Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Euro Soft Babes Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100
Euro Soft Babes

Summary is very typical of the other sites in this network. You get a really nicely designed and attractive tour displaying stunning girls and lovely high-resolution images, but then once you become a member itís a slightly different story. The stunning girls are no where to be found, what you get is your average girl next-door type, with some of them being a bit 'rough'. In fairness you get a better amount of videos on this site than others in the network, but sometimes these donít seem to work and when they do there not that brilliant and clips are very short. The site contains absolutely no image galleries whatsoever, and videos are not downloadable. All in all, Iím not impressed and feel that itís overpriced at $29.95/for 30 days, despite access to all the sites in the group. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is a really impressive site with a stunning choice of well known and fresh faced girls featured in an amazing collection of girl/girl, boy/girl and group hardcore performances. Both Videos and Picture sets are provided to an impressive quality throughout with plenty of variety on offer from one scene to the next. The quantity of content is pretty good too and of course the site is growing all the time with regular updates carried out. There are also many bonus sites that are included in the deal too, all for just a monthly fee of $29.95/30 days access, all this in my opinion making it a pretty good deal over all and well worth consideration especially if you enjoy heaps of lesbian and boy/girl group action. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

Summary is a really enjoyable site and forms part of a very good network of Babe themed sites. The site succeeds in providing a very good choice of stunning European models, most being familiar faces from the industry whilst a few new faces appear here to. Content is produced to an impeccable quality most of the time, with plenty of videos to choose from along with a good selection of images galleries. The site combines a wide variety of hardcore action ranging from blowjobs and facials through to erotic penetration scenes that are guaranteed to arouse. A membership costs $29.95 per month, which is a pretty good deal considering you get access to 8 bonus sites from the network too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Summary has a pretty neat concept and I like the theme of the sexual conquests! It contains some fabulous footage of some really stunning European girls. I think these guys have some really interesting ideas, the movies are entertaining and the scenarios involve some really hot hardcore action. I found it most entertaining though at the end of each movie, where they actually tell the girl that they will let her know, that they have to try out some other girls first and in fact that itís just an audition, itís great fun to watch these girls get really angry and upset as they realize they have just been used for sex! With most of the content being both high quality and exclusive to this site, itís a pretty nice package especially considering the bonus content in the other reality themed sites that are included. A membership to this site will set you back about $38.80 per month, however there are other payment options to be considered, for example yearly membership will work out to only $7.98 per month, but is billed as a one off payment annually. That is a pretty good deal.

European Glamour Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
European Glamour Girls

Exclusive photo and video sets combined with attractive women and excellent quality; European Glamour Girls is a great site. The content is soft-core, the girls show all, sometimes a bit shyly, sometimes quite provocative, but always close, personal and seductive.

If you become a double member, for a reasonable $37 per month, you will also get access to Erotic Destinations. Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

Admittedly some of the content on this site youíve probably seen on various other sites as Iím not entirely sure much of it is exclusive to the site. But there is an excellent collection of both soft and hardcore content combining both the old and new, and itís pretty impossible to not enjoy much of what is presented on the site. Thereís such a wide variation of content and a lovely choice of models to choose from, and whether itís Aurora Snow and Guage or the more recent Peaches and Vendula, the girls have been beautifully shot by professional photographers, captured in stunning well thought out locations,, such as on the beach, the rocks, in the forest, on the lake and so on. The girls offer seductive soft nudity or explicit hardcore action that will blow your mind, and most likely your load! The quality of picture galleries and videos is outstanding, all this, leaving behind in comparison the various other sites in the network, this site being in my opinion the one thatís well worth checking out for $34.95/month. Go for it!

EuroSexParties Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100

Another cracking site from the guys who made Captain Stabbin and Mikes Apartment. Although new, the six movies already inside are excellent. This is a great theme for a website, which really appeals to me, and no doubt lots of you too. The fact youíre getting 11 other movie sites thrown in, covering a huge number of different niches, including some great reality sites, makes this a relative bargain.

Eva's Garden Screenshot
Overall Rating 90/100
Eva's Garden

Evaís Garden is an impressive nude art site that features a plethora of typically gorgeous European women and has some pretty decent features to boot. With so many nude art sites around, this one definitely has its work cut out, but Iím happy to say that the site is a pleasure to use and browse through, and the quality of the content here really speaks for itself. For me though, the thing that impressed me the most about this site is its fantastic pricing Ė theyíre currently offering up to a 50% reduction on memberships, with a yearís subscription costing just $59.00! Thatís $4.92 per monthÖ surely the bargain of the century?

Eve  Angel Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Eve Angel
Eve Angel is a stunning little brunette with a perfectly petite body. She looks so much like Sandra Shine I expect them to be sisters, but despite my efforts I canít seem to find anyone to tell me either way. What is agreed however, is how amazingly attractive this young Hungarian is.

Eve gets her way with all of her cute girlfriends. The site focuses on solo and lesbian content, there is very little of anything else.

Eve Angel Official Screenshot
Overall Rating 92/100
Eve Angel Official

In my humble opinion, Eve Angel is one of the most beautiful women in porn, and here at her official website youíll be lucky enough to find hundreds of exclusive movies and photosets featuring the lady herself in all her glory. She gets it on alone, as well as with some of her gorgeous Euro girlfriends, and thereís even some archived hardcore content from her early days that you wonít find anywhere else. Brought to you buy the team behind DDF Productions, the quality here is outstanding, and memberships start from as little as Ä0.41 per day - so do yourself a favour go and take a look!

Exclusive Club Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Exclusive Club
Exclusive Club is a Czech website that features a host of Euro babes getting the sort of intimate medical examinations that women the world over have nightmares about. Carried out by an ageing ĎDoctorí (who I wouldnít want going anywhere near my nether regions), they can feature anything from breast manipulation and speculum close ups to milk enemas - this is certainly the most unusual gynaecology clinic that Iíve ever seen, and it makes me a little more appreciative of the humble NHS! The site is fairly standard aside from its content, but if this is your particular fetish, then the $29.95 membership fee is likely to be well worth it for you! Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

For an amateur based site thereís some pretty exciting content on offer here with some pretty cute girls to enjoy too on occasion. Admittedly some of the girls featured leave a lot to be desired but are not afraid to spread for the camera or get down and dirty in awesome hardcore action and share it with the world. Sorting through youíll find a vast choice of niches covered, mild masturbation, interracial threesomes, intimate lesbian or simply clothed party girls but all combined, the site provides hours of soft and hardcore entertainment with arousing downloadable videos and quite good picture galleries, and considering the quantity of content on offer here itís not too bad a deal overall, though slightly overpriced for amateurs I feel at $29.95/30 days.

Explicite Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100

Itís pretty clear that I liked Explicite. I have to say I have yet to see a site so full of quality photos and videos. In fact the videos are the best I have seen in a long while. With an option to join at $29.95, this site is great value for money.

Explicite Art Screenshot
Overall Rating 95/100
Explicite Art

Explicite Art is one of the most established nude art and photography sites on the web today, and itís not hard to see why. Chock full of gorgeous European women and fantastic quality explicit pornography across a huge range of niches, this really could be the only site membership you will ever need! We last looked at this one back in 2007, and since then, thereís been a massive increase in content - quality has also improved, with HD movies and high resolution images being added to the excellent selection of viewing and download options, and there are now even more beautiful women to get you all over excited! There is literally something for everyone here, so do yourselves a favour and go take a look - your manhood will be eternally grateful, although your wife may not!

**Update - Since we last looked at the site, content quantity has increased enormously and more join options have been added. Access to previously broken pages has also been fixed. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site last reviewed on 01-Apr-2010

Exploited Black Teens Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Exploited Black Teens

I sort of knew when I went into this site what to expect, and all that is previewed is indeed there. This is like a Black version of Bruno-B, full of high quality video of black girls having sex. At $30 a month its not bad value considering there isnít a huge amount of sites around like this, and all the content is exclusive.

Exploited Teens Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens is a long running website that revolves around one guy who gets to shag a veritable treasure trove of fresh faced teen chicks. He scouts these girls from colleges and shopping malls, meaning practically every single one is new to the scene, and in general, heís got pretty good taste! If youíre a fan of the sort of nubile babes that youíre actually likely to see in real life, and you like your porn unedited, un-airbrushed and about as real as it gets, you should definitely check this one out. Itís certainly not the most high tech site out there by a long shot, but thereís plenty of content, weekly updates and tons of girls that you wonít see anywhere else - not too bad for $29.95 per month!  Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is an enjoyable site, featuring a gorgeous selection of well hung gay guys filmed in awesome and intimate gay performances. The site offers plenty of variety, combining solo, couples and group scenarios that are extremely explicit most of the time. Thereís a pretty good amount of content on offer here, and content is provided to a very good quality throughout the site. Itís a pity that the image galleries are only video stills admittedly, but despite this, I feel itís a pretty good deal at $32.95/month, especially when considering the niche involved and the great selection of models that are featured, not to mention the various bonus sites that are included too. A must see for any gay porn lover!

Extreme Curves Screenshot
Overall Rating 41/100
Extreme Curves

A decent enough collection of galleries of larger than normal women. At just $.95 a month, donít expect to be taken aback by the size of the site, it is relatively small by Pay-Site standards nowadays, however, no doubt a one month membership will be well worth while is you like Ďem big.

Extreme Freaks Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100
Extreme Freaks

As with various other sites I have reviewed within this particular network, it seems that lacks quantity, regular updates, interesting girls and on this occasion picture sets. Itís unfortunate, as my first opinion on the site was that it was attractive and offers very good quality videos and speedy downloads. Whatís more, I also find it difficult to comprehend the concept of the site title, it seems to me that thereís absolutely nothing extreme and nothing freakish about the site at all? This title would be better suited to a bondage site or something similar surely?. Despite the many bonus sites within the group I have to evaluate this site on itís own merit alone, therefore the membership fee of $34.95/month is hugely inflated in my opinion, however there is a trial offer available to anyone considering a membership.

Extreme Holly Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Extreme Holly

Extreme Holly is packed with hardcore and graphic action. There is a lot of content to plough through with both photos and movies plus extra content like behind the scenes, bloopers, Hollyís journey and ask Holly. Holly takes suggestions from her members and roughly once a month a lucky member gets the chance to star in a movie with Holly.

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