Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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XXX Key Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100


The videos available from all from the sites astounded me but unfortunately the photos where a little lacking in the quality and quantity department (but hey lets be honest we are only there for the videos anyway). If you are looking for a good selection of different porn at a decent quality and are not that worried about the look of your sites as well as a lack of download options for low band users then this one might be worth a gander.

XXX OF INDIA Screenshot
Overall Rating 58/100

Summary was a big disappointment. On first impressions all was fine with an attractive home page and an easily navigated site, however once I accessed the image galleries, the content was very limited and the quality extremely poor. The movie quality was acceptable but once again there was such a small number available that this added to the disappointment. On a positive note, a membership to the site includes access to many bonus sites over a variety of niches, although having a quick look at some of the others they seem to follow the same trend, with the lack of both quality and quantity. Best look elsewhere for you Indian Themed quality adult site, this one does not cut it.

Yank My Plank Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100
Yank My Plank

Summary is a easy to use site featuring a reasonable selection of young Asian ladies. The content on the site is disappointing however, firstly because its limited with just 26 videos and 17 image galleries, and secondly because the girls featured look so damn bored with the whole thing. A membership to the site is EU24.95 for 30 days, which in my opinion is a high for this level of content.

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