Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Overall Rating 79/100

This site was a real pleasure to view for me as this girl really is gorgeous. Stunning looks, cute smile, lovely tits and the sweetest little butt, what more could you possibly want. Thereís a pretty good amount of content on offer here, especially for a solo site, and I would possibly go as far as saying that this is one of my fave solo sites so far in comparison to most out there. Picture sets although soft in nature, are of a very high quality and very enjoyable, whilst the videos provide arousing and exciting performances, thanks to a very well chosen model. The membership is $24.99 for 30 days, which in my opinion is well worth it for this little Brazilian gem! Be sure to check out that shower scene!

Angels Of Porn Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Angels Of Porn

Angels of Porn is a straightforward site with loads of top-notch young women (Angels, if you like) in bloody good exclusive hardcore movies.

Angels Pantyhose Heaven Screenshot
Overall Rating 42/100
Angels Pantyhose Heaven

Summary Angel is giving an impression that this is an adult website, but with zero nudity, and only a few suggestive pictures, it would make good material for Pretty Pollyís next trade catalogue. The site is new, very new. A total of 475 pictures is just too low to constitute ďpaidĒ access. There are plenty more pantyhose sites out there with some much better looking girls and many far more explicit pictures. Not recommended. Sorry Angel.

Angie XXX Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Angie XXX

Angie XXX gets a clear and concise thumbs up from me. There are superb pideo and pictures - and lots of them. The fact being youíre unlikely ever to have seen these girls elsewhere, and never will, makes this one of the best amateur sites I have seen so far. Almost entirely comprised of exclusive material, apart from a few plug-in video feeds, this site is excellent value for money. At $18.95, this site deserves to be recognised.

Anilos Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
Anilos Re-Review

Anilos is a site dedicated to Ďmature women of interestí, and as we all know, thereís nothing more interesting than a gorgeous MILF! We first looked at the site back in 2008 when it was a mere fledgling, and great things were predicted - I can now confirm that we werenít wrong in our initial review, as this site is quite simply off the scale! Those of you who appreciate the beauty and experience that the older woman brings to the table (or bed, or sofa, or sun lounger by the pool... you get the picture) will be in heaven here. Not only is the site crammed to the rafters with a bevy of super-hot sexpots, there are also tons of extra features that truly set this one apart from the competition. Follow me, if you will... Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Iím a great lover of Anime and Hentai and enjoy loosing myself in a world of erotic fantasy with awesome 3D graphics and artwork that can only be appreciated. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed some of the content and gallery themes on this site, however content quantity is a little limited and itís an awful shame that you donít get a collection of videos to enjoy too, this aside though image quality is impeccable and navigation around the site is simple and inviting, but I do feel that a membership is to high at $35.17/30 days, considering whatís on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

I found this site to be quite enjoyable but not quite as large as I had first expected. There were also only 85 picture sets on the site, despite the tour page stating over 500 sets, which was slightly misleading. This aside though, thereís some pretty unique picture sets on offer here with stunning 3D models featured in nudity, masturbation and penetration action. Some sets are totally freaky with alien sex, bondage, skeleton sex and all sorts so itís quite weird on occasion. Image quality is impressive most of the time in fairness despite the odd blunder, but all in all itís not the best Anime site Iíve seen and I feel itís bit overpriced at $39.33 for 30 days access, especially as thereís no bonus sites or content included in the membership.

Anonymous Fantasy Screenshot
Overall Rating 52/100
Anonymous Fantasy
And now, time for something a little bit differentÖ

Anonymous Fantasy showcases naked lady pictures and video with the difference being that there identities stay completely undisclosed. The photos are either taken neck down or the model wears some kind of scarf to conceal her face.

Ariel Rebel Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Ariel Rebel

Summary is an interesting site which features a most gorgoeus girl in an impressive and exclusive collection of image galleries. There are also many videos featured on the site, but unfortunately I experienced a few problems when trying to download them, making it impossible to comment on the quality and performance of each. This aside, the image galleries on the site provide interesting and exciting snaps taken in a variety of both indoor and outdoor scenarios. Content is both soft and explicit with image quality being impressive throughout. Take a look, Ariel is hot!

Asha Kumara Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Asha Kumara


I really liked this site and would thoroughly recommend it to any one that likes the looks of the model Asha. The site is well designed and I failed to find any faults. Asha is a great model and although she isnít what I look for I am sure that a lot of you will like the look of her. Yeah ok, so the content does need some bulking up and a forum would be good to see, but apart from that an all round great solo site.

Ashley Renee Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
Ashley Renee

This is an authentic bondage site featuring Playboy centrefold and Best Bondage Model award winner Ashley Renee. Itís very much a personal solo site, and gives members a real insight into the somewhat turbulent life of a true submissive bondage model - from her gorgeous photosets and kinky movies to her heartfelt diary entries, leggy lovely Ashley lays herself wide open (literally!) for the world to see. Although not exactly packed to bursting point with content, thereís still plenty to see here, and for a paltry $19.95 per month, those of you who are truly into the lifestyle should most definitely sign up, immediately! Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

This is a pretty good site for a solo site featuring a cute young redhead whoís pretty much up for anything. The site combines a good variety of soft and hardcore content with a bit of mild lesbian too. The big disappointment with this site though is the movies, as thereís very few available here and the quality is rather poor, however the picture galleries on the other hand are provided to quite a good quality with enjoyable themes and settings. Once again though content is slightly limited but if the updates continue to be on a regular basis then hopefully the monthly fee will become a little more justified over time. The membership costs $29.99/month, which is a little steep at present but partially compensated by the 7 bonus sites included. Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a definite must see for anyone out there with an adoration for wild and stunning young blondes. For a personal site in my opinion this site well exceeds many others of itís kind, with Ashleyís amazing and varied performances, the numerous niches covered, solo, lesbian, boy/girl and threesomes, and the impeccable quality of content on offer thatís consistent throughout the site, all this together, making the site a real pleasure to endure and money well spent at $29.95/month. The amount of content on offer here is also very good, not to mention the various bonus sites that are included in with the deal. Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100

After an exciting tour page featuring a rather unique choice of girl I was both surprised and slightly disappointed to simply find a shared members area with another site, however Ashtynn is not exactly a stunner so itís not entirely a bad thing in hind site, as you get to enjoy many other pretty girls that are featured here. Altogether the site provides quite a good choice of girls and good variety of both picture and video content covering both subtle and slightly harder material at times. The membership costs $29.51/30 days access, which is not too bad I guess, considering the reasonable amount of content here and the many other girls featured on the site.

Asian Nudes Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100
Asian Nudes
Asian Nudes is a brand new site offering an already impressive amount of exclusive Asian content.

The girls that feature prolifically on this site are young, svelte Asian girls with an affiliation to hardcore action. Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100

This is an amazing site and one that I took great pleasure in viewing. The girls featured here are clearly chosen from some of the finest in the business, some of the hottest Asian girls Iíve seen, each of them being extremely comfortable in front of the camera and happy to appear in some of the most explicit and impressive hardcore performances possible. Thereís everything you could imagine here, from masturbation and foreplay, to pee drinking, threesomes, raw anal action and the list goes on. Videos are provided to an outstanding quality and this seems to be consistent at all times, despite whether you select the high or standard quality to view. Picture galleries where available are also of an outstanding quality with some amazing close up penetration shoots that have been well thought out. The membership costs $39.00 for 30 days access, which admittedly seems pretty high on first impressions, however if youíre into Asian girls in explicit hardcore performances then youíd be a fool to miss out on this one, it has to be said! Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

This is probably one of the better sites from this network, providing a cute selection of young Asian models that are more willing to take it in every hole possible. Performances are great from scene to scene incorporating a wide variety of hardcore action combining both twosome and threesome scenarios. Videos are provided to an impressive quality most of the time and prove to be very entertaining from start to finish, however picture sets as with most on these sites were a disappointment to me. All in all though this is a very enjoyable network, covering a variety of differing niches, and although content is a little limited on most sites, together they bulk up to make a pretty reasonable purchase overall at $29.97/30 days. Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100

This could be quite an enjoyable site if it wasnít for the extreme lack of content available here. Based on the girls featured here and the impressive hardcore performances on offer from one video scene to the next, itís an awful shame that quantity could be allowed to let the site down. Video quality is impressive at all times with a choice of formats to suit, and similarly the image quality is also very good from set to set. It must be said though that there are 13 sites included in the membership, this partially compensating for the lack of content available here, altogether helping to make a purchase a little more justified, all things considered. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Summary is a pretty darn classy site being professionally designed and featuring some really great Asian content. Itís packed with nothing but stunning Asian beauties inside. Navigation is simplicity itself. The excellent content is both erotic and very entertaining providing a mixture of solo, lesbian, boy/girl or threesome sex with plenty of xxx hardcore action involved. There are plenty of close up shots provided in both the movies and the images and the quality of content is great! Thereís also quite a wide selection of girlís, so if youíre into Asian girls this is definitely a site to see. The fee on this site is $24.95 for 30 days recurring.

Ass Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

This is an exciting site featuring cute amateur girls performing in amazing and erotic scenes of big butt hardcore action. The site combines an attractive layout and simple navigation throughout. Video quality is impeccable no matter which format you choose to use, and it seems that plenty of choice and options have been given to suit most needs and requirements. Image size if Iím honest is a little small however, with the limited size of 700 x 468 or thereabouts, but quality is still impressive and image content is well worth perusing through despite this, with performances taking place in imaginative locations both indoors and out. The membership costs just $24.95/month, which is pretty good in my opinion, despite the lack of content on offer here, as you do get the various bonus sites included in the fee.

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