Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Strip Hi Lo Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Strip Hi Lo


An interesting idea which is actually surprisingly well done with some amazing support, but the whole high and low card game seemed a little limited in the amount of time it would keep you interested for. At best this site might just provide a little variation to the usual web cam action, albeit a rather expensive variation. But you can register for free so you can have a look around and make your own mind up.

Stripping Angels Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100
Stripping Angels

Summary is a really enjoyable site, providing a beautiful selection of girls in an impressive collection of image galleries and videos. You’ll find some of your favourite models featured on this site captured in exclusive but subtle galleries of nudity and masturbation, but if it’s something hotter that you’re looking for then there’s also some lesbian and hardcore content on offer too. The image galleries, although some of them small, provide impressive quality viewing, as for the videos, although these are very limited in quantity, these are to a DVD quality providing erotic and exciting performances that are sure to arouse. The membership will cost $9.99/month on a special offer basis at the moment but otherwise will be around $30.00 or so, which may be a little steep, but still well worth consideration despite the lack of videos. Screenshot
Overall Rating 90/100

StrokeJobs in a great website on its own. I hadn’t even noticed that they throw in dozens of other websites in your membership fee before coming to this conclusion. With these it becomes outstanding value for money, with loads of real nice exclusive content across them all. For anyone who loves to see gorgeous girls doing lubed handjobs on a cock shot in a POV position so it looks like your own, it must not be missed! At just $24.95 monthly, or $2.95 for a 2 day trial, what are you waiting for!! Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is a really enjoyable site from a impressive network of sites. It featuring an stunning selection of models that have been captured in performances incorporating hand jobs and blowjobs. The quality of content, both videos and picture galleries is very impressive throughout the site, it’s just a pity there’s such a limited amount of content available at the moment. With this in mind the membership is a little steep I feel at the moment at $36.50 per month, however there’s plenty of bonus content included here that partially compensates for the lack of exclusive content available at present.

Strong Men Screenshot
Overall Rating 54/100
Strong Men
Strong Men is a male gay site that provides a huge database of hardcore streaming videos and picture content. There is no exclusive content here; it is all streaming plug-in material from content providers. However the website serves well by displaying a huge amount of gay content in one place.

Student Sex Parties Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Student Sex Parties

Summary is an interesting site if you’re into group and threesome hardcore action. The site is very simply navigated offering full-length videos, all of which are produced to a very high quality. Unfortunately there are no picture galleries on the site but it does offer a very good form of entertainment with over 50 action packed videos ready to view. Downloading can take a while but this is because most of the videos are at least 30 minutes long, however I found that in general they are well worth the wait! A membership will cost around $34.95 for 30 days which is a little expensive in my opinion, but it depends how much you’re willing to pay for unique hard amateur group action. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

Needless to say this site is up there in my opinion with some of the best on the Net, concentrating mainly on glamour photography but offering great variety of content. Covering subtle nudity shoots to the much harder scenes and performances, there’s an exciting variation of scenarios here to meet all tastes. The site is rather unique and attractively designed featuring some of the most stunning models in the business, and this combined with the professional photographers presenting each girl to her very best makes this site definitely one to be remembered. The membership to the site is pretty good value too at just $24.95 per month, and with the site being so young, things can only get better and better! Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is a pretty decent Reality site with a very enjoyable to watch concept. Mandy More is an excellent choice for the role, ensuring expertise in her various performances, this with the added excitement of nervous guys trying to meet up to her standards required as a partner in porn. It’s unfortunate though, that at present there’s only 25 exclusive episodes available here, but this is partially compensated by the many extra movies you can enjoy in the DVD archive of the site. The quality of content on offer here is very impressive indeed, with a choice of standard hi res or HD wide screen if preferred, and this is coupled by an impeccable image quality too. Needless to say there’s a very entertaining time to be had here, a little overpriced maybe at $29.95/month, but there’s plenty of bonus stuff included and in time as the sites archive expands, it will be a little more justified than present.

Suburban Amateurs Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100
Suburban Amateurs

This is possibly the best website I have seen dedicated to all British Models. The images are superb, the girls are gorgeous (heaven knows where he gets them all!) and the look and feel of the site makes it a joy to use. It is simply a perfect example of good web design. In addition you are getting two sites for the price of one, so even at $29.95 a month its pretty good value. If you’re into British Girls, this is the first place you should look!

Suburban Sluts Screenshot
Overall Rating 67/100
Suburban Sluts

As British themed websites goes, this has to be one of the best I’ve seen. There’s a nice clean layout, fresh looking content, and lack of any annoying adverts or pay per view videos. I found it a little slow, but it could just be a problem at the time I was reviewing the site. All in all, a big thumbs up from me.

Suck It You Whore Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Suck It You Whore


With such a vast library of DVDs on file, in fact 2216, this site has to have one of the biggest out there on the net. Ok so the content quality isn’t quite up to the standard that you would usually expect but then if you are willing to sacrifice some of this for the quantity then this site will be a life long friend; as you will be very hard pushed to get through this lot and if you do then you might want to consider seeking help! Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Summary offers some fabulous and exclusive content in the form of high resolution image galleries and good quality downloadable videos. Most of the content is 100% exclusive and features either the stunning Sunny herself or some of her hottest friends. A membership to this site will get you access to thousands of images and over 100 videos of Sunny, and although most of the content is of a softcore nature you still get to see some exciting girl/girl content.

Sunny’ Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

This is an enjoyable network of sites featuring some of the hottest young models around, and although many are familiar and well known in the industry there’s also many new girls featured too, that are totally exclusive to the site. The network has an impressive appearance and although a little confusing on first impressions can be simply navigated once you get familiar with it. There’s a pretty good amount of content available so far, with both picture galleries and videos that have been provided to an impressive quality, and it’s also clear to see that shoots are well thought out and taken in stunning locations with carefully chosen performers. So if you’re into young pretty models, fresh and exclusive content and explicit and arousing performances of hardcore, this is a must have purchase at just $19.95 for 30 days access in my opinion.

Sunrise Kings Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100
Sunrise Kings

Sunrise Kings is a relatively new site that’s dedicated to hot girls having sex in exotic outdoor locations. The bulk of their content is in HD, and whilst it’s not exclusive, you won’t find it at this definition anywhere else on the web. There’s also plenty of bonus content to keep you entertained between updates, so if you’ve got a thing about beaches, palm trees, speedboats and hardcore porn, you’d do well to take a look at this one!

Super Glam Screenshot
Overall Rating 83/100
Super Glam

Summary is a refreshing and satisfying site. High quality is on every page and the models are stunning. Navigation is a little poor but once tackled you are open to a pay site offering massive pictures, high quality videos and interesting editorials.

Susan Reno Screenshot
Overall Rating 60/100
Susan Reno

This site is all about a mature amateur, Susan, who loves being abused by black men. She prides herself in trying to give you the best quality amateur, interracial, site around. Content mainly consists of hot and heavy gang bang sessions and is of good quality. The content is more than likely 100% exclusive to this site and is updated regularly. The main negative of the site is a poor design.

Suze Randall Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100
Suze Randall

Suze is a first class website. We’re talking the cream of the crop in terms of quality, models and overall glitz. One of the world’s top photographers of naked women is bound to have a website which matches her talents, and this is it. However, this is a world of fantasy, one that distances you from the real world. You’re either going to love it, or hate it.

Swallow My Nut Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
Swallow My Nut

Summary is quite an impressive site for the blowjob niche in my opinion. As with all the sites in this network, the content is explicit, exciting and produced to a very high quality. Navigation through the site couldn’t be easier and considering the site is so young, there’s quite a reasonable amount of exclusive content on offer too. The girls featured seem to be very carefully selected thus providing pretty faces and enjoyable performances at all times. Videos are to an impressive DVD quality and image galleries are outstanding throughout, what’s more the membership gets you heaps of bonus content and sites, thus making the $24.95 monthly spend well worth it. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

This would be quite a good site, if it wasn’t for the fact that the content is so limited here. It’s nice to see not just blowjob content but penetration action also, but with so few scenarios on offer here, it seems that the site is lacking content. The girls featured are quite cute, and the content that is provided is produced to an impressive quality with outstanding performances throughout. Thankfully you also get a lot of bonus sites included in the membership, this making the monthly spend a little more justified.

Sweet Cuties Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100
Sweet Cuties

Sweet Cuties is a pretty average amateur site, featuring a good selection of girls shot on both video and stills. The collection is perhaps only let down by the image size and movie organisation, which could be improved. Besides that, there is plenty for members to look at and download, and no doubt, many of these girls will appeal to anyone who is looking for that “girl off the street” look.

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