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HotBox Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Hotbox is a DVD site with over 9,500 titles, all just waiting for you to download them - and for as little as $9.95 per month, youíd be a bit of a wally not to at least take a peek! These guys arenít quite up there with the real big guns just yet, but with such competitive pricing and daily updates, it wonít be long before they catch up. Thereís certainly more than enough here to keep the discerning porn buff happy well into the foreseeable future, so if what youíre after is more filth than your penis can keep up with, then Hotbox could very well be the perfect place for you! Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

Summary is an awesome VOD site offering thousands of exciting titles featuring some of the hottest porn stars captured in outstanding performances. The site provides such a wide variety of niches to include anything from Solo Teens through to Hardcore, Gay, Fetish, Hentai and the list goes on and on. You can choose over a variety of payment methods to include pre paid cards, minute packages, pay by minute, or weekly and monthly purchases, with the cheapest method working out at just 8c per minute, thatís 600 minutes for $49.95. If you enjoy viewing and downloading porn videos on the net then certainly get your fill at this site.

Hustler VIP Screenshot
Overall Rating 87/100
Hustler VIP

Summary succeeds in living up to oneís expectations of such a great name in porn! Offering a fabulous collection of stunning models, in a huge collection of exclusive videos and picture galleries, and all this produced to a standard thatís second to none. Everything that you get in the ďHustlerĒ magazine has been tastefully and professionally produced online, giving you all the benefits of the magazine plus a whole lot more. Thereís a huge amount of content, a great choice of girls and hundreds of exclusive titles to choose from, all of which can be downloaded or in addition purchased on DVD. The site is classy by design, but a little intimidating and busy on first impressions, but once you get used to it, navigation becomes simple and speedy. A membership to the site will set you back $29.99/per month, but thereís the option of a 3 day trial for just $1.00 if youíre a little unsure, however in my opinion this site is definitely worth a month. Youíre going to need it!

I Love You Celeste (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
I Love You Celeste (Updated)


The star of the show Celeste shows us a different side to the solo girl site genre with some great hardcore action. With a membership fee of $34.90 appears pretty expensive, even with the network access itís still higher than the norm. There's a fair amount of content, but it's currently only being updated once a month - still, there's tons of bonus content, which goes some way to making up for it! Overall I was impressed with the site, it has good content and Celeste is really something else!!

**19/12/2008 - We've been asked to look at the site again, as there's been much more content added since our last review. Features information and some text in the review have been updated accordingly!**

ImLive Screenshot
Overall Rating 89/100


Well what can I say, is brilliant. Great design, easy navigation, simple chat interface, large content and excellent support! With so many hosts to choose from youíll be hard pushed not find what your looking for. With the Celebrity Porn Star feature being launched this site now has everything, and itís FREE to join! I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing as my first Webcam site, and I would highly recommend people to sign up.

In The Crack (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
In The Crack (Updated)

Described as a site Ďfor the pussy and ass connoisseurí, In The Crack takes female masturbation movies to the next level, specialising in gorgeous girls teasing and playing with themselves in glorious high definition - not a quiver, pore, or droplet of girly juice is left to the imagination! The last time we reviewed In The Crack was 6 years ago, and we rated it pretty highly then - despite having only 25 picture sets and 10 models at the time, we knew that we were onto something pretty special, and we were right! The site has practically exploded since we last looked at it, and boasts some of the very best close up camera work that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. With over 220 models, tons of photos, and over 440 HD videos now included with your membership, I would most definitely recommend that anyone with an interest in beautiful women and the workings of their most intimate parts should check this one out!

**Update - In The Crack have now greatly improved their site navigation, as well as adding a keyword search feature with 29 categories, and updating their FAQ section. Content quantity and model variety has also greatly increased! The review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site originally reviewed on 26-May-2009 Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an enjoyable fetish site offering a good variety of niched movie content. The girls featured here are both wild and stunning, each performing in amazing hardcore scenarios incorporating anything from boy/girl action right through to lesbian and group sex. Content is raw and varied with scenes of oral, penetration, mild bondage and much more. The site is easy to navigate around and content is consistently provided to a very good quality, all this making it well worth consideration for the reasonable fee of $19.95 for 30 days, especially as you get the various bonus sites included in the deal.

Japan Hardcore Movies Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Japan Hardcore Movies

I canít really say much against this site at the moment, all I see is stunning Asian girls, some professional, some amateur but all carefully selected and easy on the eye. Quality of content is impeccable with high res videos and rather speedy downloads, quantity of content is reasonable but growing rapidly all the time and navigation is so simply with selection by category and a search facility, so what more could we want? Action is hot covering anything from soft to hard anal and bondage, so once again satisfaction achieved, so if itís quality, quantity, choice and navigation thatís important, this site is definitely a must see at just $29.99/month.

Jasmine Rouge Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Jasmine Rouge


If it wasnít for the lack of interaction with Jasmine this would be an amazing solo site but without this it is nothing more that a well designed porn site with a rather small amount of content. The star of the show is pretty fit and I would hazard a guess that most of you wouldnít mind a little cuddle with her, so if you really like the look of her then you might want to consider joining, but if you are looking for some interaction then steer clear of this site. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an impressive site that features an interesting choice of well known performers, then capturing them in some of the hottest XXX action thatís directed by Jay Sin. As an award winning AVN and Xbiz nominee, itís pretty much guaranteed that what youíll find here on the site is totally exclusive and created to the highest quality and standards. Thereís plenty of variety on offer here incorporating boy/girl and intimate lesbian action so a bit of something for everyone it seems. Members get unlimited movie downloads and a good quantity of bonus sites included in the deal also, all this for just $19.95 for 30 days access, thus making it a site well worth consideration in my opinion.

Jizz Jerk Screenshot
Overall Rating 65/100
Jizz Jerk

Summary features a nice selection of girls in a small but decent selection of video content. What content you actually get is not bad at all, and despite the niche being based around hand jobs, you still get to seeplenty of pussy, tit fucks, masturbation, cum in mouth and so on, which adds to the variety of the content, but also distracts from it if you only wanted to see hand jobs. However, I was disappointed to find only 5 picture galleries to view and these were a waste of time. The main benefit to this site is the large amount of bonus niche content which is included within the membership, but you must remember that each site remains very similar throughout the network, so content can be rather limited and rather poor quality on occasion. The membership is set at $24.95 per month although thereís a thirty-day trial offers available at present. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Well this is a pretty decent site overall, with an interesting theme and pretty cute girls. If it wasnít for the poor navigation and numerous silly errors throughout the site I would definitely have a better opinion for this one. Video and picture quality is outstanding, although limited so itís pretty clear that the equipment used is top of the range, and I honestly think that if the cameraman could keep his hands on the job and not on his models this site could really be improved. The positive overview would have to be high quality content, stunning young girls and awesome performances, but the negative would be limited in quantity, pervy cameraman and appalling navigation! Still worth viewing I think though with a membership fee of £15.24 for 30 days, all things considered.

Klub Kinzie Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
Klub Kinzie

Summary is an interesting solo site featuring this really stunning and sexy porn star. A lot of effort has been put into this site, and you get plenty of content and features to view. There is a great mixture of exclusive material, ranging from solo nude right through to group sex and intimate lesbian scenarios. The site is a little bit erratic and confusing at times, with titled headers and different categories all over the place, but once you get used to it, itís really not bad to get around. The unfortunate thing about this site is that you can only stream the videos, so anything you want for keeps, you will have to pay for. Dedicated Kinzie admirers will no doubt love this site. Check her out, I thought she was drop dead gorgeous, and you might just feel the same! Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100

Summary offers its members both quality movies and image sets and features some nice lesbian content. You can see some of the most gorgeous models like Aurora Snow, Guage, Tawny Roberts, April Flowers and Alexis Malone, all performing in some great lesbian pussy licking, fingering and strap on fucking. The most disappointing thing I found was that there was a lack of regular updates on the site, although this is Ďkind ofí compensated by daily updated feeds (well maybe not). Despite the limited updates I enjoyed the site mainly due to the large and content filled bonus niche sites and feeds area. In essence you are not only joining a lesbian site as your membership will allow you access to many more sites under the groups control, which makes the $29.21 a reasonable deal. There is also the option of a free 3 day trial so you can thoroughly check out the site before paying anything!. Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

This site offers an inviting welcome, with exciting movie trailers and exciting scenarios displayed, however, entrance into the memberís area can leave you a little confused at first. Your priority should be to spend time in the exclusive movies archive, as this seems to be where the action is raw and performances are hot. The girls featured are extremely sexy and offer amazing and erotic performances with intimate scenes of pussy licking, penetration and anal insertions. Admittedly the layout of this site could be better and less confusing, and yes we could do with some high resolution picture sets on the site, and yes I would love to see many more videos on offer, but itís got to be said that thereís some pretty raw lesbian hardcore action on offer here, and you wouldnít be normal if you couldnít get off on this, so thatís gotta be worth the fee of $34.95/30 days, especially when you take into consideration the many bonus sites included in the membership too. Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100

Summary is pretty decent site and first impressions were it is very easy to get around and find the content you want. However, the members area seemed a bit lacking in itís quantity of content, one would expect many more movies to view in the archives section, seeing that the picture galleries are really only movie stills. Also the quality is stated as DVD quality but in some cases it not the best. Despite this though, there are some really erotic movies inside the site, with plenty of good hardcore lesbian action. The big problem is the monthly fee, which being set at $35.00 is too high. Put simply, there are better value movie sites featuring loads more content for a lot less money. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

Summary is a really enjoyable site for anyone with a fetish for stockings and feet. Although there is a rather limited amount of content and a rather small selection of models, the site oozes quality whilst selecting only the finest and most beautiful girlís around. Gallery sets unfortunately are rather small with sometimes only 14 images in a set but this is not a problem considering the quality of the content produced and the impressive settings that shoots are carried out in. Videos alike, offer outstanding quality and enjoyable performances by a great choice of girlís. The site is part of a pretty decent network so youíre membership also gets you access to many other good quality sites for just the one monthly fee of $24.95. Definitely worth consideration, or maybe take a trial if youíre still a little unsure.

Lora Craft Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Lora Craft


This has to be one of my favourite solo sites to have reviewed so far with all of the options I expect from my porn sites. It is just the complete lack of support that is letting this site down. If you are interested in joining this site just be aware that there is a slight lack of content at the moment so it might be worth waiting a while for them to bulk up the content.

Louis De Mirabert Screenshot
Overall Rating 51/100
Louis De Mirabert


This site is only going to appeal to a few of you and I would definitely suggest taking a good look at the tour before you decide to join up. If it is your sort of thing then you are going to love it but chances are it is not going to be to most of your liking! The action in the content is all very well but I couldnít help but feel that they didnít have the quality when it came to the different options and formats on offer. Last but not least, the update system in operation just left me plain confused as to why they didnít stick with the tried and tested method. Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100

Summary is an very decent Big Tits site. These girlís all seem very natural and at home on camera, and very experienced in what they do. Watching those huge girls performing some explicit moves certainly did the job! The nice thing here is those moans and groans seemed natural, which makes a change from the usual staged and faked scenes you see so often. Although the number of girlís is slightly limited, this is overcompensated by the quality of those girls, and the excellently produced content. Membership here is not bad at all at $24.95 per month.

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