Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 71/100

Summary provides a decent selection of sexy Latinas and also access to many niches over a variety of external sites, and all of which are included in your monthly membership. The site is fairly familiar to anyone used to ‘Reality’ themed trend, with an attractive home page, and easy navigation. The image galleries and videos are of a reasonable quality offering a mixture of both soft and hard content with much of it apparently exclusive to the site. The membership fee tends to vary with trial prices set at $16.95 or thereabouts, but on rebilling the fee jumps to $38.21, which I feel is rather high for this type of site, despite the quantity of content on offer.

Lay the Kat Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Lay the Kat

Summary is a really enjoyable site offering explicit and exciting image galleries and videos featuring a stunning and very horny young redhead. The content is totally exclusive to the site and produced to a very good quality at all times. Offering mostly solo masturbation and dildo content but also numerous lesbian galleries and videos, the site provides an interesting and erotic collection of scenes that you’re sure to enjopy, especially if you’re into cute redheads with less than full figures. A membership costs $29.96 per month which is a very good deal in my opinion considering you get access to about 10 other sites within the network.

LaZona Modelos Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100
LaZona Modelos

Summary is an attractive Latina site featuring a great selection of stunning babes. The site provides a reasonable amount of content with the majority being non-nude and of a very soft nature. The image galleries could be much bigger, but are offered in a choice of two sizes and are produced to a very good quality. The videos are totally exclusive and are produced to a DVD quality in a good viewing size. For those who adore young Latina’s and prefer the milder form of content this site can be really enjoyable, showing these adorable beauties as their true selves whilst playing up to the camera. The membership is $24.95/30 days, which isn’t too bad at all for this kind of site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 67/100

Summary is not one of the best fetish type sites I have seen. I think for me the big problem was the content seemed rather unprofessional in terms of the shooting and production. A site which is selling itself on its exclusive content should have excellent content to back this up. They may as well have used a bunch of licensed content as it would look better. With just 11 scenarios on offer, the site includes a selection of bonus sites to bulk up the content, however I still feel that $24.95/per month is a bit much considering what’s on offer. Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100

Summary offers its members both quality movies and image sets and features some nice lesbian content. You can see some of the most gorgeous models like Aurora Snow, Guage, Tawny Roberts, April Flowers and Alexis Malone, all performing in some great lesbian pussy licking, fingering and strap on fucking. The most disappointing thing I found was that there was a lack of regular updates on the site, although this is ‘kind of’ compensated by daily updated feeds (well maybe not). Despite the limited updates I enjoyed the site mainly due to the large and content filled bonus niche sites and feeds area. In essence you are not only joining a lesbian site as your membership will allow you access to many more sites under the groups control, which makes the $29.21 a reasonable deal. There is also the option of a free 3 day trial so you can thoroughly check out the site before paying anything!. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This reality site offers some exciting content albeit it rather limited unfortunately. However, this is an enjoyable network, covering a variety of arousing niches and there’s some stunning young girls featured over the various sites provided. Lesbian performances cannot be faulted here, as the girls are very pleasing and more than happy to get down to some serious and intimate lesbian action despite the location and requirement. Content quality is pretty impressive too, especially the videos provided, though the images are a bit restricted in size at times if I’m honest. All in all though there’s an enjoyable time to be had here, and when taking into account all the various bonus sites that are included, it’s not such a bad deal at $29.99 a month in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

Summary shares the same layout as the many other sites that these guys have created. It’s the same story, a selection of exclusive content – including high quality movies and some image galleries made up of Video stills. With just 19 sets to view, the site could not be recommended had it not been bundled with a multitude of bonus sites thrown in for your membership fee. What the site does have is some stunning hot babes, hardcore raw lesbian action and many exclusive top quality videos. however at $49.95 a month it is desperately expensive The good news is there is a trial period for 3 days available at $4.95, which is well worth a try! Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Summary is a truly impressive lesbian site from start to finish. With its really attractive eye catching design along with it’s stunning girls, carrying out some of the hottest hardcore lesbian action around, this site really is worth a look. The cool thing is their seems to be nothing fake about each scenario performed, it’s just sheer enjoyment through and through for all involved and this shows. There’s absolutely nothing I could find negative about this site which makes a change for me! A membership will cost you around $30.00 a month but there’s also a trial period option too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100

Summary is pretty decent site and first impressions were it is very easy to get around and find the content you want. However, the members area seemed a bit lacking in it’s quantity of content, one would expect many more movies to view in the archives section, seeing that the picture galleries are really only movie stills. Also the quality is stated as DVD quality but in some cases it not the best. Despite this though, there are some really erotic movies inside the site, with plenty of good hardcore lesbian action. The big problem is the monthly fee, which being set at $35.00 is too high. Put simply, there are better value movie sites featuring loads more content for a lot less money.

Lick Me Girl Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Lick Me Girl

Summary is a pretty average lesbian site, but just one of many within this rather large network. The site provides a lovely selection of hot young babes, who are very willing to perform and carry out impressive lesbian performances in an collection of movies and galleries. The site provides a reasonable quantity of image galleries, but just 24 videos on the site, however these tend to be around twenty to thirty minutes long, available to view in full length if desired, and offer a very impressive quality of viewing at all times. The small quantity of content is way compensated by the bonus sites, heaps of bonus feeds and additional content too, thus making the membership well worth it at $19.95 for 30 days. Its never going to be a Sapphic, but its still very good value overall.

Lifestyle Amateurs Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Lifestyle Amateurs

Lifestyle Amateurs is a megasite that incorporates 29 separate solo amateur websites, featuring a wide variety of ladies from all over the world. The cool thing about this one is that the girls really are all just working from home, uploading pics that they’ve taken themselves, and generally having a jolly old time of it - they all want to be there, and get as much of a kick out of making their porn as you will watching it, which is always nice to see! There’s also a fairly large bonus site included with your membership, which has plenty of generic amateur porn to peruse, so in all, even though the $39.95 monthly fee does sound a bit steep, you’re not getting a bad lot for your money.

Lightspeed18 Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100

This is one of the best collections of Teen Porn I have ever seen under one roof. Everything about this site is good, the quality, the quality, the girls, the diversity, and the exclusivity. The only negative is the cost of membership. $39.95 is one of the highest monthly memberships I have seen, but they do also have a trial at just $9.95 for 7 days access, which is outstanding value for the amount of content you’re getting here. Highly recommended!

LightspeedGirls Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Although expensive, this is a mega-site in terms of both size and quality. With much exclusive content, and enough extras thrown in to keep anyone happy, this site would take weeks to go through. But its worth the time, with some incredibly cute girls in every one of the eleven sites included in the package. If you’ve ever joined any of Lightspeed’s Sites, and enjoyed them, then this is a great way to get them all in one complete package. And by the way, they now have a $9.95 - 7 Day trial option also! Highly recomended! Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100


A great solo site with a bit of a twist. If you are bored of all of the regular porn sites out there then this one may just be for you. The content does need to be added to and a few extras like a forum and web cam would really help this site. But still well worth checking out if Lilly grabs your attention. Screenshot
Overall Rating 54/100

Lipstick Productions is a amateur site done in a particularly amateurish manner. The girls are a mixed bunch some pretty rough and some are pretty cute. The lack of quality throughout may put people off, and perhaps undermine what is trying to be done here. With a more polished production, the site could be a lot better. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Summary is a really nice site featuring an adorable black teeny girl. Coco has tiny little tits and the cutest little ass and just loves to feature and perform in her exclusive image galleries and videos. The video quality is outstanding throughout offering interesting scenarios, with a combination of boy/girl and girl/girl scenes. For a solo site, there’s some pretty good content on offer and the picture galleries are also produced to a very high standard. The amount of content is slightly limited but unfortunately this is pretty normal with all solos sites. This is made up by the fact you get oodles of content included in your members across all the Networked sites, albeit not featuring the same theme as you have here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

As with any site run by its subject, and featuring her in most of the sets, you will either want to join because you think she is gorgeous, or you’ll pass because she does not do it for you. All I can say is from my perspective, Liv is gorgeous, and I was glad to have the opportunity to see this nymphomaniac in all her glory! Great site, Plenty of good quality content, and a nice simple site without any annoying adverts, pop-ups or distractions from this sexy blonde lady!

LorshasWorld Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

Lorsha is your average looking housewife, with little else to do it seems but get naked and do loads of videos and photos sets to please her members. This site is highly commendable simply because you can tell Lorsha and her partner have put in a lot of effort, and produced a much larger than expected members area packed with pictures, video and audio of Lorsha. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary is an very decent Big Tits site. These girl’s all seem very natural and at home on camera, and very experienced in what they do. Watching those huge girls performing some explicit moves certainly did the job! The nice thing here is those moans and groans seemed natural, which makes a change from the usual staged and faked scenes you see so often. Although the number of girl’s is slightly limited, this is overcompensated by the quality of those girls, and the excellently produced content. Membership here is not bad at all at $24.95 per month. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

Summary is an attractive and enjoyable site, but being quite new, provides a limited amount of content. However the site provides an awesome choice of girls and a very impressive quality of content with scenes captured in attractive locations and settings. The videos are supplied in a good viewing resolution and are in full-length, yet still offer speedy downloads. The picture sets are a little disappointing as there is no download facility to save the images or sets in a zip file, but this aside, a membership to the site is a pretty good deal at $24.95 for 30 days.

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