Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 73/100

Summary features some outstanding content both in the form of images and movies. The quality here is simply awesome! With a combination of DVD quality movie clips, the full length features, and high resolution image galleries there is a good selection of media to wade through. The only problem is the limited quantity here. With just 19 scenarios it might not offer as much choice as other sites in the same niche. The membership fees of $29.95 per month is reasonable, but because of the limited quantity, a 3 Day trial would probably be enough to download the entire site, if you have some time to spare! I’d say, if you are into interracial scenes, this site is a must see!

IntheVIP Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100


A great idea for a site and really well done, it lacks some of the more advanced features available on a lot of sites nowadays but hell does it make up for it in the quality and quantity of the content. If you are looking for something different and want some really hot women then definitely check this one out (I just wish I could get an invite to one of their parties).

Is it Wet Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100
Is it Wet

Summary is a very odd site indeed. Navigation is a bit of a disaster and even signing up for a membership is confusing. A membership to the site is only available by purchasing each months content individually, each at $11.97/per year, so you have to preview the content for each month on the join page, select which month to purchase and then pay your fee. This seems like a very complicated way of doing things to me. The girls on the site are quite pleasing, all of them Asian and most of them fit, but unfortunately most of them seem unhappy. This aside however, there’s plenty of good quality picture galleries to view, but the videos on the site are extremely disappointing and very short! I’m afraid my overall opinion on this site is not good at all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

Summary is an impressive solo site featuring this gorgeous girl captured in lots and lots of hardcore scenarios in a great collection of image galleries and videos. Ivana is regularly accompanied by male and female friends in performances of masturbation, foreplay and hardcore scenes that are not only erotic but also very arousing because of the ‘amateur’ but still wel performed scenes on offer here. So whether it’s the lesbian action that gets you going or rampant boy/girl hardcore penetration, this site provides plenty of variety captured in both indoor and outdoor settings. A membership costs around $29.96/30 Days access which is a very good deal considering you get a good amount of quality content and access to the various bonus sites too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

Summary is a site about a cute girl who has obviously decided to try and make a few dollars out of her little butt and innocent young looks. However, despite the cute innocent looks, I found myself a getting irritated by her. Yeah, odd, I know, but there is just something about the fact she is reluctant to smile “naturally” due to her teeth brace, that she has a very annoying, forced smile which after a while becomes almost unbearable to watch. No doubt, some guys may get off on the ‘brace look’, but others may be thinking why does she not take that damn brace out! In my opinion the smile is a very important feature and it should not be forced or hidden. Putting this aside Lil Britney is undeniably a attractive girl with a great body. She can be tempting, teasing and is certainly innocent looking. The site is good with some really nice picture galleries of Britney and her mates. It’s easy to navigate, colourful and pleasing on the eye. Lil Britney’s site is quite new from what I can gather, so it still needs some finishing touches and much more content inside it, especially in the movie section, to justify the monthly fee of $24.95 per month.

JaneyWeb Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

Probably one of the best, if not the best amateur website created around the life of one person, Janey is no ordinary girl. Apart from being very cute, she has the sexual appetite of a nymphomaniac, and is very skilled in the art of arousing her audience. With a month’s access costing just $19.95, this is very good value for money given the amount of content on offer.

Japan Hardcore Movies Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Japan Hardcore Movies

I can’t really say much against this site at the moment, all I see is stunning Asian girls, some professional, some amateur but all carefully selected and easy on the eye. Quality of content is impeccable with high res videos and rather speedy downloads, quantity of content is reasonable but growing rapidly all the time and navigation is so simply with selection by category and a search facility, so what more could we want? Action is hot covering anything from soft to hard anal and bondage, so once again satisfaction achieved, so if it’s quality, quantity, choice and navigation that’s important, this site is definitely a must see at just $29.99/month. Screenshot
Overall Rating 92/100

This is an impressive site and one that’s definitely one of the best providers of Japanese porn in my opinion. The site brings to us a fantastic collection of downloadable DVD’s, covering a vast amount of exciting hardcore categories and niches, so whether its straight boy/girl hardcore or you prefer that little bit of something harder or even of a fetish nature this site seems to cover it all. There’s an abundance of titles to choose from with only the most stunning of models featured many of them Asian but also Latina’s, European girls and so on, scenes provide explicit and erotic performances that are impeccable from start to finish. A premier membership costs $29.99 a month which admittedly seems a bit high on first impressions, however as you enter into the site you’ll see you’ll definitely get your monies worth and if in doubt there’s always the PPV option as an alternative if preferred.

Jay’ Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is a rather pleasing site featuring a pretty impressive selection of girls, each having a unique appearance. The site is quite young at the moment and admittedly has a slightly limited amount of content available, however updates are carried out regularly and the content on offer here is totally exclusive and provided to an outstanding quality at all times. Movies are in HD and gallery sets are of the highest standards, with each scene or set incorporating exciting and arousing hardcore action that is sure to please. The membership starts at $28.75 but then drops to $22.98 thereafter for staying member’s, and although a little steep on first impressions, it’s a little more justified when you take into account how new the site is and the quality of the girls and content on offer here. Worth consideration in my opinion! Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

The membership to this site also gets you access to two other sites, namely CutePantyGirls .comand WetPantyLickers, together the three provide a excellent combination of exclusive material and whilst quantity of content is slightly limited, both quality and a good choice of girls make this little network worth the fee of approx $35 for 30 days, despite the soft nature of most of the content on offer.

JerseyGirls Screenshot
Overall Rating 44/100

Jersey girls isn’t really that great. Its main appeal will be only to guys who live in New Jersey, who perhaps can get themselves off on the fact that some of these girls actually live in the same state as them, or may find the links to New Jersey websites useful. Apart from this, its not a great, general porn site, as it lacks good content in both the picture and the video sections. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This is a very pleasurable solo site featuring an extremely likable teen, admittedly she’s not stunning but she has a certain charisma and personality about her and a pussy that you just want to eat up. More importantly she’s well up for almost anything, turning her hand to solo masturbation, dildo action, sybian riding, intimate lesbian, boy/girl, threesomes and so on, with performances being amazing and thoughtful throughout each scene. The quantity of content I’m pretty impressed with also, as many solo sites just don’t even compare, and as for the quality of content on offer here, this too well exceeds many others in comparison. The membership costs $27.27 for 30 days access, this reducing slightly on a recurring basis, all things considered making this a definite must see if you’re into this kinda site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

Summary contains 100% exclusive hardcore content with most of it featuring Jim Slip himself!! This site has a pretty snazzy tour, with a welcoming message from Jim Slip himself, and a number of sample trailers to wet your appetite including some sample ‘fetish’ movies too, for those who like something slightly different! This site contains over 50 hours of hardcore porn filth and with decent quality in both the images and especially the movies, I reckon its well worth a look.

Jizz Jerk Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100
Jizz Jerk

Summary features a nice selection of girls in a small but decent selection of video content. What content you actually get is not bad at all, and despite the niche being based around hand jobs, you still get to seeplenty of pussy, tit fucks, masturbation, cum in mouth and so on, which adds to the variety of the content, but also distracts from it if you only wanted to see hand jobs. However, I was disappointed to find only 5 picture galleries to view and these were a waste of time. The main benefit to this site is the large amount of bonus niche content which is included within the membership, but you must remember that each site remains very similar throughout the network, so content can be rather limited and rather poor quality on occasion. The membership is set at $24.95 per month although there’s a thirty-day trial offers available at present.

Jizz Jugglers Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Jizz Jugglers

I found to be a pretty impressive site considering it’s focus is based around blowjobs and facials. These sites can become a little mundane at times but this site left me wanting more. The Network seems to be quite young dating back to only the end of 2006, but despite this there’s still 33 video scenarios featured which are not only offered in full length but last 20 minutes or more. The site succeeds in DVD quality movies, very impressive performances, pretty and carefully selected girls and impeccable picture galleries. A membership costs just $24.95 for 30 days, which makes this site a pretty good spend considering the quality provided and the heaps of bonus content and sites included. Definitely well worth a visit.

Johnny Rebel Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Johnny Rebel

This site is based around Brit porn legend Johnny and his pornographic exploits both in front of and behind the camera. He’s been photographing and shagging hot amateur women for years, and has built a porn empire that’s made him something of a national anti-treasure over here in the UK. His site features hundreds of real British girls and sexy Euro amateurs getting their rocks off with either the man himself, or his well-endowed buddies (hey, the guy’s gotta rest at some point!) -there’s also plenty of solo, lesbian and group action, so if you’re a fan of filthy amateur porn (or you just want to know how a man in a bandana has managed to get so many women into bed), I suggest you check this one out! Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100

Summary is a very nice site indeed, with the star of the show (Josie) being an absolute darling. The site offers all the usual traits of a solo site with the added benefits that this girl is sweet, innocent looking and sexy as hell. She has that certain look which would easily lure member’s into her site. This site is far from explicit but is more of a Josie fan club. The only drawback’s are the video quality which can be a little poor at times and the amount of content, which is quite limited at present which makes the membership fee of $29.95 per month a bit high.

Josito's Will Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Josito's Will

Josito’s will is a new site with an interesting concept - the site’s ‘star’, surprisingly named Josito, is a regular, good looking young guy in every respect; apart from the fact that he’s wheelchair bound! It doesn’t seem to affect his ability to lure in the ladies though, so fair play to him. There’s not a great deal of content on offer at the moment, but you do get access to a huge number of bonus sites with your membership, so the join fee of $29.99 is justifiable if you like the look of some of the other sites in the network.

Juicy Bunny Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Juicy Bunny

Juicy Bunny is an amateur site with a difference - it features a plethora of gorgeous exotic women from all over the globe, from Eastern Europe to Japan, all in one place. To be honest, I have yet to find another site that offers this kind of variety in its models - it’s this multi-cultural approach that really sells this one, and it makes a refreshing change from the ‘same old, same old’ amateur sites that we’re used to reviewing! If you’re a lover of amateur chicks getting naughty, whatever their ethnicity, then you should definitely give this one a look!

Just Coeds Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100
Just Coeds
Just Coeds is a perfect little site to join just to make sure you get your monthly quota of naked girls getting nasty. It offers amateur content, with average looking ladies, and it is very very cheap. Considering the title of the site, you would think that you would be signing up to watch some pretty young girls fresh from a math lesson, but in reality this site offers a much broader range of ladies (including plump girls and mature M.I.L.Fs) alongside their younger, prettier and more svelte counterparts.

If you like looking at naked girls getting screwed, I would guess that is a majority of you, I really recommend you to join this site. There is plenty of content for such a small amount of money. You can’t go wrong.

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