unique and cute selection of young amateur models. The girls can be seen in enjoyable raw hardcore performances, these offering plenty of variety throughout each scene. Picture sets are unfortunately a bit of a disappointment, and are extremely lacking in quantity, though this is partially compensated by the various other sites and bonus material included in the membership. A membership costs $29.99/30 days access, which in my opinion is still a little overpriced when considering whatís on offer here, even despite the bonus stuff thatís included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a pretty impressive site, providing an interesting collection of interactive games and animations to enjoy. Most prove to be extremely arousing and members get a certain amount of control with a choice of optional endings in many of the exciting and explicit scenarios that are featured. The site also provides many additional things too, like toons, adult stories, erotic diaries and so on and the quality of content thatís provided here is impeccable and consistent from start to finish, with both subtle and hardcore action incorporated. This, coupled with the impressive amount of content thatís available, well exceeds many of itís competitor sites out there, thus in my opinion making it a definite must see for anyone thatís into the Hentai and Anime niches, and well worth consideration at $34.95/month.

Florida Honeys Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
Florida Honeys

I was disappointed with, mainly because all the video scenarios have been taken in the same location, with the same scenario and the same performances. The only thing that changes is the girlís that are featured. A little imagination would have been better and a bit of work to the background maybe would have made things more interesting? Given the sites title I expected sun, sea and sand, exotic locations, interesting settings and stunning girls, but what I actually viewed were sweet girls in a drab apartment on the same bedspread and the same rug! UgghÖ In addition to this I found the movie clips to be way too short and the quality a little poor on occasion. The membership fee is quite high at $34.95/month, yet it seems that the absolute minimum of effort and outlay of costs have been made to produce the content. You get a decent amount of bonus sites with your membership, but in my opinion the site is still way over priced.

FM Teens Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
FM Teens

Summary is a classy site with an interesting design, and itís very easily navigated. The girls are very carefully selected with just two or three cuties featured in each issue. This is a interesting and brave idea in my opinion, , but it could prove to be an expensive way to purchase your kicks. I personally found the content of each issue to be a little too tame as most of the sets and videos had just nudity, not even masturbation it seems. On a good note the quality of content is very impressive throughout the site. In conclusion, I think itís a tad too expensive to have to purchase a membership to each issue at $34.95/30 days, especially as there are only about 20 picture sets and videos available in each.

Football-Babes Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary combines many mens two greatest interests, football, and girls! This is a pretty unique concept featuring a fine selection of girls in an exclusive collection of image galleries and videos. The content, although a little limited is produced to a very good quality overall. Unfortunately some of the images could be a lot bigger but this aside, scenarios are well thought out and enjoyable to view. Most of the content is rather subtle but is still very entertaining with cute European models stripping, posing and masturbating for the camera. There are quite a few familiar faces featured on the site, that Iíve seen many times before but the site also features some fresh faces too on occasion. The membership costs around $24.99/month at the moment on a special limited offer, but it would usually cost around $40.00/month which is way overpriced in my opinion considering the amount of content on offer.

For The Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100
For The Girls

A well thought out site with plenty of articles and media to appeal to women. Its like a mini Cosmopolitan with some raunchy pics and video to get get you in the mood. The amount of written information is far greater than on your average ďgirly pornĒ site, and given we all know how girls just love to read a good magazine, this site is bang on for its target audience. It could only have been run by a women, and she is doing a damned fine job. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary is an cool site for anyone thatís into the whole female domination and humiliation niche, and despite being a little limited in quantity of content, the site still offers a really enjoyable variety of scenarios incorporating anything from forced hand jobs through to mild bondage and tethered penetration scenes. A membership costs $34.95/30 days, and includes access to additional bonus sites, but alternatively a cheaper single site option can be purchased for $24.95 for 30 days, which is not too bad at all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100

Had fresh Amateur videos been on its own, and not had a further 54 other adult sites thrown in for the same monthly fee, I would have felt it is a very average collection of video, with nothing that is really exceptional to encourage someone to get their credit card out. However, the other 54 sites are a big bonus and as a complete package I would recommend taking a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is a really enjoyable site from this network, providing a beautiful choice of girls, featured in impressive performances of an explicit nature. Scenes and shoots range from mild nudity and masturbation, through to dildo, lesbian and of course boy/girl, thereís also the odd threesome scenarios available too if you manage to get through the whole site. The site provides plenty of high quality photo sets and nearly 100 videos to enjoy, these being produced to a pretty good quality too, and lasting at least 20 minutes or more on most occasions. Performances are very impressive with well-known models like ďLoniĒ, ďJadeĒ and ďIris EstradaĒ featured, amongst of course many fresh faces in the business too. The membership costs $29.95/30 days access, which is pretty good in my opinion, especially as you get the many bonus sites included too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is a really pleasing site and one that can be thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The site ensures simplicity in navigation at all times and provides an absolutely stunning selection of girls performing in some amazing anal hardcore scenarios. Thereís a good variety of both couples and threesome action here, with each being provided to an impressive quality with outstanding performances by all participating. Admittedly content quantity is rather limited at the moment as the site is quite new, created just this year, but the quality of content here is well and truly impressive and itís clear to see that in time as the site grows it will be up there with some of the best of its kind. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is pretty normal for a site of this kind and not a bad deal when you consider whatís on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100

Summary was a huge disappointment to me, as the quantity of exclusive content was very limited with just 10 videos available. The bulk of video content was supplied via bonus sites and links to streaming videos and feeds. More annoyingly was the fact that the only images on the site were from a huge picture archive containing anything but nanny hardcore. Whatís more the quality of content was appalling on occasion, with some being rather dated and blurred at times. With the recent HD quality we are seeing more and more now, this site really needs to buck up itís ideas and get out there shooting some exclusive high quality content, if itís ever to justify the extortionate membership fee of $39.95/month.

Fucking Machines Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Fucking Machines

I was extremely surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this site. Irrespective of the content, is the most informative and complete paysite that I have seen yet. All of the features are well maintained, there is plenty to do and the content is of an excellent quality. Just in case you were unaware, this site is all about specially designed sexual devices of varying appearances that are made to bring women off. This site really is extremely good and I highly recommend that everyone should at least take a look because you may be shocked at how much you like it.

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