Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Public Nude Sluts Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Public Nude Sluts


A fairly good public nudity site which has a great update schedule; therefore with time it will have a good amount of content. The site does need some work with parts of it not yet working and a distinct lack of options and features in places. Also with a download limit of 400 mb, and the videos being stupidly big in size for the length, you may come across problems.

Public Nudity Exposed Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100
Public Nudity Exposed

Public Nudity Exposed is not the best Outdoor Nudity site I have seen. It features relatively little public nudity content, although, overall as a package does feature a lot of “off niche” content also. My guess is someone coming to the site is going to be looking for top notch Outdoor nudity, and this site has too little of this to recommend it.

Public Sex Adventures Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100
Public Sex Adventures

Public Sex Adventures is a fairly new site from WTF Network that features hot Euro girls having steamy sex outdoors. Based around the exploits of one lucky guy and his camera, there is plenty of exclusive hardcore public action on offer and the models are all gorgeous! Members also get access to the other 6 sites in the network, so although the $34.95 membership fee may initially seem steep, it’s pretty fair taking into account the extra content that you’ll be getting. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary is a real pleasure in my opinion, I never would have thought that a flasher or voyeur site would be so interesting and so much fun to watch. Despite the movies being soft nude and quite subtle there’s still an erotic and naughty side to them. In addition the site contains some more explicit picture galleries which contain some insertions, dildo play and peeing shots too! The girls on the site are well chosen, not only do they have great bodies, but they have ‘character’ and know how to have fun. The footage comes across as genuinely unplanned, and even the way some of the public respond to the flashers provides some hilarious scenarios which are sure to have you keel over with laughter, as I did. A membership to the site starts at about $25.00 per month which is well worth it, baring in mind the quality and content on offer along with the huge amount of bonus content provided for the same fee.   Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

This is an extremely enjoyable site and it was a real pleasure to review. Puma is a stunning model, and a real treat for any lover of huge breasts and fit mature women. Her performances are impeccable and highly arousing and she’s very happy when she’s in front of the camera, whether she’s working solo, or accompanied by a guy, a girl or in a group performance. Her site provides a vast archive of content for this kind of site, with the quality of content being pretty impressive throughout. The membership costs $29.95 on a monthly basis, which is very good in my opinion, especially when you consider you get the various bonus sites included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 59/100

This site was a huge let down to me unfortunately. The inviting Tour really encourages access into the member’s area, I was expecting so much more, but looking through the site I noticed videos were for streaming only, galleries were simply video stills and just 3 of them, and there’s no bonus material on offer at all unless you pay extra for it in the movie theatre. I also found that video content was rather boring, very little penetration action, from what I could see, just guys getting their asses spanked mostly, which of course can become a tad tedious. All this in mind, I feel that the membership of $35.99/30 Days Access is way over the top and the site will need to improve in many ways before this can become a little more of a justified spend. Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

This is a thoroughly enjoyable site, providing a stunning and unique choice of UK girls that has been professionally photographed in well thought out scenarios. Content is soft glamour mostly, and is produced to an impeccable quality throughout, and even the video content although extremely limited at present, offers crystal clear viewing throughout each scene. The site is easy to use and inviting, yet thorough, with each girl having a model bio and so on. Updates could do with being a little more consistent lately and the video content is desperately in need of growth, but all things considered this site proves to be high on my list of favourites and is pretty reasonable at $24.95 for 30 days, in my opinion. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

This site will be a real pleasure for anyone that’s into this particular niche, that is, who enjoy powerful women humiliating and torturing weak willed men or men that like to be submissive. The site features an good selection of women, none of them stunning, in fact most fitting the bill, and being quite frightening and rather intimidating by appearance. Scenes are performed in exciting and freaky dungeon like settings with equipment for torture, tethering and other forms to this nature, whilst the action that’s carried out is not only a bit of an eye opener but highly entertaining and for many, even arousing. As one would expect with this niche the amount of content is quite limited unfortunately, however there’s plenty of bonus feeds available on the site, not to mention the many bonus sites included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

This is a very impressive site for a solo site, well exceeding many others of it’s kind in my opinion when it comes down to content quantity. Both picture sets and videos are provided to an impressive quality at all times and there’s plenty of variety on offer. Admittedly the content here is of a rather subtle nature with most shoots and videos providing only tit massage and partial nudity, but if anyone can get away with it this girl can, as she’s extremely eye pleasing and has a likeable personality to go with it. There’s a little bit of bonus stuff thrown into the deal too, altogether making the site well worth consideration in my opinion, despite the rather high membership fee of $34.99 a month.

Pussy Foot Girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Pussy Foot Girls

Summary is an attractive but simply designed site offering a very impressive collection of exclusive videos. My compliments go out to the person that selected the girls featured on this site, as most of them are stunning and do excellent performances in which they really look like they are enjoying what they are doing. There’s a reasonable amount of videos on offer and the quality is second to none but it’s just unfortunate that the images provided are only video stills and not proper high res images as mentioned on the join page. A membership can be purchased at $29.97/month, which I feel is a little high, however you do get many bonus sites thrown in which makes it a reasonable purchase overall.

Pussy Pinata Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
Pussy Pinata

Summary was well worth a visit if only because the girls are stunning throughout the site. The site combines a good mixture of one girl, two girl and even three girl fuck scenarios in an great variety of hardcore scenes. A membership to the site is $30.00 per month and includes access to a good amount of bonus content, so all in all, I think this one is well worth a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

This is a very impressive site for any porn DVD lover out there, as quality, choice and value are the three things that immediately spring to mind here. There’s a vast archive covering almost every possibly niche over 50 categories in total, each offering a good choice of video scenes to enjoy that are provided to an outstanding quality. The image galleries on the site, though a little limited in quantity, are an added bonus, as most sites of this kind would usually have no galleries at all. It seems that these guys offer a little something to please all, not to mention a fantastic choice of performers, to include amazing models like Aneta Keyes, Lilliane Tiger and Lucy Lee amongst many other well-known favourites. A membership to the site costs just $9.95/30 days access, this giving you unlimited downloads, thus making it a pretty good deal and definitely one not to miss!

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