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Amateur Facials Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Amateur Facials

You cannot compare this site to CrazyCumSluts which we reviewed recently. This one is much better. All exclusive content, great quality photo sets, much more content in both video and also picture sets, and superb dialog and interaction between model and photographer/videographer make this a really great site all round. Highly recommended to anyone, even if cum shots are not your only interest.

Amateur Galore Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100
Amateur Galore

A lot of the girls featured on the site were quite familiar and have been featured on many other sites on the net, however the site does provide content of many fresh faces too. The image quality is impressive most of the time, but I noticed video quality can be a not so great on occasion, but scenes offer interesting scenarios and plenty of exciting hardcore action. The site offers a choice of membership options from a 1day trial to a 30 day full membership at $19.95. I found this to be pretty good value considering the amount of exclusive content and bonus content included in the membership.

Amateur Upskirts Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Amateur Upskirts

A very nice collection of amateur material put together by one guy who clearly has a passion for what he produces. Video and image quality is excellent, although bigger images would have been nicer. The choice of girls is great and the footage well captured. Great stuff, certainly the best Up-Skirts site I have seen to date. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is quite an enjoyable site with a pretty good amount of content on offer, both image galleries and videos. The site concentrates mostly on solo girl content, combining nudity, masturbation and dildo performances that are enjoyable and explicit. Content is mostly exclusive although there are numerous sets that I have seen before on the various others sites on the Net, but despite this thereís plenty of variety on offer and shoots are impressive and well thought out most of the time. Content dates back to 2004 right up to the present day, thus giving a lovely choice of models and plenty of variety at all times. Content quality overall is pretty good despite the videos in the smaller size being a little poor on occasion, but the membership costs just $14.95 for 30 days access, which in my opinion is a very good deal when you consider whatís on offer here and the various bonus content available. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is a very interesting network of sites offering plenty of variety with a good choice of girls featured, gives its members an explicit collection of hardcore videos incorporating pretty much anything and thereís a little bit of lesbian action here too. Both videos and accompanying photo sets are produced to an very high quality but itís a pity that the quantity of content is a little limited at the moment, however this is partly overcome by the many bonus sites you get included in the membership, so this is a pretty good deal all things considered. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

This site threw me a little as itís name and tour homepage suggests images and performances of amateur girls, with hairy pussies, midgets, ugly guys and so on. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock whilst going through the galleries, to come across well known stunners like Nautica Thorn, Iris Estrada, Lexi and Loni plus various others, all of them photographed in amazing shoots of lesbian, threesomes, dildo and penetration performances. These girls are far from amateur, have bodies nearing perfection and have performed impeccably in the industry over many years, in fact itís an insult to them, to be appearing on this site at all in my opinion. This content aside though, the site would have just 72 galleries to offer instead of itís 300 plus so you can see why its there. The video content on the other hand lives up to my expectations, featuring the same old fat man, getting as many free rides as he can, in the majority of the video archives. However scenes are enjoyable if you like this sort of thing, with most of the girls being pretty cute, and providing excellent performances throughout each scene. The membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access, this almost being justified considering thereís some pretty hot babes featured here on the site.

AmateurVoy.Com Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Iím pleased to say Iím impressed at AmateurVoyís efforts to produce an easy to use, and substantial website featuring Amatuer material. Although not emphasizing exclusivity, it is a complete and well thought through website, which given time will grow into an outstanding website. The movies are diverse enough to keep anyone happy, and the picture sets chosen for the cute girls and superb picture quality. And the really cool thing is there isnít a plug-in gallery to be seen. So all the content here is added by the webmasters. Nice job!

Amazing Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 67/100
Amazing Pass


I donít usually like multi password sites and unfortunately this one is no different. It is riddled with the same problems that most of them suffer from, lack of features and choices, mini sites on offer rather than fully fledged sites and problems with a fair few of the sites on offer. Unfortunately this site makes a lot of promises in its tour and breaks a fair few of them, the content isnít all that bad but I would hold off joining until they can live up to their hype.

Ambers Amateur Hardcore Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100
Ambers Amateur Hardcore

Take a look at the tour; if you like the look of Amber, youíll love this site. If you donít, there is little point in joining, as most of the other content is accessible at a 100 other websites.

American Catfighting Screenshot
Overall Rating 31/100
American Catfighting

Being frank, this isnít a brilliant collection of photo and video relating to Catfighting. The initial fee of $9.95 is quite low, and it is probably worth a membership if you are really into seeing two girls fighting with no clothes on, but the fee jumps up to $19.95, and at that cost, with only a couple of new sets added every month, retaining a membership cannot be justified.

American Kittens (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
American Kittens (Updated)

American Kittens lacks design flair, and professionalism, but saying that it is easy to navigate. The video content can be disappointing with some scenes being poor in quality, and offering very little action, however the exclusive picture galleries are high quality and feature a sweet bunch of girls, captured in both indoor and outdoor locations. The membership to the site is around $32/30 days, which is, in my opinion too high. There are still better Teen Themed sites around for the same price or even less. There maybe some exclusive content here that you may just have to see, but as a general all round Teen site, this one misses the mark.

** The site has undergone a bit of a member's area overhaul, and as such, Ratings, Features and some information in the original review have been updated - the site was originally reviewed on 06/06/2007 ** Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

This site considers itself to be one of the best ďBiĒ sites on the net, and although I feel this is a tad optimistic, given that thereís such a limited amount of content on offer here, there maybe be a glimmer of hope for this one in the future. However thereís quite a lot of input needed In order to achieve this I think! The site provides a lovely choice of models, both guys and girls, and if persuaded to go a little more harder, with DP threesome performances etc, episodes could be so much more enjoyable and varied. This, coupled with a rapid growth of exclusive content and larger high quality image galleries instead of screenshots would make this site a possibility for my favourites list, but until then I shall await with baited breathe I feel.

AmKingdom's ATK Galleria Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
AmKingdom's ATK Galleria

This is one of the most complete porn websites youíll ever come across in the Co-ed and amateur category. The picture galleries are without doubt the most impressive part of this site, and the movies are a welcome addition. Navigation is straightforward, so you should have no problem finding the section youíre looking for. Being very picky, I was a little disappointed to see older material had been removed. (I wonder what happened to it?), but apart from this the quality and exclusivity of the content makes this one of the best sites in its genre.

Anabolic Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Summary is the home of Anabolic Digital studios, one of Americaís best loved purveyors of filth. Packed to the rafters with all of their hardcore DVDs and featuring pornstars like Gianna Michaels, Alexis Texas, Sasha Grey and more, the site offers great quality content at a fair price. I did have a few gripes with functionality and download options, but overall, this site is definitely a must for Anabolic Digital fans, and American hardcore lovers in general. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Ana Fey is a extremely sexy girl, and her site is an excellently put together collection of images and video. In all aspects there is little to complain about, both images and video are high quality, the content is well produced, and the addition of 4 bonus sites thrown in for the same fee is a bonus. The only downside here is the initial membership fee. At $34.95 this site is pricing itself above some of the best adult sites on the internet, and as such is not so great in terms of value for money.

Anal Inspection Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100
Anal Inspection

Summary is rather confusing on first impressions, my overall opinion is that there is very little exclusive content, and very little anal content featured on this particular site, however there are various links to other sites in the memberís area that do provide much more anal content. This aside, the site provides a reasonable amount of video content and plenty of fun activities to enjoy, but some of the girls I noticed tend to be models dating back to the earlier internet days, captured in familiar shoots seen in many other places on the Net. The quality of video content is quite good considering, with exciting performances and erotic scenes, but the quality of the image galleries was very poor most of the time. All of this in mind, I feel that the membership fee of $39.95 per month is way over priced for what these guys have on offer.

Anal Sex Lessons Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Anal Sex Lessons

A real nice Anal Sex site, which features good quality video, and plenty of bonus content. The movie content is clearly the main reason to join, the picture content really being just a bonus. But the fantastic range of additional content makes up for the lack of decent images. A low cost trial option is offered, but watch the monthly recurring fee of $39.73. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

This site was a real pleasure to review featuring an exciting choice of girls with absolutely no morals whatsoever it seems. Scenarios have been well thought out providing an enjoyable combination of anal fetish action with a mixture of solo, lesbian, boy/girl and threesome performances. For anyone thatís into anal experimentation this site could be quite an eye opener and could possibly offer a bit of encouragement to the curious or potential anal fetish lover. The membership costs $29.95/month, which I feel is quite a good deal considering the entire network is available to you. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

Summary is is pretty decent site for anyone looking for good quality footage of cute girls having anal sex. The content is raw and professional offering good variety, impressive anal penetration performances, stunning girls and importantly, outstanding quality of video and picture content. The only downside it perhaps that it would be nice to see a little more content on offer in this particular, but with the amount of bonus sites included in a membership, the site is well worth checking out. The membership fee is about $29.99 per month, which is good value when you consider how much you get across all the sites in the network and the quality of footage. Recommended! Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

If youíre into the Anal niche and enjoy seeing sexy young models getting their sweet asses pounded, and you dont mind the fact that the models dont get fully naked, then this site may be for you. Unfortunately the site is fairly new and provides a limited amount of videos and pictures at the moment, these provided by just 24 sexy models, but this aside, the quality of content is impressive, scenarios not bad and the girls provide realistic performances throughout each scene. Now if they would only take there bloody clothes off all would be soo much better!

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