Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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French e-Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
French e-Girls

OOOOHHH LA LA!!!! Tres slick et tres sexy. This site hosts a great collection of cute French girls with stylish looks. Pictures and videos show solo girls being naughty with fingers, dildos and with toys. If you're looking for something with a bit more flair then this is just up your street. This is truely the creme de la creme!!

FreshAmateurFaces Screenshot
Overall Rating 48/100

The tour here is most certainly misleading, and I believe surfers who sign up for this site based on its promises will be disappointed. The content is mostly licensed movies, and yes they do feature well known faces (at least I have seen them many times elsewhere). Some of the content is not bad at all, although a lot of it is not so great too! At the end of the day the site is not selling itself cheap, at $34.95 this site needs to be superb to justify such a high monthly fee. As it is I would possibly recommend it if the monthly fee was $9.95 a month, but no more. There are far better movie sites for a lot less money. Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100

Had fresh Amateur videos been on its own, and not had a further 54 other adult sites thrown in for the same monthly fee, I would have felt it is a very average collection of video, with nothing that is really exceptional to encourage someone to get their credit card out. However, the other 54 sites are a big bonus and as a complete package I would recommend taking a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is a really enjoyable site from this network, providing a beautiful choice of girls, featured in impressive performances of an explicit nature. Scenes and shoots range from mild nudity and masturbation, through to dildo, lesbian and of course boy/girl, there’s also the odd threesome scenarios available too if you manage to get through the whole site. The site provides plenty of high quality photo sets and nearly 100 videos to enjoy, these being produced to a pretty good quality too, and lasting at least 20 minutes or more on most occasions. Performances are very impressive with well-known models like “Loni”, “Jade” and “Iris Estrada” featured, amongst of course many fresh faces in the business too. The membership costs $29.95/30 days access, which is pretty good in my opinion, especially as you get the many bonus sites included too.

FTVGirls Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100

FTV is on par with SimonsScans and AlsScan as having some of the best looking all exclusive models in one site. If you’ve never heard of FTV, then go along and prepare to be bedazzled. If you have and always wondered what the members area is really like, well its huge, and yes, the girls are just as gorgeous inside as they are on the free side.

Fuck Mature Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Fuck Mature

No prizes for guessing what this one’s all about... mature chicks getting the granny shagged out of them, of course (quite literally)! Part of the Fetish Hits network, Fuck Mature features older ladies of all ages, from the spritely 40-something to grey haired grannies in their twilight years, and it’s about as hardcore as these gals can get without doing themselves a serious mischief! There’s plenty to see and do here, and with access to the other 56 sites in the network, the $29.95 membership fee seems pretty reasonable to me. If you’re a man who enjoys the more experienced woman, this is definitely worth checking out.

Fuck My Flab Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100
Fuck My Flab

This is another charming site (with an equally charming name) from the Hardcore Network family, home to such masterpieces as Attack My Ass and Her Last Fuck. Fuck My Flab, in case you hadn’t already gathered, is dedicated to the wonder that is the BBW, promising obese women weighing 300 to 400 pounds getting it on with skinny guys. Now whilst it may not completely live up to this promise (there are a few suspiciously slimline chicks floating around), all in all, I reckon lovers of real BBWs are going to spend quite a few happy hours in front of their PCs with their pants round their ankles checking this one out! If you’re not a fan of big girls, however, I suggest giving Fuck My Flab a pretty wide berth...

Fuck You Paul Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Fuck You Paul


The fact that you get as a bonus site is a great thing as on its own this site doesn’t quite have the quantity to stand on its own two feet. It’s a shame because the quality is there and the site is designed with some really clever little features (if at times a little redundant). I really liked this site and that was mainly because I could tell that the problems that were present weren’t just because of sheer laziness! Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is a really pleasing site and one that can be thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The site ensures simplicity in navigation at all times and provides an absolutely stunning selection of girls performing in some amazing anal hardcore scenarios. There’s a good variety of both couples and threesome action here, with each being provided to an impressive quality with outstanding performances by all participating. Admittedly content quantity is rather limited at the moment as the site is quite new, created just this year, but the quality of content here is well and truly impressive and it’s clear to see that in time as the site grows it will be up there with some of the best of its kind. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, which is pretty normal for a site of this kind and not a bad deal when you consider what’s on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100

Summary was a huge disappointment to me, as the quantity of exclusive content was very limited with just 10 videos available. The bulk of video content was supplied via bonus sites and links to streaming videos and feeds. More annoyingly was the fact that the only images on the site were from a huge picture archive containing anything but nanny hardcore. What’s more the quality of content was appalling on occasion, with some being rather dated and blurred at times. With the recent HD quality we are seeing more and more now, this site really needs to buck up it’s ideas and get out there shooting some exclusive high quality content, if it’s ever to justify the extortionate membership fee of $39.95/month. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

Whilst porn is generally all about fantasy, here we have a website where the fantasy can become reality. Faye is offering the chance for members of her site not only to meet her, but have sex with her and her friends also. Being quite an attractive girl, I can see Faye’s site becoming very popular. I only hope she can keep up with the number of guys who may find this prospect too appealing to miss out.

Fucking Machines Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Fucking Machines

I was extremely surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this site. Irrespective of the content, is the most informative and complete paysite that I have seen yet. All of the features are well maintained, there is plenty to do and the content is of an excellent quality. Just in case you were unaware, this site is all about specially designed sexual devices of varying appearances that are made to bring women off. This site really is extremely good and I highly recommend that everyone should at least take a look because you may be shocked at how much you like it. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

This is an arousing site from an enjoyable network of adult sites, and if you enjoy old guy/young girl scenarios, then you can’t go far wrong with a membership. The site provides a good amount of explicit hardcore videos with exciting scenarios of one girl and two girl hardcore action. Image galleries are also quite enjoyable too, these together providing an entertaining experience overall. Video quality is quite good most of the time despite the occasional few I noticed, whilst image quality is a little poor if I’m honest, but despite this you get plenty of bonus sites included and access to bonus material for the monthly fee of $29.95/30 days access, this in my opinion being a pretty reasonable deal all in all. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is quite an enjoyable site from an exciting “punk girl style” network. So if you’re into the slightly more unique and wild looking models then this site is definitely one well worth checking out. Admittedly content is a bit thin on the ground here, as with most of the other sites in the network, but altogether you get access to about 7 or 8 sites all for the one monthly fee. The girls here are not only wild and sexy but rather cute and extremely dirty, willing to get down to pretty much anything that takes their fancy, so whether you enjoy oral scenes, penetration, anal or toys, there’s an extremely enjoyable time to be had here by all. The membership costs just $19.99 for 30 days access, which in my opinion is quite a justified rate for what’s on offer here.

Fuckplex Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100

Given the quantity of really great high quality movies here, the superb navigation and design, and nice touches like getting movies sent by post for free, this site has just pipped the post as my most favourite movie site. If you’re looking for porn videos, and want a fantastic choice of them, this is the first site you should look at. And by the way, the tour has lots of free movies clips to download, so go along and take a look now!

Fudge Stick Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Fudge Stick


As far as introducing us porn lovers to the latest amateurs trying to hit the big time, FudgeStick does this pretty well. The design, navigation and layout would all need to be looked at, as well as adding a full length video option, downloadable photo sets and a large image gallery. Apart from these few points the site overall has good content and you also get access to If amateur interracial hardcore action is your thing would be a good place to look, with a few changes this site will definitely be one to look out for!

Fun Brunettes Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Fun Brunettes

Summary in my opinion has almost everything that I would look for in a site, except for blondes! The site offers impressive shoots, top quality content, interesting locations and stunning babes, both amateurs and some well known porn stars. There’s a very good quantity of image galleries featured on the site, along with an awesome collection of exclusive downloadable videos, and in addition to all this the monthly membership of $19.95 includes access to heaps of bonus sites and additional feeds, so if I’m honest, it would be a shame to miss out on this one! Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is an pretty decent facial site from a large network and although exclusive content is a little limited here on this particular site, the whole network provides members with nearly 1000 episodes over a variety of exciting hardcore niches. The girls featured are very carefully selected, and usually well known in the business, each providing impressive and arousing performances of an explicit and hardcore nature. The exclusive “Facials” content is provided to an outstanding quality with well thought out scenarios performed in exciting and unusual settings. The membership costs just $29.97 per month, this a pretty good deal in my opinion when considering the amount of content that’s included overall.

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