Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 76/100

This is a really enjoyable site featuring some of the hottest and sexiest gay guys around. The site provides a vast amount of movies for streaming, these provided by a great selection of studios, and covering a wide variety of genres. So whether youíre into gay amateurs, biracial, uniforms or outdoor action, this site has everything to offer to satisfy your needs. Performances are impressive throughout each movie and action is explicit and extremely arousing most of the time. Itís a pity that movies are only available to stream admittedly, but in comparison to most pay to view movie sites, this is a real bargain, giving unlimited access to over 500 videos for the one monthly fee of $17.95, this in my opinion being a pretty good deal, when considering whatís on offer here.

Deluxe Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Deluxe Pass


If you want variation in your porn then this one would definitely be worth a look. The main site works well to separate and sort the vast amount of content but do not expect 874 different sites to browse through when you sign up, they are more like galleries but they do contain enough content to entertain you for quite some time. All in all this one may well be worth a look if you donít mind sacrificing features for quantity and you may lose out a little on the quality front due to the sheer volume of porn.

Devil's Film Parodies Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Devil's Film Parodies

Devilís Film Parodies pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin - it parodies films and TV seriesí in the most pornographic way possible! Theyíve only just started out but there are already hours of scenes here, and as the only possible way is up, the $29.95 membership fee seems pretty fair to me. Nothing is sacred in terms of what they will or wonít parody, from the Twilight Saga to Mad Men, so if you like your porn with a bit of a storyline and a lot of laughs as well as super-hot chicks, youíve come to the right place! Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This is a very enjoyable site featuring an adorable and much loved young blonde cam star. Whilst watching some of her recorded shows itís pretty clear that she oozes personality, charisma and a sense of humour. The quantity of content is pretty good for this kind of site and thereís also heaps of bonus material available too, this making things even more exciting. This girl is very good at what she does and she is very comfortable in her performances, whether it be solo, intimate lesbian or boy/girl action. Shoots are imaginative with scenarios on the beach, a motorbike or simply the bedroom, all this bringing plenty of variety and excitement to the site. The membership costs around $31.16/30 days access, which is not too bad considering whatís on offer here in my opinion.

Diana Jameson Screenshot
Overall Rating 56/100
Diana Jameson

Although nicely implemented with some very cool design features and usability options, the content lets this site down. Its too mixed, too diverse, and lacks quality. Whilst there is no doubt there is a lot of picture content here, it lacks the consistency and quality required to give it a thumbs up.

Diaper Chicks Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100
Diaper Chicks

Diaper Chicks was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. The only decent girl featured on the site is Calla, with just three others girls appearing all of whom are quite unattractive if Iím honest. The quantity of content is not good at all with just 34 image galleries and 7 very short and repetitive spanking videos to view. Not only is the quantity a disappointment, but the quality is average and the content is very tame and a tad repetitive. I my humble opinion we need to see many more better looking girls, much more erotic and harder content and more exciting locations. The plus side here is that the membership to the site is just $12.95 for 30 days, so at least this site wont break the bank. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

At the moment I feel that this site is a little overpriced simply due to the fact that thereís only 40 picture sets available and the content is so subtle. Despite this though one can only admire the stunning choice of 3d dick girls featured on the site as some of them are extremely arousing whilst stood hard with a huge dick in hand. I think this site could grow quite rapidly in the very near future, as updates seem to be carried out quite regularly and maybe, just maybe, weíll get some exclusive feature length toons added to the site at some point too, which could just about make this site one to bookmark for reference in the future! Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

This is an exciting Reality network with some enjoyable concepts but itís just an awful shame that the content provided here is so limited at present. However what you do get on this site is sexy young models, awesome performances, exciting scenarios and content thatís produced to an impeccable quality, and despite the sheer lack of exclusive content available at the moment, thereís plenty of bonus material to compensate in the way of video feeds, bonus picture galleries and the additional bonus sites that are included in the network, all this in my opinion making it a pretty good deal overall at $29.95/month, and of course the site will continue to grow over the coming months, this of course making the fee much more justified as time goes on.

Digi Dolls Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Digi Dolls

Summary is a well designed site with good quality content and great looking models.

The main bulk of the content is photography which is presented to a high standard and is also quite varied. All the models are great to look at and strengthen the quality of the whole site.

The video is to a good standard but I feel that the mention of HDTV on the pre-sign up page could be a little misleading, although at $24.95 a month, or $89.95 for 6 months, there is plenty of good standard porn to please most people.

Digital Dreamgirls (DD Girls) Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
Digital Dreamgirls (DD Girls)

DDG has so much to offer its members and is a real pleasure to explore and navigate. The main members page is very impressive featuring stunning graphics, images and links giving easy access to an abundance of varied subjects and quality women shot by Mr Hicks himself and three other well known photographers working along side him. As you can imagine from a well known photographer such as this, the site is very professionally put together with a constant flow of beautifully created settings providing the most exclusive and visually stunning material possible. I was very impressed with the overall appearance of this site and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to review one of the webs best adult sites! Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is yet another impressive site from one of my favourite networks, bringing to us some of the finest artwork, comics and toonís created by some of the best artists around. This is a beautiful collection, that ensures members can lose themselves in not only a vast archive of content, but one that enables you to fulfil your wildest fantasies and dreams with unusual erotic characters getting penetrated or intimately touched in action packed galleries, episodes and storylines. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which includes many bonus sites and additional bonus content too, this in my opinion, making it an extremely good deal, when considering whatís on offer overall.

Dirty Videos Online Screenshot
Overall Rating 43/100
Dirty Videos Online

Had DirtyVideosOnline been a stand alone site, with nothing else to make it worthwhile, I would have thought it was probably one of the worst video sites I have seen. The content is poor, the quantity low, and the site has nothing redeeming about it. However, as you get 5 other site thrown in for the same price, one of which we have seen as was quite good, I am going to be more lenient. But, if it is great quality videos you are after, you are better off going to

Divine Melons Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Divine Melons


Overall the site has a good design, layout and simple navigation. With updates only occurring every two weeks you are left hanging a bit but as you have access to other sites in the network there is plenty of content to keep you busy until the next update. The quality of content could be improved with a more consistent photo section and higher resolution videos. For only $29.95 a month you have access to a good Network offering a wide range of content. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

Jayden is a very cute girl, who has built a great website around her life and every day activities. The site has a great look and feel to it, and the images are great. The biggest problem is that this is a non-nude site, and maybe this is not enough to entice many people inside.

Dixie Trailer Trash Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Dixie Trailer Trash

This is a long running site that brings a group of sex loving swingers to your computer screens. As you may have guessed from the site name, the stars of the site live in the Southern states. There is a lot of content and it is of an acceptable quality. The "tour" actually provides a lot of sample pics which will help to provide you with an idea whatís in the membersí area. The price of the site is also a good incentive as you get all of that content for around $20.

DixieCuties Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Sometimes I come across a site which I feel really deserves success, but probably is struggling to make a profit. DixieCuties, run by Wally is one such site. The man has such a passion, he must be working damned hard to add as much content as he is doing, and he has put together a great members area full of women with big arses. I cannot help but recommend this site to anyone with a similar passion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

This was a really pleasurable site to review, featuring a stunning young brunette beauty, captured in some amazing and exclusive shoots and performances. As a natural in front of the camera and with plenty to offer in the way of a gorgeous appearance and a bubbly personality, itís inevitable that this site will be a huge success at some point. Admittedly, I think thereís a need for more hardcore videos and definitely more intimate lesbian action, but for a solo site and in comparison to most, whatís on offer here, is already well ahead of the competition anyway. Again quantity of content is a little limited, especially the downloadable video content, but the quality of content remains consistent and impressive throughout the site, as does the arousing performances. The membership also includes a number of bonus sites too, all this considered making a membership well worth a thought, despite the rather high fee of $30.26/30 days, this then recurring at $24.83. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This site has to be one of my favourites in this particular network of ?tushy? sites. Whilst I was disappointed to see just thumbnails and no descriptions, and the small image sizes, when it comes to medical fetish content, this site provides a very hot collection, offering arousing and enjoyable performances, an impressive choice of models, and a wide variety of hard explicit action which is guaranteed to arouse. The membership fee is pretty steep I?m afraid at $39.95/30 days, but all in all, you get hours of exciting XXX videos and something that?s a little bit different to the many ?ass? themed sites out there!, After all, is there anyone out there who hasn?t had sexual fantasies about their doctor or a nurse? Enough said.. ! (Re-Review) Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100 (Re-Review)

This site is still one of my favourites in this particular network and although Iím still disappointed to see just thumbnails and no descriptions in the memberís area, despite the apparent revamp for 2009, you can not fault this amazing and rather vast collection of medical fetish content thatís provided here. Video quality is impeccable with most scenes available in a choice of small clips as well as a full length feature. Performances are rather impressive and highly arousing with scenes incorporating a variety of exciting hardcore performances to include pussy and anal insertions, lesbian, boy/girl penetration and even group action on occasion. Image size could be much improved and Iím surprised that thereís no zip download facility for picture sets still too, but no matter how you look at it, the content here is totally unique and extremely pleasing no matter what your taste is, so at $39.95 for 30 days access this is still a site well worth checking out in my opinion, and a real treat for many of us who have fantasized over this sort of thing time and time again.

Double Her Trouble Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
Double Her Trouble
Ok then, ĎDouble Her Troubleí, as the more astute amongst you may have already worked out, is all about double penetration. These girls courageously take one up the pink and one up the stink simultaneously.

The site is accompanied by its sister sites which include: Doctor Trickles, Fisting King, Object Freaks, Shocking BDSM and Strapon Angels, so there is no lack of content here. The website is swimming in good quality niche specific porn. So if you like a nice bit of niche, this one is most definitely for you.

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