Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Wild Hairy Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 52/100
Wild Hairy Girls

Summary was a huge disappointment to me, in the main due to the fact that it shares the same video and image content to other sites I have already seen from these guys. I also think that the choice of models featured on the site could have been much better, as the mingers hugely outweigh the number of hot ladies to be found. The only redeeming quality is the cost of membership - $16.95, but although this is low, its not good value considering the amount of effort put into the quality of content and quantity of updates. Thumbs down on this one guys!

Wild XXX Parties Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Wild XXX Parties

Summary is a well stocked site which is very simply navigated throughout. The site offers a good amount of videos to choose from with a variety of entertainment on offer. Some of the videos are a bit short, but are produced to an impressive DVD quality featuring very some nice real life scenarios. It’s a little disappointing that most of the videos are quite mild with no actual ‘sex’, masturbation or foreplay included, but this aside, the site remains totally enjoyable with plenty of hot girls flaunting themselves for the camera. A membership costs $29.95/30 days which is well worth it in my opinion if you like real-life party footage. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

If you’re into shemales and hardcore orgies then this site is a definite must see in my opinion. The site provides an impressive collection of both picture galleries and videos, each episode being produced to an impressive quality and featuring a fine choice of some of the hottest shemales around. Performances are varied and highly arousing and explicit throughout. Downloads are available for both picture galleries and videos and there’s also a small amount of bonus stuff available too along with access to additional sites as a loyalty bonus as a continuing customer. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is pretty good when considering the niche covered and the quality of content provided here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

Summary is similar to a lot of other reality sites and suffers from a limited quantity of exclusive content. This is a shame as it does have good quality content, high resolution galleries and DVD quality exclusive videos, but not enough of them! The updates are irregular, and the content does become repetitive at times. Putting these things aside if you love to see girls gagging on cock then this site may be of interest to you. In my opinion if it wasn’t for the bonus content and non exclusive content on the site I would think twice before joining. Monthly membership fees are quite expensive for limited content and start at $24.88 if paying by Credit Card.

WillySpanker Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100

I really wanted to like this site as much as the other site which these guys also produce called KnockBoots. However, it has less content, and only low resolution movie content, and as a result cannot be recommended as much as the other. However, it is still a worthy Spanking site, and not one to be dismissed at all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

Unfortunately I found to be quite disappointing. Lisa Berlin is (I guess) likable if you like huge tits and a girl with a kinky and dominating manner. However I found the content repetitive with so much use of strap on dildo’s. Ok so she is the “strap on queen” but I still feel more variety would have helped. It seems to be the same thing over and over, one big fat man after another getting his ass hole pumped by a strap on, and I’m afraid I personally found it a turn off. However if you like to watch men getting their ass fucked then you will no doubt disagree. The additional movies and image galleries help by giving more variety to the site and thankfully the quality of some of this content is better than the excusive stuff.

Wives in Pantyhose Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100
Wives in Pantyhose

Wives in Pantyhose has gone out to satisfy two hugely popular niches in one shot, and has done a fine job. The wives are in the main very sexy, the pantyhose look great and the fact there is so much exclusive media to go through here, adds up to a top notch website. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an extremely pleasing site and one that proved to be very enjoyable to review. It has a rather unique concept that brings a little something different to your average gay site, and with about 50 gorgeous guys to choose from and 47 exclusive high quality videos to enjoy I would defy anyone to leave the site feeling dissatisfied. In my opinion you don’t need to be gay to enjoy these scenes either, as episodes are extremely entertaining, the guys are natural gay performers and scenarios offer plenty of variety, with pleasing storylines that are both arousing and action packed. The membership costs just $19.95/month on a recurring basis, this making it a definite must see and a pretty good deal for anyone with a liking for the gay hardcore and wresting niches.

WTF Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
WTF Pass

WTF Pass is a Euro megasite encompassing 9 teen themed websites, including College Fuck Parties, Private Sex Tapes, HD Massage Porn and Public Sex Adventures. All of the sites feature sexy European girls in hardcore action, some fairly standard, some a little bit more out there - Panda Fuck, anyone?! (No real animals were harmed in the making of this porn, by the way...) If you like your ladies lithe, cute and in the 18-23 bracket, then this one’s well worth a look.

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