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Overall Rating 75/100

This could be a really enjoyable site, and a very impressive one over time if content is increased dramatically. The girls featured here are young and sexy, and provide impressive performances with absolutely no holes barred. Both videos and picture sets are provided to a very impressive quality at all times and thereís plenty of variety on offer here too, with each video providing anything from hand jobs and blowjobs, through to amazing anal penetration performances. The membership costs $24.95 for 30 days access, this being a little steep for whatís on offer here if Iím honest, however thereís a few bonus sites included too, these over a variety of niches, thus bulking up the quantity of content and making the spend a little more justified. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

Summary is a very entertaining site with some very explicit TS material inside. With almost all the content being 100% exclusive to the site, and both the picture galleries and movies being decent quality it a real pleasure to view itís content. Although this is not really my kind of site, it is right up there when it comes to quality, performance and exclusivity, so yes, I found myself very impressed with this one! A full membership to this site will set you back $29.95 for 30 days membership which isnít a bad deal at all.

Phat White Booty Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100
Phat White Booty

Summary is an entertaining site which has a reasonable amount of good quality video content on offer. However, despite the promise that you can download the movies I could only stream the content. I am unsure whether this was a temporary problem or something caused by my setup but it should be taken into account prior to taking out a membership to the site. The video content on the site is of a high quality otherwise, although on occasion the backgrounds and settings can seem a little drab and boring. This aside, the hardcore performances are well shot and feature some great looking girls and if youíre into interracial sex then they are almost sure to satisfy. The membership costs $29.97/30 days, which is a little high in my opinion, however you do get many bonus sites included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

It has to be said that this site is one of my favourites in this extensive network so far, as itís clear that it offers a better quality of content, more exciting scenarios with scenes taken outdoors and in, and at last a huge improvement on the accompanying picture sets, which look like well thought out photo shoots that have been taken in attractive locations, unlike the usual ďvideo stillsĒ on the various other sites in the network! My only disappointment with the site is the lack in quantity with just 22 girls featured, however hopefully this will grow rapidly over time and in the meantime thereís plenty of bonus content included, making the membership fee of $29.97/30 days a pretty nice deal overall.

Play-Sex-Game Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100


This site is a nice idea but unfortunately it has not been pulled of very well and it just ended up annoying me no end and crashing my PC twice. If you are thinking about joining this site make sure you have a high spec PC and the patience of a saint. It might be worth trying out the free demo if you are at all interested in the idea because you never know you might have more luck than I did and for only $29.95 for 60 days and $34.95 for a whole year it might provide you with some entertainment (we certainly had a good giggle playing about with it).

Porn Star XS Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Porn Star XS


There has obviously been a lot of thought put into this site and it really shows through. They have really put some effort in and have not just knocked up a site to try and make a fast buck like so many other sites that I have to review. There are some great features available on this site and once all of the bugs are worked out I would recommend this site to any one that wants a really good mix of DVDs with a nice lot of new ones being added all the time.

Premium Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 88/100
Premium Pass

Premium Pass is a multi-site network that offers fantastic quality content and some of the biggest names in the business. Home to many official porn star sites, as well as plenty of hardcore niche sites, if youíre a fan of hot women in straight up hardcore action, youíll not be disappointed. I really couldnít find much to complain about with this one - navigation is simple, thereís a load of content, and for just $2.95 for trial membership, it seems to be a bit of a no brainer as far as Iím concerned!

Prime Cups Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Prime Cups


As expected another great site from Perfect Gonzo but was disappointed to see them still lacking in features in the photo department. The videos, as usual were amazing and the women with their massive mammories canít fail to disappoint. So if you have enjoyed other members of the Perfect Gonzo family, then this one is certainly worth a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

This is a very impressive site for any porn DVD lover out there, as quality, choice and value are the three things that immediately spring to mind here. Thereís a vast archive covering almost every possibly niche over 50 categories in total, each offering a good choice of video scenes to enjoy that are provided to an outstanding quality. The image galleries on the site, though a little limited in quantity, are an added bonus, as most sites of this kind would usually have no galleries at all. It seems that these guys offer a little something to please all, not to mention a fantastic choice of performers, to include amazing models like Aneta Keyes, Lilliane Tiger and Lucy Lee amongst many other well-known favourites. A membership to the site costs just $9.95/30 days access, this giving you unlimited downloads, thus making it a pretty good deal and definitely one not to miss! Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100

Summary is a site worth looking at if youíre into big tits and meaty asses! Many of the girlís are hot and their is some excellent softcore and hardcore action to be seen. Although not a huge site, it does feature all its own (exclusive) content, and all shot by one chap! The biggest issue with it is the fact they have stopped you downloading images to your harddrive. This is a big negative! Despite the high quality of content, it does seem a little limited in terms of quantity at present, with this in mind I feel that the fee of $29.95 for 30 days is over priced for the amount of content on offer. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an enjoyable site featuring a stunning selection of middle eastern models. The site provides an extensive collection of picture galleries and videoís considering the niche covered and captures some amazing hardcore performances that are sure to impress. The content provided here is of the highest standards with high res image galleries and HD videos to enjoy, thus offering crystal clear viewing. A membership to the site costs $29.95/30 days access, this in my opinion being a pretty good deal and pretty standard for a site of this kind, especially when you consider the niches covered and the various bonus sites that are included in the deal.

Retro Raw Screenshot
Overall Rating 43/100
Retro Raw


This site lacks any features or options that you would expect on most video sites nowadays. The site also lacks a decent amount of content and really wonít keep you amused too long. Retro Raw is good if you are after a bit of nostalgia but to be honest you would do better signing up to DVD Box where they have a classic section as well as a great selection of other DVDs to keep you amused.

Screw Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100


Against tough competition I walked away from this site rather impressed. The site is well built and looks fantastic and on top of this the range of different download options far surpasses anything I have ever seen. The site is only let down by the comparatively small DVD library but, letís be honest, when are you ever going to get through 550 DVDs anyway. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

Summary is a great site with a mixture of good quality content over a wide variety of hardcore scenarios. With well over 10,000 exclusive images to view and over 500 exclusive videos to download, the site provides many hours of entertainment. The site displays many erotic scenes of interracial sex and a wide variety of sexual activity mostly featuring the sexy Raven Black, who has a gorgeous body and is more than willing to participate in anything. I found this site to be extremely enjoyable! The membership starts at $24.95 for 30 days access if paying by credit card, which isnít too bad considering the amount of content on offer. Definitely worth taking a look! Screenshot
Overall Rating 52/100

Summary has a number of fundamental flaws, in both design, layout and content (or lack of it). Despite this, the content that exists is exciting, of good quality and very explicit. The many leased ďbonusĒ galleries of different categories on the site do little to alleviate this, although I do understand it helps bump their figures on the sites tour. The unjustifiable monthly membership fee of $39.99 per month is actually laughable. Sorry chaps, just telling it as it is.

Suck It You Whore Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Suck It You Whore


With such a vast library of DVDs on file, in fact 2216, this site has to have one of the biggest out there on the net. Ok so the content quality isnít quite up to the standard that you would usually expect but then if you are willing to sacrifice some of this for the quantity then this site will be a life long friend; as you will be very hard pushed to get through this lot and if you do then you might want to consider seeking help!

Ten (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Ten (Updated)

Summary is a great movie site with some excellent content, and it gives you access to 11 other sites with your membership! If you want a good mix of hardcore content from top name studios, plus a site that is technologically on the cutting edge then I would definitely suggest giving this one a look. We initially reviewed in 2007, and since then, loads of changes have been made - in some ways this is great, but itís a bit of a shame to see some of the old features disappearing. Thankfully though, theyíve been considerate and kept the old Ten design there behind the scenes, so if youíre really not into the new look, just click the ĎOld Tení button on the navigation bar!

***Update: was originally reviewed in August 2007 - since then, the site has been completely redesigned, so we've updated our review and scores accordingly!***

Third Movies (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 92/100
Third Movies (Updated)


Originally Reviewed 19/04/2007

With a $29.95 membership not only offering Third Movies, but also the amazing ZTOD and Black Ice, this site was always going to be a winner. This site doesnít just copy the winning formula of ZTOD either, and brings some new ideas and options to the table. The video quality on offer is simply superb and will not disappoint. I can, without hesitation, recommend this site to anyone who wants to see some decent hardcore porn in the setting of a site that is going to make it so much more of a pleasurable experience.

**UPDATE as of 27/02/2009 - the site has had more features added, including a fantastic 1920x1080 H.264 download option, and their content has grown considerably - features, review text and scores have been updated accordingly!**

Tit Anime Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Tit Anime


With loads of content on offer this site will keep you occupied for a hell of a long time. This site also offers a really extensive help system as well as providing help links as you navigate around the site. Yeah ok so this site isnít the best looking site in the world and yeah the content could do with a super high quality option just to keep up with the Jonesís as such. But if you are after some decent anime porn and want to jump straight into the action then this one is well worth a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

My visit to this site was an extremely enjoyable one, and the site comes very highly recommended in my opinion. The choice of models here is a very impressive one, with almost every transsexual featured being very easy on the eye and bringing an amazing and erotic performance in the content she appears in. Scenarios are varied and very explicit, with video and picture quality being impeccable at all times. Quantity is a little limited if Iím honest, however many other sites tend to struggle for such content of this particular, ďtranssexualĒ niche, but in addition, thereís the PPV Theatre to enjoy too, this offering heaps of additional scenes but at an extra cost. The standard monthly membership costs about $29.95, which is pretty typical and considered reasonable, in comparison to most other sites of this kind.

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