Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 59/100

There is no doubting that features some nice exclusive movies. The biggest problem the site has to overcome is the lack of content it has. 12 Movies isn’t enough to warrant a long-term membership, and the extra content is not good enough to make up for this shortage. The site makes several promises on the tour, which aren’t strictly true. And also the cost of the site is far to high for the content on offer. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is an enjoyable site with a very pleasing and arousing collection of content if you’re into the “Watersports” niche. The girls featured here are likeable and very sexy in their performances of anything from peeing and panty wetting to pee drinking, toilet humiliation and even more. There’s a reasonable amount of content on offer here considering the genre, all of which is provided to a pretty good quality most of the time, despite some of the images due to them being video stills. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is a little steep on first impression but a little more justified when considering the many bonus sites that are also included in the deal. Screenshot
Overall Rating 90/100

Summary is one of the most impressive sites I have reviewed so far. There’s absolutely no argument that the design, layout, and overall quality are second to none. What’s more these guys clearly have a real skill and more importantly a good imagination for impressive background settings, featuring stunning locations, including beaches, forests and some fantastic indoor sets to portray the beauty of their models. And dont forget, everything here is excluisve to the site.

If it’s quantity, quality, class, and beauty that you’re looking for, then look no further than! The membership to this site is also competitive at just $24.95/per month on a recurring basis. This is folks, a relative bargain. In Summary, What are you waiting for?

Play-Sex-Game Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100


This site is a nice idea but unfortunately it has not been pulled of very well and it just ended up annoying me no end and crashing my PC twice. If you are thinking about joining this site make sure you have a high spec PC and the patience of a saint. It might be worth trying out the free demo if you are at all interested in the idea because you never know you might have more luck than I did and for only $29.95 for 60 days and $34.95 for a whole year it might provide you with some entertainment (we certainly had a good giggle playing about with it). Screenshot
Overall Rating 95/100

This is a totally impressive site belonging to the highly regarded Playboy Network, bringing to us some of the hottest picture and video content featuring a stunning selection of models ranging from amateur try outs right through to Cyber Girls, Playmates and well known Porn Stars and Celebrities. Each has been captured at their finest in imaginative glamour shoots and video performances that are highly entertaining throughout. Content quality is not only impeccable but up there with the best on the Net as expected, this coupled with the vast amount of content made available across the network, making it a definite “must have” at just $19.80/month, you would have to be a fool to miss out! Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100

It was a real pleasure to check out this site and of course my expectations were high from the start, but needless to say they were still well exceeded. The girls here are absolutely amazing, hand picked perfection at all times, and with over 500 models featured, there’s something here to suit all tastes, that is of course if you’re into beautiful girls! The site is impressive from start to finish with simple but extensive menus, plenty of entertainment, an impeccable quality of content and impressive performances in both shoots and videos, even where extremely subtle activity is taking place. Even interviews are very interesting with girls kissing the female interviewer on occasion. Yes I find it extremely hard to come up with a negative for this little lot and at just $19.87/month you would have to be a complete fool to miss out in my opinion.

Playing With Toni Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Playing With Toni
Toni is a cute 19 year old experimenting with lesbian sex. ‘Playing With Toni’ documents her experiences along the way.

Toni is hot in a natural, ‘girl-next door’ kinda way. The saucy brunette basically goes out on to the street and attempts to charm girls back to her pad for a bit of rumpy pumpy, all the while being filmed by her boyfriend. The site focuses on amateur girl-on-girl action; there wouldn’t be a cock in sight if it wasn’t for one rather randomly placed blow-job movie that looks slightly awkward amongst the sea of muff.

PleaseBangMyWife Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100

As reality sites go, this isn’t the best I have seen. Although the movies are decent enough, the quality of the images (if they can be called that) are poor, and the lack of a link to download a movie, makes it impossible to watch a movie in your own time. I personally think that is a real minus and needs to be rectified. As a final point, the sigup process does not make it clear how much a membership will cost, unless you have added an email address and your name. At which time you find out its $38.19 a month, which is a rip off. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

For anyone with an adoration for the larger and chubbier woman this site provides some interesting video scenarios of both solo and lesbian performances combining nudity, masturbation and dildo action. Videos are very entertaining and produced to a pretty good quality most of the time, however picture quality is not so good on occasion. Quantity of content could be better but is partially compensated by the bonus access to the BBW network that’s included in the membership fee of $29.87/30 days. Me personally though, I think I’ll give this one a miss as it’s not quite to my taste I’m afraid, bring on the slim elegant teens that’s what I say!

Plumper Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 87/100
Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass is a high quality network site, packed with loads of content, and dedicated to the wonder that is the Big Beautiful Woman. You get access to 6 of the best BBW sites out there for the bargain price of $24.95, which is great value in my opinion. There’s a huge amount of variety across the network, and whether you just like your girls a little curvy or you love a woman with a whole lot of extra cushion for pushin’, you’ll be well catered for! I was suitably impressed with the quality of the material on this one, so if you’re a BBW fan, I think you’ll be hard pushed to find much to complain about! Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

I found this site to be enjoyable despite it being based on the blowjob niche. Usually these sites can be a tad repetitive, but this site seemed to keep my interest and offered plenty of variety from one video to the next. The girls featured on the site have clearly been very carefully chosen, each one offering a good eager performance and being damn cute too. Admittedly, it’s a shame there’s no high quality, high resolution picture galleries to view here, but most videos come with a set of screen caps instead. The membership costs $24.95/30 days, which I feel is not too bad considering you get a bunch of bonus sites included too.

Polish My Hemet Screenshot
Overall Rating 56/100
Polish My Hemet

A pretty complete movie site featuring lots of video of girls sucking dick. With 54 movies to watch already, most worthy of the download, and 3 new movies every week, this site is certainly worth a month membership. The only negative I could see is that the movies are not exclusive to this site, but hey, the chances are you probably haven’t seen many of them before, unless you have joined lots of movie sites similar to this in the past. Check out the samples, and you’ll know.

Porn Access Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Porn Access

Summary provides access to hundreds of DVD movie sites over a wide variety of niches, to include solo teens right through to gay and fetish. With access to over 6000 downloadable movies in the network so far this network provides literarily months of good viewing. The videos are well produced, and feature outstanding quality from start to finish with indoor and outdoor scenes with plenty of good hardcore action going on. The models featured range from Teens to Mature, and there are some real hot ladies to be found featuring in the movies. A membership to the site will cost $29.95/30 days, which makes it a fantastic deal considering the amount of sites and content on offer.

Porn Fidelity Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Porn Fidelity

Many of you will probably already have seen, or at least heard of, Kelly Madison. She’s a thirty something porn star with great big tits. On this site Kelly and her husband Ryan (not me) pick up other women, generally with large breasts themselves, and have an energetic threesome. The content is great and the women involved are fit so there’s really no reason to not take a look!

Porn Star XS Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Porn Star XS


There has obviously been a lot of thought put into this site and it really shows through. They have really put some effort in and have not just knocked up a site to try and make a fast buck like so many other sites that I have to review. There are some great features available on this site and once all of the bugs are worked out I would recommend this site to any one that wants a really good mix of DVDs with a nice lot of new ones being added all the time.

Porn Stars Like it Big Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Porn Stars Like it Big


The newest site in an impressive network. Due to its infancy the site doesn’t have a great deal of content but add in the other sites you get access to and you have a good lot of content at your fingertips and all at a relatively competitive price. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a thoroughly enjoyable site with plenty of variety on offer and a huge archive of content to choose from that can keep you occupied for months. It’s disappointing though that the content here is not what the site is all about, as it seems the majority of content is far from amateur with some top names and porn stars featured, but more importantly the majority of impressive content here is of European girls and not British girls as the sites title portrays. If you can put this aside though there’s a great time to be had here, with an abundance of niches covered, almost 1000 girls featured and a vast archive of both pictures and videos to choose from, all of them provided to an outstanding quality. A membership costs $24.95 for 30 days access, and this gets you into some bonus sites too, so it has to be said, that despite my major gripes and disappointments mentioned it’s still money well spent if you purchase a membership to the site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

As with most of the sites in this network provides a very good quality of content with a reasonable amount of exclusive image galleries and videos on offer. The girls featured on the site are attractive, boasting beautiful bodies and doing impressive hardcore performances. The site is easily navigated following the usual design and layout for all the sites within this group, and likewise the site also provides many addition bonus content, feeds and other interesting forms of content. All of this, along with access to the many bonus sites within the network, makes the membership very good value indeed, at $19.95/30 days. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

This site being very new indeed, provides a rather limited amount of content at this time, with just 20 videos and 40 images galleries. Despite this members get a beautiful set of girls captured in impressive performances of nudity, masturbation and penetration scenes. Quality of content is very nice indeed here with shoots carried out in well thought out settings and locations, whilst videos offer all this along with natural, unforced and erotic performances. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days which gets you access not only to this site, but several others run by the same guys. Check out the tour, there are seriously hot babes here, and without doubt some demand further investigation!

Pornostatic Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

Pornostatic is a megasite with a distinctly British flavour. It features top models from all over the UK, and far from being a reserved bunch (there’s not a bowler hat, how d’you do or pork pie in sight), they’re all completely filthy in a way that only we Brits can be! Look, it rains like, 90% of the year here, how else do you think we pass the time?! Anyway, Pornostatic has a great deal going for it, including 9 exclusive websites, some downright dirty pornography and some great deals on memberships (they start at $12.95 per month for a year). I’d definitely recommend taking a look - after all, the British do it best! (Patriotic, moi? Well, maybe just a touch...)

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