Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 82/100

It must be said that this is a really impressive site for a solo site and it proved to be a really enjoyable experience for me. The site features a really stunning and adorable model with a sweet personality and a fantastic body to match. Her site provides plenty of content and plenty of variety covering both soft and hardcore scenarios, with scenes and performances carried out in both indoor and outdoor locations. The image galleries are produced to a very impressive quality, containing a good number of images and the option of a slideshow, whilst the videos are packed with excitement, good storylines and outstanding performances that are once again provided to an amazing quality. Yes this site, in my opinion is a must see at $29.94 per month, and you’d have to be completely insane to miss out! Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

Summary is an impressive solo site featuring this gorgeous girl captured in lots and lots of hardcore scenarios in a great collection of image galleries and videos. Ivana is regularly accompanied by male and female friends in performances of masturbation, foreplay and hardcore scenes that are not only erotic but also very arousing because of the ‘amateur’ but still wel performed scenes on offer here. So whether it’s the lesbian action that gets you going or rampant boy/girl hardcore penetration, this site provides plenty of variety captured in both indoor and outdoor settings. A membership costs around $29.96/30 Days access which is a very good deal considering you get a good amount of quality content and access to the various bonus sites too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is an enjoyable site featuring a stunning model. Ivy has a unique and seductive presence about her, this coupled with her exciting personality making her a real pleasure to enjoy as you wade through her site. Admittedly there’s a few things that could be improved here, but overall the site offers a classy design, simplicity in navigation, an impressive video quality, for those that download, and despite the subtlety of content on offer, most scenes are still highly arousing. In my opinion the site requires more picture content, larger images and it would be even better if they were slightly more explicit, yet despite this Ivy seems to make all this acceptable and well justified for the join fee of $24.77/30 days. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

Summary is a site about a cute girl who has obviously decided to try and make a few dollars out of her little butt and innocent young looks. However, despite the cute innocent looks, I found myself a getting irritated by her. Yeah, odd, I know, but there is just something about the fact she is reluctant to smile “naturally” due to her teeth brace, that she has a very annoying, forced smile which after a while becomes almost unbearable to watch. No doubt, some guys may get off on the ‘brace look’, but others may be thinking why does she not take that damn brace out! In my opinion the smile is a very important feature and it should not be forced or hidden. Putting this aside Lil Britney is undeniably a attractive girl with a great body. She can be tempting, teasing and is certainly innocent looking. The site is good with some really nice picture galleries of Britney and her mates. It’s easy to navigate, colourful and pleasing on the eye. Lil Britney’s site is quite new from what I can gather, so it still needs some finishing touches and much more content inside it, especially in the movie section, to justify the monthly fee of $24.95 per month.

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