Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 82/100

This site is a real pleasure for anyone that enjoys cute and stunning young models captured in both soft and hardcore performances. Scenarios are imaginative and shoots taken in well thought out locations and settings, whilst the girls provide outstanding performances whether it be solo, lesbian or boy/girl action required. The quality of content here is extremely pleasing at all times, this coupled with the quantity of content and the lovely choice of girls making it a definite must see for anyone that’s into these niches. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days, which is pretty standard for this kind of site and well worth consideration in my opinion, when taking into account what’ s on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This is a quite an unusual site staring a pretty hot girl. I love the performances carried out here in the various episodes and just simply wish that there were some partial or full nudity scenes on offer here. I can understand the adoration for fetish and femdom material but I really think that the members here would prefer it to be a little more explicit, after all what’s a bit of face sitting when your wearing jeans? Surely it would be much more enjoyable in a sexy thong or nothing even! Apart from this though, which is a huge issue for me, the content here is enjoyable, produced to a very good quality and offered in numerous formats to suit. The quantity of content again is a bit of a problem for me with just 48 videos and less picture sets to enjoy, however hopefully the site will gradually increase and continue to grow on a weekly basis. This said I think the fee of $25.12 for 30 days is a little steep for what’s on offer at present, come on Katja…get your panties off and give us our monies worth!

Mommy Blows Best Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Mommy Blows Best

A new site from the MY XXX Pass network, Mommy Blows Best features a whole host of the hottest MILFs in porn sucking cock like their lives depend on it. Well designed and packed with features, a membership here will also get you access to the 11 other sites in the network, including Soccer Mom Score, 1000 Facials, Throated and Stuffed Petite. There’s not a huge amount of content on the site as yet, but there is plenty of other smut available on the network to keep you busy between updates, and with this in mind, the $29.95 monthly fee is pretty reasonable, in my opinion. If you’re a fan of older women (as I know many of you are), then this one is definitely well worth a look!

Mommy Loves Cock Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Mommy Loves Cock

As MILF sites go, this is very typical. There is nothing really very new here, of course the content is exclusive and you wont see it anywhere else, but the format of the site is exactly like every other reality site. A few Videos, a few picture sets of the video’s and a new one weekly. Its all very nice, but just not very original. The bonus here is of course here you get 6 other sites thrown in, with completely different themes, so the value for money element is high.

Mommy Loves Monster Cocks Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Mommy Loves Monster Cocks

This site provides a great collection of content, although it is a tad limited in qty. The site combines both the more mature and slightly younger looking moms, however, most prove to be attractive and offer outstanding performances of hardcore penetration action. For anyone who?s into milf and interracial hardcore this site has a great collection on offer. It?s just an awful shame that the collection is so small, despite this though scenarios are exciting, action is arousing and I defy anyone who doesn?t get off on what this site has to offer. Joining will cost you $29.97/30 days access, which admittedly, is pretty steep considering the amount of content on offer, however, this is partially compensated by the various bonus sites that are included in the membership.

Moms Need Cash Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Moms Need Cash

I was very impressed with the presentation of and the surprisingly “attractive” moms are an added bonus! These ladies are a real turn on and some of those videos featured some damn hot action! This site is easy on the eye with a nice interesting selection of content, and featured ladies. The high quality and speed of the movies and images, combined with the ease to navigate around the site gave me the overall impression that this site is certainly enjoyable and well worth a trial if you like the ‘Mum’s Having Sex’ type adult site.

Moms Pleasures Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Moms Pleasures

Summary: has good quality content with both videos and photos being displayed in great resolutions. One thing that the site lets me down on is inconstancy. If you’re going to have videos in segments make it available throughout, if you have great quality photos with thumbnail previews why not have a large image gallery as well. It seems to be for every good there’s a not so good. The site has a simple design and is extremely user friendly. With a 3 day trial only costing $2.95 you should definitely take a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

For those that prefer the slightly more mature lady or fancy a bit of a change from the many teeny themed sites out there, this site offers a pretty exciting choice of models, most of them stunning and still very fit. The content covers an exciting combination of hardcore action with arousing performances and intimate scenes that are well thought out from start to finish. Navigation is simple throughout the site with useful features like zip downloads, a site jump facility, bonus DVD’s and so on. My only gripe with this site is as with all the sites in this network, is there’s an extreme lack of content on offer and with this in mind, despite the good quality of what content there is and good choice of eye candy models on offer, it’s a little overpriced at $29.97/30 days for the stand alone site. However this is compensated by the numerous bonus sites made available to you as a member.

MonsterCockMadness Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

SummaryMonsterCockMadness is just so typical of this kind of site, in that it has a few exclusive videos, and lots of additional content from other sources. The exclusive videos are exceptionally nice, and any lover of big cock sex will no doubt enjoy it as will anyone who loves porn! Its just that, well for me anyhow, this concept is so common now, I think the site is just to similar to hoards of others like it. It’d be nice to see something new. Screenshot
Overall Rating 50/100

Summary is really quite disappointing. There is a selection of nice quality pictures covering various activity, licking, sucking, fucking, hardcore, tit fucks and so on, but there is not enough featuring “big boobs” as the majority of the content is completely unrelated. The quantity of content that exists is OK, but really, nothing spectacular, which at least would have made up for the lack of it. I think that this site has way over inflated it’s membership fee at $39.99 monthly, I think maybe $15.00 per month would have been much more appropriate!

Montreal Dream Screenshot
Overall Rating 49/100
Montreal Dream

Julie’s site is either going to appeal to you because you think she is cute, or not. If the former is the case then I reckon $12.95 for a month’s access is money well spent.

More Gonzo Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
More Gonzo


With a higher price tag than the rest of the Perfect Gonzo series it offers a better update schedule and a great mix of content. This one would be great for someone who loves the Perfect Gonzo sites but wants a bit more variety with their porn. The only problem I see with this one is that you really don’t get much of an archive to speak of, but hey, with a new set every day you are not going to be waiting long for some brand new content. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is an enjoyable site from an interesting and successful little network. Fame Dollars have succeeded in bringing to us an impressive and exclusive video collection over a vast range of soft and hardcore niches, and this site is no disappointment it seems. The site provides a fine selection of Milf models, each of them happy to perform in an explicit video scenario incorporating a wide range of hardcore activity. There’s anything from handjobs through to anal penetration here, all of it performed impeccably with plenty of variety at all times. The women featured here are mostly full bodied and extremely sexy, whilst performances are enjoyable and explicit with absolutely no holes barred. The video content is provided to an impeccable quality, this being consistent throughout then site, all this in my opinion making a membership to the site well worth consideration at $29.95 for the 30 days access.

Movie Room Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Movie Room


Ok, so this site is more expensive than other DVD sites out there, at a price tag of $29.95. But being completely honest I would have no problem paying this for such a great site. The site, well, it just works and the actual content is offered in some well thought out formats as well as the DVDs being picked well and providing a superb range of different niches for you to watch. Also the fact that this site hasn’t just gone with the crowd and thrown every single feature in the book at this site and have actually thought about which ones to implement really does shine through. I can honestly say that I would use every single one!

Mpeg Movie Heaven Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Mpeg Movie Heaven
Mpeg Movie Heaven is a vast adult video download site. For just $29.95 a month you have full access to thousands of DVD quality porn movies for instant downloading.

No need to keep going back to the video store or sending away mail order for your new stash of porn each month. With excellent quality full DVDs added every week, membership to this site will keep your member happy as Larry.

Mr Skin Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Mr Skin Re-Review

Mr Skin is an excellent celebrity themed site. It features an easy to get around collection of some of the best-known names on the planet, and is a thoroughly enjoyable way to while away a few hours. They have daily updates, an often hilarious blog and more celebrity skin than you can shake your stick at – no more waiting for your mates to forward you crappy copies of grainy celeb pics! The best thing though? They're offering full monthly memberships for $14.95! Hurry though, it's strictly a limited time offer, so get in while you can!

My Best Movies Screenshot
Overall Rating 56/100
My Best Movies

Personally I find movies to be far more stimulating than pictures. Sites like this are becoming increasingly popular with the distribution of broadband connections. Overall My Best Movies did the job of providing me with some fine video to get my kicks and I have to admit to logging in several times after doing this review to have another look. I’d happily get my credit card out for the $17.95 monthly membership cost.

My Cute Asian Screenshot
Overall Rating 67/100
My Cute Asian


I don’t think I have ever used the words “but” and “unfortunately” so many times in a review and this pretty much sums this site up. The site shows promise, with a good idea for the site but just not pulling it off. The site design really needs looking at and although you can’t expect too much quality from the user submitted content, they could at least have got the DVD section right.

My Friends Hot Mom Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
My Friends Hot Mom

It takes a lot to be a top site in the older female niche of the adult site world. My Friends Hot Mom is a site that will please any MILF fan. You will have a hard job finding a better site in this niche. With so much content and great looking mom’s, this site is 100% worth taking a trial on!

My Glamour Site Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
My Glamour Site

We previously reviewed this site when it was known as Evelyn’s Glamour, back in 2007. Since then, they’ve not only had a name change, but also a complete change of image - no longer a solo girl site, this is now a fully fledged nude art site, complete with no less than 105 models, 481 photo sets, and 171 movies! Compared to the 5 movies that were available last time this is a big improvement, to say the least. Navigation is also much simpler, and photo and video quality has improved across the board - all in all, if you’re a lover of the female form, and like beautiful European girls, then you could do a lot worse than this site. They’re also offering a month’s membership for only $19.95 for a limited period only, so now is definitely a good time to take a look see!

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