Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Jizz Jugglers Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Jizz Jugglers

I found to be a pretty impressive site considering itís focus is based around blowjobs and facials. These sites can become a little mundane at times but this site left me wanting more. The Network seems to be quite young dating back to only the end of 2006, but despite this thereís still 33 video scenarios featured which are not only offered in full length but last 20 minutes or more. The site succeeds in DVD quality movies, very impressive performances, pretty and carefully selected girls and impeccable picture galleries. A membership costs just $24.95 for 30 days, which makes this site a pretty good spend considering the quality provided and the heaps of bonus content and sites included. Definitely well worth a visit. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This site is a real pleasure for anyone who enjoys that something slightly different. Joanna Angel has a unique style, a sexy punk chick, laiden with tattoos, with curves in all the right places. You can enjoy both arousing and even humorous performances at times, in the various videos throughout the site, these providing plenty of variety and combining girl/girl and boy/girl performances that are really pleasing throughout. Video quality is impressive most of the time and galleries too are provided to an impeccable quality. My only disappointment here is that gallery sets are not available to download in a zip file it seems, however Iím willing to overlook this detail personally, as everything else here was so satisfying. The membership costs $19.99 for 30 days, which is a very good deal in my opinion when considering the quantity of content available and the quality thatís provided here, not forgetting the various bonus sites that are also included for the fee. Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

Jody Love is a fantastic choice of model for a solo site with her pretty appearance and her petite little curves. This girl can turn even the most subtle of shoots to a ďmust seeĒ performance, and sheís far from shy when it comes to the much harder video performances even, where she can be seen in strap on girl/girl action and even intimate boy/girl on occasion. Her site provides good quality material, ample content and plenty of variety for the membership fee of $24.97 for 30 days, which I have to say is not that bad a deal when you consider whatís on offer here and how adorable this sweetheart really is!

Johnny Rebel Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Johnny Rebel

This site is based around Brit porn legend Johnny and his pornographic exploits both in front of and behind the camera. Heís been photographing and shagging hot amateur women for years, and has built a porn empire thatís made him something of a national anti-treasure over here in the UK. His site features hundreds of real British girls and sexy Euro amateurs getting their rocks off with either the man himself, or his well-endowed buddies (hey, the guyís gotta rest at some point!) -thereís also plenty of solo, lesbian and group action, so if youíre a fan of filthy amateur porn (or you just want to know how a man in a bandana has managed to get so many women into bed), I suggest you check this one out! Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100

Summary is a very nice site indeed, with the star of the show (Josie) being an absolute darling. The site offers all the usual traits of a solo site with the added benefits that this girl is sweet, innocent looking and sexy as hell. She has that certain look which would easily lure memberís into her site. This site is far from explicit but is more of a Josie fan club. The only drawbackís are the video quality which can be a little poor at times and the amount of content, which is quite limited at present which makes the membership fee of $29.95 per month a bit high.

Josito's Will Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Josito's Will

Jositoís will is a new site with an interesting concept - the siteís Ďstarí, surprisingly named Josito, is a regular, good looking young guy in every respect; apart from the fact that heís wheelchair bound! It doesnít seem to affect his ability to lure in the ladies though, so fair play to him. Thereís not a great deal of content on offer at the moment, but you do get access to a huge number of bonus sites with your membership, so the join fee of $29.99 is justifiable if you like the look of some of the other sites in the network.

Juggs and Junk Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Juggs and Junk

Juggs and Junk is a site dedicated to hot female curves and even hotter hardcore sex. Featuring gorgeous shapely women of all ages & races, thereís someone here for everyone as long as you like tits and ass! Although the site doesnít have the most fantastic quality porn available, there is still plenty going for it, including regular updates, exclusive content, well known models and access to 9 other sites plus bonus content with your membership. All in all, the $29.95 sign-up fee seems pretty reasonable to me - if youíre a boobs & bums man, you should definitely take a look!

Juicy Bunny Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Juicy Bunny

Juicy Bunny is an amateur site with a difference - it features a plethora of gorgeous exotic women from all over the globe, from Eastern Europe to Japan, all in one place. To be honest, I have yet to find another site that offers this kind of variety in its models - itís this multi-cultural approach that really sells this one, and it makes a refreshing change from the Ďsame old, same oldí amateur sites that weíre used to reviewing! If youíre a lover of amateur chicks getting naughty, whatever their ethnicity, then you should definitely give this one a look!

Just Coeds Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100
Just Coeds
Just Coeds is a perfect little site to join just to make sure you get your monthly quota of naked girls getting nasty. It offers amateur content, with average looking ladies, and it is very very cheap. Considering the title of the site, you would think that you would be signing up to watch some pretty young girls fresh from a math lesson, but in reality this site offers a much broader range of ladies (including plump girls and mature M.I.L.Fs) alongside their younger, prettier and more svelte counterparts.

If you like looking at naked girls getting screwed, I would guess that is a majority of you, I really recommend you to join this site. There is plenty of content for such a small amount of money. You canít go wrong.

Just Teens Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100
Just Teens
Just Teens is a photography based website and has no other form of content. The site design is clean, has a good layout and is easy to navigate as there arenít many links. The photographs are of a good quality and the models are all attractive.

The content is claimed to be exclusive to Just Teens with Beautiful, luscious photography that accentuates the model's finest features.

The support and F.A.Q pages are good but the site is a little slow to load, therefore people with slow internet connections could become frustrated. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

With hundreds of sites out there dedicated to the art of the perfect blow Job, Georgeís stands out for a couple of simple and apparent reasons. The first is the range of stunning young women he has shot, you be hard pressed to find a better selection. The second is the value-for money you get with his sites. A single membership to any of them gets you inside 6 complete websites, all featuring their own exclusive content. All of which are good in their own right, and offer up some of the best material in their respective niches. Just-a-BJ is one of the best of all of them, and as such would be a good place to start on your journey through Picassoís Porn. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

This site has a very welcoming and attractive tour with arousing trailer videos and descriptive scenarios clearly portraying a lot of effort has been put in to the design of the site. However once in the memberís area things get much more basic, in fact itís one of the most basic memberís areas Iíve ever seen, simply displaying thumbs and links and nothing more, despite this though picture and video quality remains impressive from set to set and scene to scene with quite enjoyable performances by the girls most of the time, however itís pretty clear from some of the videos that the girls are far from impressed with getting glazing in their hair as well as over their faces. In conclusion, there are much better Handjob themed sites to be had, for the same money, and as a result, its difficult to recommend this site.

Justine's Bedroom Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Justine's Bedroom

Having seen a lot of amateur sites, Iím impressed at what Justine has put together here. She is no glamour model, but she is cute, but most of all her sexuality shines through, and this coupled with the ďrealityĒ to the photos and movies makes Justineís Bedroom one which stands out among sites of this genre. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This is an enjoyable site from an exciting little network of reality sites, this one definitely having a most unusual concept behind it. The site features an extremely willing selection of midget performers, both men and women. Each can be seen in arousing performances of lesbian or hardcore action, either with other midgets or normal size people. The content here is rather freaky but extremely enjoyable even if itís a theme you wouldnít usually consider. Thereís a reasonable amount of content on offer here considering the niche and quality remains impressive throughout the site despite the odd few photo stills. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which may seem high on first impressions, but is a pretty good deal when considering the many bonus sites that are included in the deal also. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Well this is a pretty decent site overall, with an interesting theme and pretty cute girls. If it wasnít for the poor navigation and numerous silly errors throughout the site I would definitely have a better opinion for this one. Video and picture quality is outstanding, although limited so itís pretty clear that the equipment used is top of the range, and I honestly think that if the cameraman could keep his hands on the job and not on his models this site could really be improved. The positive overview would have to be high quality content, stunning young girls and awesome performances, but the negative would be limited in quantity, pervy cameraman and appalling navigation! Still worth viewing I think though with a membership fee of £15.24 for 30 days, all things considered.

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