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Overall Rating 54/100

Summary really doesnít do it for me. Itís been put up to exploit men into buying a membership to a site where they expect to see a lot more than is actually on offer. With just 7 movies and 42 very soft natured galleries, I find it hard to believe the $29.95/monthly membership fee. No doubt guys will still succumb to her cheeky looks on the tour, but as long as you are aware that you are not going to see this girl naked, you should be quite happy. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

CuteCouples is a very decent hardcore site featuring video of real couples having sex. The girls are pretty cute, the video is excellent and the images are equally good. The Additional sites thrown in for your fee provide much more content which is very welcome given you only get the 25 sets inside this site. All in all a decent package, especially if you are after some exclusive hardcore video, featuring a bunch of fresh faced models. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This is quite an enjoyable site offering a good variety of panty content which has clearly been obtained over many years, hence some of the material is quite dated and videos are sometimes poor in quality, however the quality of the picture sets is excellent and seems to be pretty consistent from set to set. It seems that models have been very well selected with mostly pretty girls featured, whilst shoots have been carried out in well thought out and interesting locations and settings. The membership gets you access to two other panty sites for the one monthly fee of $34.95, which is a little steep but worth consideration, all things considered.

Czech Feet Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Czech Feet Re-Review

Czech Feet is an amateur fetish site devoted to cute European ladies who, unsurprisingly, adore playing with and generally showing off their feet! Thereís nothing that these girls wonít do; they sniff, lick, suck, kiss and worship not only their own feet, but their girlfriendsí feet too - basically, if you have a penchant for pretty girlsí tootsies, this is definitely one to save to your favourites. We first reviewed this site back in 2005, and since then, itís improved so much that itís practically unrecognisable - foot lovers rejoice! Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

Itís a real pity that there is very little content available on this site at the moment, as everything that is available features not only the finest of girls, but outstanding performances and impeccable quality at all times. The membership of $24.95/30 days is a little steep considering the quantity of content at the moment, however you do get many bonus sites thrown in to include Face Pounders, Euro Fuck Friends and Vagina From China, thus making it well worth consideration. In time though Iím sure this site could develop into something really nice indeed. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

Thereís not a single thing I didnít like about this site as it seems to offer most things I look for, from an well designed members area to a stunning selection of the hottest young Czech girls in the business. The content covers a wide range of niches, both soft and hardcore with erotic and enjoyable performances that are provided to an impeccable quality. The quantity of content on offer is pretty good too, and all this together with the bonus sites included in the membership make it a worthwhile purchase at $34.95 per month.

Daily Sex - Pix and Video Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Daily Sex - Pix and Video

An outstanding website in every way. The pictures are perfect, the girls are gorgeous, the video is about the best you can get this side of of a DVD, and the site itself is a breeze to use and a pleasure to look at. Highly recommended to anyone who likes the work of AlsScan, Denys Defransceco and sites of this genre.

Dannis Hard Drive Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
Dannis Hard Drive

Although I has assumed this was going to be a good site, its actually an outstanding one. The videos especially are absolutely brilliant, offering a huge choice of well put thought out exclusive material. With a membership fee of starting at just $19.95 (allows downloadable movies at 300K) or $29.95 (allows downloadable movies at 700K) this site is also extremely good value. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is a thoroughly enjoyable site for anyone into the gay and bisexual niches. The site features an impressive choice of guys, covering many tastes, most of them ranging from 18 to the mid 30ís I would guess. Video quality is impeccable throughout the site and images too are provided to a very good quality overall. Thereís also a pretty good amount of content on offer here in comparison to many sites of this kind, providing arousing and erotic performances with plenty of variety on offer. The site provides quite regular updates too it seems, all this, in my opinion making the membership reasonably priced for whatís on offer, at $32.36/30 days access. A definite must see for any gay or bi curious person out there! Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This site was a real pleasure to view, it boasts an interesting concept and features a lovely choice of girls that you just wouldnít want to miss. There are blondes, brunettes, busty, petites, girlís to suit all tastes. Shoots are glamorous, performances impressive and the girls are nothing short of stunning most of the time. Admittedly content is extremely subtle throughout the site, yet itís easy to appreciate whatís on offer here. The quantity of content is pretty good too but could be improved with more regular updates in my opinion, content quality however is impeccable from start to finish, leaving very little room for improvement. The membership costs about $26.32 on a recurring basis, seemingly a little expensive for the amount of content available at the moment and the subtle nature of the content, however itís a little more justified when you consider the quality of girls provided here and of course the quality of content thatís being produced. A site definitely worth consideration in my opinion!

DareRing Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100


If you are looking for something a little bit different then at $3.95 per game this one has to be worth a look. The videos are pretty good quality if not a little limiting on the options front, but if you are into hardcore action then give this one a miss as it is mostly heavy petting and dirty talk for the first few rounds with some slightly harder stuff in the last of the rounds.

Darker Pleasures Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Darker Pleasures

Not bad at all, Iíd give Darker Pleasure a semi big thumbs up, simply because its cheap, there is a lot of exclusive pictures, and the stories are pretty well written and should keep anyone into the whole nipple torture game happy for weeks on end. Only drawbacks are lack of own video, and the smallish picture size. Otherwise, good site!!

DarlingDenise Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Darling Denise is a very erotic collection of non-nude photography and video of a highly attractive 19 year old. Go into the site knowing there is no nudity, but there are some sexy poses and outfits and you should have a great time. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

Well this site was a real pleasure to wade through, and I am convinced that absolutely anyone will get pleasure out of the content featured here. The models, despite being aged in the late twenties and thirties are well and truly stunning, each of them providing impressive performances throughout the site. The quantity of content could be better admittedly but it seems that updates are quite regular now, thus the collection should grow quite rapidly. Image quality is impeccable and video quality alike, all this together making this a site well worth a mention, especially as the fee is just $52.02 for 180 days access. What a deal!

DDF Beauties Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
DDF Beauties

DDF Beauties is brought to you by the team behind Euro Girls on Girls, Eve Angel Official and the magnificent DDF Productions, and brings you the very best in Euro porn featuring the most beautiful girls in the business - hence the name! The big selling point of this site, aside from its fantastic quality content and gorgeous models, is the fact that you donít actually need to sign up for a membership to view your favourite scenes - whilst there are monthly memberships available, you can also effectively pay as you go, and can download a full movie and its corresponding photoset for as little as $2.50. Combine that with the excellent quality that weíve come to expect from the Denys Defrancesco brand, and youíre most definitely onto a winner here!

DDF Productions (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 94/100
DDF Productions (Updated)

DDF Productions is, quite simply, a top quality megasite which gives you access to 10 of the best adult websites that you will ever have the pleasure of visiting! Many of you will already be familiar with the DDF name, and will know that it is synonymous with gorgeous European beauties in the sort of hard and softcore scenarios that dreams are made of - combine this with the photographic talents of Denys Defrancesco, and youíre on to a winning combination! For the first time, you can now gain access to the whole spectrum of DDF sites, including Euro Girls on Girls, 1 By Day, DDF Busty, Hands on Hardcore, Hot Legs and Feet and many more, all for the price of a single site subscription - I really can't recommend this network enough!

**Update - Since looking at the site in November, navigation has improved, and content quantity has increased enormously. Youíre now getting even more bang for your buck, but the price has stayed the same! Review text and features have been updated accordingly**
Site originally reviewed 26-Nov-2009 Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100

Summary is a fantastic Busty girls site offering easy navigation and high quality exclusive content throughout. Featuring only the best and bustiest European girls on the site both the picture galleries and videos are simply superb. There is also a good mixture of solo masturbation, dildo scenes, erotic hardcore scenarios and steamy lesbian sessions which adds a diversity to the sets on the site. A membership to the site is $29.95 for 30 days access, which is not bad at all considering this is 100% high quality Busty content shot at its best! Well recommended for lovers of the bigger breasted girl!

Deep-Throat.TV Screenshot
Overall Rating 30/100

A simple, basic collection of pretty poor quality video of blow jobs. Its dated, lacking in any style, and at 19.95 Euros a month is not particularly good value. As a side note, the entire join pages seem to be in German only, so the webmaster seems to be limiting his customer base somewhat. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

Although the exclusive content at is quite limited with only 12 girls on the site at present, the quality of this content in both the movies and image galleries is very good indeed and a real pleasure to view. A membership to the site starts at around $24.88 per month, which I isnít too bad considering the quality of content on offer and the large amount of bonus content available. However, it would be much more justified if there was a lot more exclusive content available which may, or may not happen in time. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This site is a real pleasure to view and unlike many other sites of the blowjob and deep throat niche tends to offer a very wide variety of content and storylines, incorporating much more than this, right through to even anal penetration on occasion. There seems to be as many threesome scenarios as twosomes, thus making scenes action packed and jammed with exciting hardcore action. Content is impressive and quantity available is not too bad either, altogether making this one of my favourites from the network and a pretty good deal at $36.50 per month, especially considering the many bonus sites included.

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