Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 84/100

This is a fantastic site and one of the best deals in the network, providing a vast range of some of the hottest porn stars performing in an amazing collection of exclusive XXX movies. You can enjoy anything from subtle nudity right through to double penetration, lesbian, mild bondage, interracial and so much more, all of it provided to an impeccable quality with plenty of variety on offer from one scene to the next. This site also differs from others in the network as most only provide accompanying screen captures, however this site has a pretty impressive collection of high resolution galleries to enjoy as well as video stills, thus making it well and truly one of my favourites, especially when considering how many well known stunning young models are on offer here and the vast amount of content that’s provided, and all for just $29.95 for 30 days access, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100

Summary is isn’t a bad site at all. However I thought that it was a little too busy for my liking, as it contains so many leased feeds and links to bonus sites, there’s just a few too many different windows popping up! There are things going on all over the place but I think the secret to this site is to concentrate on the galleries of the celebrities only, initially, as there are some really nice images and some great information and gossip on some of these stars inside the site. If its raw sex and hardcore content you’re after though, then you won’t really find it in the celebrity area of the site but at least there is the Real Sex section, this provides you with thousands of image galleries and videos of this kind. The thing to remember with this site is that most of the images and videos in the main celebrity section are not exactly fabulous in terms of quality. The fee of $29.95 for 30 days does include access to 4 Premium bonus sites too.

Flashy Babes Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Flashy Babes


One of the best sites I have had the pleasure of reviewing. It has to be up there with my all time favourite The girls on the site are all beautiful and you can tell that they have put a lot of time and effort into the design. Luckily for them it has paid off, with being a joy to browse and the options adding some real added value extras. They are just missing that super high quality content and a few little options and they would be right at the top of my list of recommendations. As it is I loved this site and if you’re looking for a solo girl site, with a good dash of personality, and some super fine babes then look no further as you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and just to let you know that with your membership to this site you are also going to get access to (review coming soon). Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is a really enjoyable site from this network, providing a beautiful choice of girls, featured in impressive performances of an explicit nature. Scenes and shoots range from mild nudity and masturbation, through to dildo, lesbian and of course boy/girl, there’s also the odd threesome scenarios available too if you manage to get through the whole site. The site provides plenty of high quality photo sets and nearly 100 videos to enjoy, these being produced to a pretty good quality too, and lasting at least 20 minutes or more on most occasions. Performances are very impressive with well-known models like “Loni”, “Jade” and “Iris Estrada” featured, amongst of course many fresh faces in the business too. The membership costs $29.95/30 days access, which is pretty good in my opinion, especially as you get the many bonus sites included too.

Fuck My Flab Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100
Fuck My Flab

This is another charming site (with an equally charming name) from the Hardcore Network family, home to such masterpieces as Attack My Ass and Her Last Fuck. Fuck My Flab, in case you hadn’t already gathered, is dedicated to the wonder that is the BBW, promising obese women weighing 300 to 400 pounds getting it on with skinny guys. Now whilst it may not completely live up to this promise (there are a few suspiciously slimline chicks floating around), all in all, I reckon lovers of real BBWs are going to spend quite a few happy hours in front of their PCs with their pants round their ankles checking this one out! If you’re not a fan of big girls, however, I suggest giving Fuck My Flab a pretty wide berth...

Gag A Gay Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Gag A Gay

Summary is a well designed site which offers a small but exclusive collection of gay gagging image galleries and videos. The guys are well chosen, and the content although slightly limited is produced to a very good quality. It’s a pity the site is not updated that often but if you’re into gay gagging material then you wil certainly enjoy this site. A membership costs $24.95/30days, which is fairly justified considering the access included to the many additional sites accross the network. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is an enjoyable site with a good amount of impressive video content featuring a lovely choice of models. Performances are exciting and scenarios arousing, with plenty of explicit penetration action over a variety exciting niches. You can enjoy young or mature, Asian or threesomes but no matter what category you’ve selected every girl is consistently suitable to the “hairy” niche and theme of the site. The membership costs $29.95/30 days access, which is pretty standard and in my opinion not too bad, when considering the various bonus sites that are included too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

This is an impressive network of sites and a “must have” for anyone that’s into Japanese Hentai porn in my opinion. A membership gets you access to about 50 enjoyable sites, each bringing a good quantity of content that’s been provided to an impeccable standard. Artworks are created by top artists of the niche, this being clear by the fabulous use of colour and imaginative scenarios portrayed in each and every gallery. Movies are available to suit all tastes, with a combination of humorous Flash cartoons as well as full-length explicit episodes, some available to stream, others available to download and there’s no limitations or DRM’s whatsoever. A membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which makes this a pretty great deal, when you consider the amount of content on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

This is possibly one of my favourite sites in this network I have to say, as it offers a fantastic collection of exclusive content provided by some of the top artists in the Hentai world as well as an impressive collection of arousing downloadable Hentai movies. Characters are extremely eye pleasing and performances are explicit and graphic with a combination of girl/girl, boy/girl, shemale, gay and group action incorporated. Downloads are quite speedy and galleries can be saved in zip files too for added convenience. The membership costs about $34.95 a month, this in my opinion being a pretty good deal when you consider what’s on offer here and the many bonus sites that are included too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

As a lover of Hentai and Anime I can only appreciate some of the fantastic content that’s on offer here in this network. A regular monthly fee of just $34.95 can provide you with the most fascinating of hardcore movies, accompanied by outstanding art collections ensuring the most enjoyable experience that any Hentai lover could hope for. Stunning galleries, speedy downloadable movies, comic slideshows and erotic XXX games, accompanied by heaps of other exciting material will leave you highly aroused but exhausted after hours of erotic pleasure, yet still you’ll be wanting more of this little network of goodies. A must have for anyone and everyone in my opinion! Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is an enjoyable site from a fantastic network of Hentai sites, this one in particular not only providing an impressive amount of Hentai galleries and videos, but also having an enjoyable collection of real Asian girl galleries to enjoy too. The real girls and “toon” characters featured on the site are extremely sexy and portrayed in some amazing scenarios and artwork that brings out their inner beauty and sexuality in a fascinating way, and content is of such a standard that well exceeds many of the competitors of the Hentai and Anime niches. Quality here is outstanding at all times, and all this coupled with the quantity of content made available, not to mention the many bonus sites that are included, make this one of my favourite sites and well worth the purchase at $34.95 a month in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Summary is quite an enjoyable site from this network, offering a stunning choice of young Japanese girls captured in an exclusive, but small collection of good quality content. The video content is produced to a very good quality most of the time with erotic scenes of hardcore penetration and so on, however the number of image galleries was disappointing despite the good amount of images in each set. A membership to the site costs $24.95 for 30 days, which I consider to be a pretty good deal considering you get access to over 10 bonus sites across the network.

HotBox Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Hotbox is a DVD site with over 9,500 titles, all just waiting for you to download them - and for as little as $9.95 per month, you’d be a bit of a wally not to at least take a peek! These guys aren’t quite up there with the real big guns just yet, but with such competitive pricing and daily updates, it won’t be long before they catch up. There’s certainly more than enough here to keep the discerning porn buff happy well into the foreseeable future, so if what you’re after is more filth than your penis can keep up with, then Hotbox could very well be the perfect place for you! Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100

This is a really impressive and enjoyable network with plenty on offer to it’s members covering a vast selection of niches. You can enjoy anything from subtle teens right through to fetish hardcore using the same pass codes for a regular monthly fee. Models featured range from stunning teens to raunchy matures again offering such a fine selection and variety to suit most tastes. Videos and picture sets are produced to the highest of standards with well thought out shoots that are taken in attractive locations both indoors and out. All this coupled with the impressive quantity of content provided makes this definitely a network to consider even at the price of $45.89 for 30 days, this admittedly seeming quite high on first impressions, but not such a bad deal when you consider the 42 sites on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

Its clear that a lot of work has gone into however I still find myself rather disappointed with the movie content. I feel that Jayde should pay more attention to what member’s would really want to see, for example, the last thing that turns me on is someone licking a glass dildo for most of a movie clip whilst talking to someone off screen. It’s all a bit impersonal. Maybe some of the other movies get better, but the ones I viewed were like this. Jayde is probably in her mid thirties and as such has a more limited appeal than teen cutie just starting out. However I think the picture galleries are very nice. $24.95 per month is possibly a little high for what’s available. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

Summary is an awesome VOD site offering thousands of exciting titles featuring some of the hottest porn stars captured in outstanding performances. The site provides such a wide variety of niches to include anything from Solo Teens through to Hardcore, Gay, Fetish, Hentai and the list goes on and on. You can choose over a variety of payment methods to include pre paid cards, minute packages, pay by minute, or weekly and monthly purchases, with the cheapest method working out at just 8c per minute, that’s 600 minutes for $49.95. If you enjoy viewing and downloading porn videos on the net then certainly get your fill at this site.

HugeMPEGs Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

One of the best collections of DVD quality full length movies I have seen so far. If you’re a broadband user with a thirst for hardcore video, check out HugeMPEG’s. You won’t be disappointed.

ImLive Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100


Well what can I say, is brilliant. Great design, easy navigation, simple chat interface, large content and excellent support! With so many hosts to choose from you’ll be hard pushed not find what your looking for. With the Celebrity Porn Star feature being launched this site now has everything, and it’s FREE to join! I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing as my first Webcam site, and I would highly recommend people to sign up.

Indian Booty Hunters Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100
Indian Booty Hunters

Summary is very typical of the sites in this particular network. The usual trend here is limited content, average quality streaming videos, no image galleries and no updates, and unfortunately this site offers exactly that. With just 10 videos on the site, none of which can be downloaded, these Indian ladies perform in a mixture of hardcore scenarios with the look of distress on their faces which is a turn off. I would imagine there was no real enjoyment on the part of the actresses whilst filming took place and of course this is reflected in the videos. This network sells itself purely by quantity of sites, and not quality of content. If you are looking for as many sites as you can get for one fee, then it maybe of interest, but if it is quality content I would have to say look elsewhere.

Is it Wet Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100
Is it Wet

Summary is a very odd site indeed. Navigation is a bit of a disaster and even signing up for a membership is confusing. A membership to the site is only available by purchasing each months content individually, each at $11.97/per year, so you have to preview the content for each month on the join page, select which month to purchase and then pay your fee. This seems like a very complicated way of doing things to me. The girls on the site are quite pleasing, all of them Asian and most of them fit, but unfortunately most of them seem unhappy. This aside however, there’s plenty of good quality picture galleries to view, but the videos on the site are extremely disappointing and very short! I’m afraid my overall opinion on this site is not good at all.

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