Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 76/100

This is a rather enjoyable site featuring a cute and sexy brunette teen. Dream Taylor is a natural performer in front of the camera and seems to have no problem getting intimate with guys and girls and even both on occasion. The site offers plenty of variety over the various scenarios, despite the content being rather limited, so memberís can enjoy anything from subtle solo nudity shoots, through to masturbation, lesbian and boy/girl hardcore action. It seems that shoots have been well thought out and performances are impressive throughout each scene, with all participants being rather pleasing to the eye. Videos are provided to an impeccable quality, and images although quite limited in size are still pretty good in quality most of the time. The quantity of content is a little limited but not surprising for this kind of site, but this is way compensated by the various other sites included in the membership, thus making it a pretty reasonable purchase at $29.99 for 30 days access. Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

If youíre looking for a thoroughly professional looking and executed site which offers easy navigation, attractive girls and hot xxx action then look no further than Although the site features just 25 girls so far, this exclusive content provides a fine selection of hi resolution image galleries, screen shots and DVD quality videos all of which can be downloaded very easily. Itís pretty clear when visiting this site that quality is paramount to these guys, thus making your whole experience pleasurable, simple and erotic. A membership will cost $29.95 a month subject to your payment method, which is maybe a little high considering the amount of content, but it more than makes up for it in quality. However there is a low cost trial which is highly recommended! Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This is quite an enjoyable site in my opinion offering a reasonable amount of impressive high quality content and quite natural and unplanned performances of an explicit nature, covering a variety of both the soft and hardcore action. Itís the spontaneity of each picture set and video that I enjoy the most, as you can clearly see that some of these girls are totally out of it and would possibly regret their actions of the night before, on regaining consciousness the following morning. The membership to the site is quite high at $34.95 a month unfortunately, however this is a little more justified by the various bonus sites included.

DVD Box Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100


Well laid out site which is simple and easy to use, with 33,470 GB worth of content available to its members and 2 DVDís being added every day. There are not loads of features but the ones it does have are really handy. This one is definitely worth a look and well worth the $29.95 a month but unfortunately it has a fairly big competitor in the form of but hey I will let you make the decision between the two.

DVD Tube Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
DVD Tube

Itís another DVD site, ladies and gents! Claiming to be the worldís largest DVD download site, DVD Tube is a simple, easy to use movie archive, with thousands of hours of high quality entertainment - all for a nominal fee, of course! Offering plenty of titles to tickle your fancy, loads of niche content as well as plenty of mainstream hardcore movies, youíll certainly be spoiled for choice with this one! Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is a very exciting site providing an amazing choice of titles to choose from covering a wide variety of niches. You can find 1000ís of stunning and sexy models featured on the site, many of them appearing in numerous episodes and offering outstanding performances of a hardcore nature. The content provided here is of a very high quality, provided by some of the best studios in the business from various locations around the world. Downloads are unlimited and rather speedy too, with explicit scenes that are sure to arouse you over and over again. Thereís a special membership fee at the moment at just $9.95/month recurring, whilst the usual membership fee would cost around $17.95/month, this in my opinion, making it an extremely good deal and one not to be missed, however the original membership fee would still be justified in my opinion, baring in mind whatís on offer here.

Earl Miller Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Earl Miller

Summary has been a real pleasure to review, the site is just quality from start to finish. Earl is clearly one of the best adult shooters in the biz, and this is shown continuously in his excellent work throughout the site. The site contains a great amount of content , with DVD quality downloadable videos and high-resolution image galleries, all of which seem to feature only the hottest girls in the business. The membership is $29.95 for 30 days, however there are special discounted rates available at various times, making definitely not one to be missed.

Easy Teen Sluts Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Easy Teen Sluts

This is a pretty nice site, featuring over 100 pretty girls in some real nice movies and picture sets. These girls feature in many well shot performances and scenarios captured in attractive locations. The videos are to a DVD quality but still offer speedy downloads and crystal clear viewing. Overall the site offers a good quantity of content, good quality and heaps of bonus material, altogether providing hours of entertainment for the one monthly fee of $19.95, money well spent in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100

Summary is not an outstanding site in any way, its your typical small reality site with a bunch of bonus stuff thrown in. Being fair to these guys the quality of the movies and images is good but itís the lack of quantity and updates that I find a bit disappointing. As Reality sites go, its average. The biggest issue I saw was the membership fee, at $39 a month, its taking the preverbal piss.

Ebina Models Screenshot
Overall Rating 61/100
Ebina Models


On first impressions this site looks great but after digging deeper it lacks any options or features. There is a nice lot of photos but the videos are not that plentiful and the quality really needs sorting out. This site is really going to have to work to try and compete with some of the big boys as they are in an extremely competitive niche.

Ejaculating Babes Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Ejaculating Babes

Summary is similar to many other web sites out there, focusing on a particularly niche as the main feature, but with many additional (off topic) bonus sites included in the membership. Unfortunately though I was not that impressed with whatís on offer, although the exclusive movies on the site provide a reasonable quality and quantity of media to view, I was not impressed by the quality of the image galleries which appeared to be blurred on most occasions. I think that more attention should be paid towards the quality of the image content in order to bring the site up to scratch. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Summary is certainly totally different to anything I have seen before, and if you are into sado-masochism its no doubt entertaining. Despite the lack of quantity and the (sometimes) poor quality of the images, the content is well edited and the guys are doing what they say they are on the tour. For those of you tempted to tryout Dr Sparky and his torturing lightening rods and tools, a membership to the site will cost you $19.99 for 30 days which is not bad value, considering you have 14 other sites thrown in for the same fee.

Elly Jaine Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Elly Jaine

Summary is a really impressive site for a solo site, she is very sexy, very versatile and very photogenic. Elly seems to enjoy anything sexual from seductive strip tease, to hardcore threesomes. Accompanied by speedy mopeds, stunning beaches and breathtaking waterfalls as well chosen back drops, the content has been produced to a good standard and this makes the site stand out from many solo sites which offer a load of rubbish basically. Its good to see she enjoys every scene and provides fantastic performances throughout. The site could do with many more movies and hopefully this will come in time, but this aside the membership fee of $24.95 per month is definitely worth considering. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is an enjoyable site for anyone thatís into the pregnancy niche as Brianna is a pretty brunette who photographs very well whilst pregnant. Admittedly content here is limited in quantity and a lot of the content is very mild with mostly nudity shoots on offer, however settings are attractive and well thought out and content is varied to include smoking and dildo action at times too. Videos are rather short in duration and unfortunately are simply of the shoot taking place, which is a pity, but despite this scenes are still enjoyable and Brianna captures and retains your attention at all times. Both picture quality and video quality remain impressive and consistent throughout the site and thereís heaps of bonus sites included in the deal too, all this making it well worth consideration at just $24.95/month in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100

Itís a little disappointing that this site offers such a very limited amount of content and seems to cut corners with low resolution video stills as image galleries. It makes it even more frustrating when you go through some of the outstanding quality picture sets on the site which are hugely let down by the rest of the content featured. Videos on the other hand are extremely arousing and seemingly unplanned sometimes making them even more enjoyable. Videos provide a wide variety with anything from masturbation to anal action and lesbian performances, which are really the high point of the site. Despite this though the site is overpriced at $29.95/30 days considering whatís on offer here.

Emilyí Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

Emily is a really sexy busty babe, and clearly a very good choice for a solo site as sheís very photogenic and always smiling cutely for the camera, however itís an awful shame that this girl will reveal nothing but a bit of tit and a glimpse of ass on occasion. However for those who adore blonde busty babes this girl has an amazing pair of breasts to enjoy and an extremely pretty face too. The site provides impressive image quality along with crystal clear videos, together ensuring an enjoyable experience to be had by most. All things considered though the site is way over priced at $24.99 for 30 days, baring in mind the subtlety of content on offer here.

Ero Berlin Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Ero Berlin

Ero Berlin is a glamour site that features Beautiful European and Russian models taking off their clothes and masturbating in public places (and the occasional hotel bedroom). Fans of perfect young ladies will be more than happy with whatís on offer here, and if youíre a bit of a voyeur to boot, youíll no doubt get plenty of satisfaction from seeing these ladies getting jiggy with themselves out in the open! The site is relatively new, and this is reflected in the amount of content that's on offer - however, they are offering a promotional join rate of only $19.95 per month for life if you sign up by the end of September, so donít miss out!

Erotic Anime Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Erotic Anime

Erotic Anime is, as youíd expect, a site entirely dedicated to cartoon and computer generated porn. Not content with just giving us the large sparkly eyed damsels of Asian Hentai fame, this site is literally packed with every form of illustrated filth you can think of - from hardcore 3D babes to 50s pin-ups, and futuristic sci-fi ladies to arty pencil drawn beauties, all in scenarios that would be impossible for a real film studio to replicate! Whatever your fantasy, whether itís fairly standard or slightly twisted, thereís bound to be something to satisfy you - and youíre likely to find yourself pretty enthralled by the content here, even if youíre not looking for something to get off to!

Erotic Destination Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Erotic Destination

Erotic Destinations is brought to you buy Martin Krake who also produces European Glamour Girls. Erotic Destinations is a soft-core pay site, all the content after 2001 is exclusive to Erotic Destinations with the exception of a few promotional pictures. The design is slick and navigation is good. Content is updated every other day with either a video clip or a photo set.

The website is classy, the shoots have been well planned and thought out and variation is good. Overall quality is excellent, the only downside is the lack of content.

Erotic Neighbor Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100
Erotic Neighbor

Erotic Neighbor is a solo girl site with a difference, based around the unscripted sex life of the beautiful Lexi Lapetina. Fans of feisty rock chicks may well have come across Lexi already, so to speak, but all of the material on her site is 100% exclusive, so you wonít have seen any of it before - and there's a hell of a lot of it! Lexi clearly puts 110% into the running of her site, so if youíre interested in getting to know the real girl, as well as jerking off to her XXX antics, then this one will be right up your street - and with a special membership discount available for a limited period only, you wonít find a better time to sample the delights that this gorgeous Italian babe has to offer!

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