Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Lube My Tits Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100
Lube My Tits

No prizes for guessing what this oneís all about thenÖ If you like breasts, youíll like this site - if you like big breasts covered in lubricant and wrapped around thrusting male appendages, youíll love this site. Itís pretty much as simple as that really! Lube My Tits isnít officially launched until December, so is currently a little lacking in content - still, what is there is surely a boob manís dream! Iíll make a prediction that this oneís going to become pretty popular within the next year or so - there are a lot of big titty sites out there, but Iím loving the lube concept - these guys (along with the bosoms that they promote) certainly stand out in the crowd!

Lulu Sex Bomb Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100
Lulu Sex Bomb

Lulu Sex Bomb is a solo site that features a gorgeous Thai girl (yup, you guessed it, Lulu), and her naughty exploits. If youíre a lover of Westernised Asian women, itís well worth giving this one a look - Lulu is tanned, toned, tattooed and endowed with a pair of enormous surgically enhanced knockers! You also get access to 3 more sites in the Asian niche, plus plenty of entertaining extras, and with multiple weekly updates across the network, the $29.95 joining fee seems fairly reasonable to me.

Lunas Cam Screenshot
Overall Rating 72/100
Lunas Cam


Unfortunately a fairly amateur site on the design side of things but with some great member interaction features that lets you really get to know the star Luna. If you enjoy softcore solo girl amateur photography and want to join something more than a porn site then this one may well be worth a look. After a rocky start I walked away from this one pretty impressed with how involved Luna was with her adoring fans.

Mandys Playhouse Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Mandys Playhouse

All in all a very good amateur site dedicated to a very large girl. With pics, video, cams and lots of stuff dedicated to her BBW friends also, this site will appeal to anyone who cant get enough of girls who have no interest in exercise.

Mature Melons Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
Mature Melons

As the name suggests, this site is full of mature women with big titties. The women are all in their thirties or forties and the boobies stay consistently large. The site tour is very representative of what is in the memberís area, so I sincerely recommend checking it out if you are interested. The price of $24.95 a month is just about right for the amount of content inside but there is nothing in the way of extras. So Mature Melons is only for those die-hard fans of MILFs with large wapoons.

MC Nudes Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
MC Nudes


There is only one word for this site and that is (Joe furiously searches through his thesaurus for a better word than great) magnificent (there we go). Yeah so if you want hardcore porn then this one almost certainly isnít for you, but if you want to enjoy the beauty of women through the power of photoís and videos on a well constructed and easy to browse site then this one is perfect.

MET Models Screenshot
Overall Rating 90/100
MET Models


A superb site that has got it just right. The photos are astounding in their quantity and quality. In addition to this, the models that star in these photos will simply blow your boxers off; with some superb photography the girls look simply gorgeous. Canít really think of any reason for not joining this site unless of course you are of the other persuasion but even then I reckon you will find something to love about this site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Despite my initial negative thoughts on Millaís appearance she succeeded in getting my attention and I am well impressed with the video content on offer here, albeit rather limited unfortunately. Milla seems to have a fantastic personality and this coupled with some of her excellent performances in her videos makes this an extremely enjoyable experience overall. My opinion on the membership however is that for a solo site the fee of $29.87/30 days is a little steep, however you do also get access to a large BBW network thrown in which makes it justified. All in all, well recommended!

Mommy Blows Best Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Mommy Blows Best

A new site from the MY XXX Pass network, Mommy Blows Best features a whole host of the hottest MILFs in porn sucking cock like their lives depend on it. Well designed and packed with features, a membership here will also get you access to the 11 other sites in the network, including Soccer Mom Score, 1000 Facials, Throated and Stuffed Petite. Thereís not a huge amount of content on the site as yet, but there is plenty of other smut available on the network to keep you busy between updates, and with this in mind, the $29.95 monthly fee is pretty reasonable, in my opinion. If youíre a fan of older women (as I know many of you are), then this one is definitely well worth a look!

Moms Pleasures Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Moms Pleasures

Summary: has good quality content with both videos and photos being displayed in great resolutions. One thing that the site lets me down on is inconstancy. If youíre going to have videos in segments make it available throughout, if you have great quality photos with thumbnail previews why not have a large image gallery as well. It seems to be for every good thereís a not so good. The site has a simple design and is extremely user friendly. With a 3 day trial only costing $2.95 you should definitely take a look. Screenshot
Overall Rating 50/100

Summary is really quite disappointing. There is a selection of nice quality pictures covering various activity, licking, sucking, fucking, hardcore, tit fucks and so on, but there is not enough featuring ďbig boobsĒ as the majority of the content is completely unrelated. The quantity of content that exists is OK, but really, nothing spectacular, which at least would have made up for the lack of it. I think that this site has way over inflated itís membership fee at $39.99 monthly, I think maybe $15.00 per month would have been much more appropriate!

More Gonzo Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
More Gonzo


With a higher price tag than the rest of the Perfect Gonzo series it offers a better update schedule and a great mix of content. This one would be great for someone who loves the Perfect Gonzo sites but wants a bit more variety with their porn. The only problem I see with this one is that you really donít get much of an archive to speak of, but hey, with a new set every day you are not going to be waiting long for some brand new content.

Movie Room Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
Movie Room


Ok, so this site is more expensive than other DVD sites out there, at a price tag of $29.95. But being completely honest I would have no problem paying this for such a great site. The site, well, it just works and the actual content is offered in some well thought out formats as well as the DVDs being picked well and providing a superb range of different niches for you to watch. Also the fact that this site hasnít just gone with the crowd and thrown every single feature in the book at this site and have actually thought about which ones to implement really does shine through. I can honestly say that I would use every single one!

My Friends Hot Mom Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100
My Friends Hot Mom

It takes a lot to be a top site in the older female niche of the adult site world. My Friends Hot Mom is a site that will please any MILF fan. You will have a hard job finding a better site in this niche. With so much content and great looking momís, this site is 100% worth taking a trial on! Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

This is an exciting site for an amateur site, featuring a good variety of content thatís accessed via a shared members area with two other amateur sites. You can enjoy Wives and Girlfriends in amazing solo and couples performances that have been submitted by their real partners, so whether itís masturbation, dildo, blowjobs, hand jobs, penetration, anal or group action that excites you, youíre sure to find something of interest if youíre into the amateur niche. The membership costs $39.87 per month, which admittedly isnít that cheap, however you do get access to all 3 of the sites in the network together providing apparently over 10000 images and over 1000 videos to enjoy, this in my opinion making it a site definitely worth consideration despite the poor quality of content on occasion.

Nasty Czech Chicks Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Nasty Czech Chicks


A good site that has made a great start and if it continues the way it is going then it will flourish into a great adult site. At the moment the site does lack any real member base to make any of the user interaction features work but this will come with time. There is also a lack of options for the video and photos as well as no clear update schedule; hopefully they will be improving this in the future. Saying this they have got the most important parts right and that is the girls and the quality content so I can only see this site going from strength to strength. Good work guys (but how about some decent support for the members as this is really hurting you in the review scoring)!

Nicole Brazzle XXX Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
Nicole Brazzle XXX

Summary doesnít have a great deal to offer content wise. The initial membership fee of $24.95 looks far too expensive considering the site only has 15 photo sets and 15 movies, however the added bonus of having access to 5 other website through the Naughty Works Network is something to smile about. has a long way to compete with other solo sites, but first impressions are ok, the site has been designed well with easy navigation.

Office Girls Re-Review Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Office Girls Re-Review

We first looked at Office Girls back in 2003, and despite loving the idea behind the site, we werenít overly impressed by the amount of office themed content on offer... thankfully, Iím pleased to say that vast improvements have been made! The site is now packed to the rafters with sexy secretaries and all manner of other business ladies, plus a ton of extra bonus content - although perhaps the best thing is that currently, theyíre offering memberships at a reduced rate of $21.95, saving you a huge 30% on their normal sign-up price. I donít know how long this rate will last, mind you, so Iíd get in there quickly if I were you!!

PerfectD Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Another superb site from G Picasso Productions. This site has a superb selection of hot girls from Eastern Europe. In addition members get access to six other sites all of which are equally good, and they donít cost you a cent more. This is superb value, even if you are not a fan of big boobed chicks.

Peter's Cumshots Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Peter's Cumshots

The legend known as Peter North has not let himself down with this excellent website. The photo sets rock and the video has great cum splashing shots that only Peter can do himself! Youíll find similar stuff on the internet but you wonít get the quality nor the performance that Peter produces.

Join this site and youíll also join other top porn star websites such as Christine Young and Shelby Bell amongst many others. Peterís Cumshots simply provide high quality content and value for money

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