Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Boy Fun Collection Screenshot
Overall Rating 74/100
Boy Fun Collection

Summary is a very good Gay themed site featuring some of the cutest guys around. If youíre into the whole gay scene then this site is definitely well worth checking out, offering good quality content, niched archives containing a fantastic amount of galleries and awesome hardcore video scenes which are very quick to download. A membership will cost around $30.00 per month which is a very good deal considering whatís on offer here. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

Summary is a quality site, with easy navigation. It has some nice features such as a search facility to look up your favourites by name and a page to add your own faves! Thereís a huge amount of high resolution images to view and a nice selection of hardcore movies to view. The content is both good quality and the action is certainly explicit at times with and the fellas seem like a decent looking bunch of guys too. A membership to this site will cost you $30 to $35.00 a month which is not bad considering the amount of content made available to itís memberís and the high standard to which the site has been produced.

BoyGirlBang Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

A great alternative to the current crop of well known reality sites such as BangBus or Mikes Apartment. All exclusive material, of loads of average looking guys shagging some extraordinarily cute girls. Good quality video and pictures, well thought out dialog and themes and loads of hardcore action adds up to a brilliant site in my opinion. Although a little expensive at $29.95, its actually well worth it! This site deserves to do well Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100

I was well impressed with this site and itís content, not only because of the reasonable amount thatís available for this particular niche, but also because of the gorgeous young guys that are featured here. Thereís a variety of solo performances and plenty of gay penetration action, all of it performed impeccably and naturally with plenty of variety from one scene to the next. Video quality remains impressive at all times as does the picture quality, altogether making this site in my opinion a definite ďmust seeĒ for anyone thatís into this kind of content, and all for just $19.95 a month when purchasing with a credit card, what a deal! Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

This is quite an enjoyable site for anyone thatís interested in the mature niche or enjoys seeing young men with older women. Performances are arousing and scenarios enjoyable with plenty of variety from one movie to the next. The quality of content is pretty good too, with high res picture galleries and good quality movies offering rather speedy downloads. The only thing that I considered to be slightly disappointing was the amount of content on offer here, however you do get a few bonus sites thrown in for the fee, which makes it a little more justified at $39.95 for 30 days. Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

This is an impressive site featuring an amazing choice of gorgeous young guys, each captured in explicit performances of gay hardcore, combining solo, couples and group scenarios. This is a real treat for any bisexual or gay lover for sure, as the site provides a vast archive of exclusive and explicit content with quality being impressive throughout. You can enjoy solo handjobs, oral and anal action, all of it provided in outstanding performances by all participating, whilst shoots take place in imaginative locations like the beach, the woods, in the pool and so on. The membership also includes a number of bonus sites too, all this for just $29.95/month, which in my opinion is a pretty good deal, and well worth consideration.

Brain Pass Screenshot
Overall Rating 91/100
Brain Pass

Brain Pass, also known as the Pornstar Network, is an enormous megasite which gives you access to more porn than you are ever likely to get through in a lifetime! From Interracial to MILF, Teen to Squirting, and Asian to Cumshots, as long as itís fairly mainstream, I can pretty much guarantee that itís here! Encompassing a frankly ridiculous 64 separate sites, plus archived material and a DVD library, if youíre looking for good quality, straightforward hardcore porn, starring some of the best names in the business, you canít really go wrong with a membership - and from $7.46 per month with a yearís subscription, itís decidedly affordable too... believe me, youíre going to need way more than a year to get through this tidy lot!

Brazillian Shemales Club Screenshot
Overall Rating 52/100
Brazillian Shemales Club

A well presented albeit smallish collection of good quality material showcasing some of the cutest shemales I have yet seen. Certainly if you like your dickchicks to have a Latina look, this site is a must see.

Brazzers Network Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100
Brazzers Network


I struggled at first to know where to begin with being that it was my first BIG Network site, but once I got going there was no stopping me. To be honest I couldnít find any major issues with the site, its easy to navigate, the content is good, the models are all extremely horny, and membership is not expensive. The guys at Brazzers Network have done a great job and I predict a big future, so sign up now and donít miss out. Screenshot
Overall Rating 85/100

This is an impressive site and a real pleasure to view. Brea Bennett is such a stunning young blonde who thrives in front of the camera, her performances simply getting better and better from one shoot or filming to the next. Yes this girl is a real hit with a fantastic body and perfect curves and whether itís tonguing pussy or getting penetrated hard by a huge guy and his member, this girl takes it all in her stride and performs impeccably throughout. Content is also provided to an outstanding quality and thereís a pretty good amount available, but on top of this thereís plenty of bonus high quality content and sites included in the deal too. The membership costs about $27.95 for 30 days access, this in my opinion being a very good deal, and one to be snatched up without a doubt.

Bree Screenshot
Overall Rating 81/100

This is an impressive site featuring a stunning young adult performer, Bree is not only extremely pleasing to the eye but is also very entertaining when you watch her in her many amazing performances. As a likeable character that enjoys every performance sheís featured in, itís very easy to lose yourself in the exciting scenarios covering anything from solo dildo right through to interracial anal action, and itís pretty clear to see that sheís pretty much up for anything you could throw at her. Her site provides an amazing and explicit collection, with quantity and quality being paramount throughout the site and when you consider you get all of this for $29.95 a month, Iíd say itís a pretty good deal to be had! Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100

Summary provides a pretty good, although slightly limited amount of content offering plenty of variety of a mostly subtle nature, scenes can include a bit of bondage dress and masturbation, lesbian, solo and all sorts, whilst quality remains impeccable most of the time with speedy downloads too. You also get access to a variety of bonus sites when purchasing a membership, so itís a pretty good deal overall at the cost of $24.95/month recurring.

British Granny Fuck Screenshot
Overall Rating 55/100
British Granny Fuck

British Granny Fuck is a site dedicated to, well, British grannies getting fucked, if youíll excuse my frankness! Itís only been running for a few months, and it shows - thereís not a huge amount of content here, and hardly any features at all. Still, if youíre into 50+ ladies whoíve spread a little (in some cases, a lot) around the edges, then it might be worth checking this one out - but if youíre not, then Iíd suggest steering well clear! This is not your typical MILF site by any means!

British Tease Screenshot
Overall Rating 61/100
British Tease


Nice looking site, nice looking girls and 100 % exclusive but not a lot else going for the site. There are hardly any features available and the amount of content is a little low on the ground and, with most of the video content being more behind the scenes sort of style, it really suffers on this side. To be honest this site didnít get me that excited and as it is I really donít think it is worth the sign up fee. Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100

Summary comes across as being a professionally created and designed site, certainly better than your usual solo girl site and itís pretty obvious that Britney and her colleagues have really worked hard to get it together. Bravo!

The site is attractive, easy to use and contains a nice quantity and quality of content with a wide variety of extreme categories and experiences. Britney is far from a stunning teeny bopper with a body to die for, but she does ooze sex appeal and sexual adventure as well as experience which comes only with age. In addition to this she has a great personality thus providing a very interesting and exciting experience for both herself and her memberís. If youíre into the more mature and adventurous type then this could definitely be the site to choose and with an offer of $38.95 for 3 months membership it may be worth you checking this one out for sure!

Brooke Skye Screenshot
Overall Rating 71/100
Brooke Skye


Brooke Skye is a nineteen year old, brunette with green eyes and an outstanding bottom. This is her site and it shows Brooke and her friends getting up to various raunchy antics. The site is very new (started in late April) and needs a bit of polishing, in terms of features, and could use a bit more content but it is steadily growing. If you think that Brooke is your cup of tea then you may wish to join it now otherwise I sincerely think that this is one to consider for the future.

BrunoB Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Itís the concept, which sells this one to me. Itís so simple, yet because of the way these movies have been shot, it makes them personal. You look down at a penis going in and out of a cute girlís mouth, and the automatic response is Ďthat could be mine!í Coupled with bang on videography, and lighting, gives Bruno B a unique appeal. Iím giving it a big thumbs up, for being one of the first to build a whole website around one guy, and his conquests, even if he does openly admit heís paying them for sex. I guess we all pay in one way or another. Why didnít I think of it? Well worth a membership! Screenshot
Overall Rating 80/100

This is a thoroughly enjoyable network of sites, covering an interesting and arousing variety of niches with solo machine sex to gang bangs, domination and bondage. The quality of content available here is very impressive throughout, with arousing high res photo sets and unlimited crystal clear downloadable movies to enjoy. Performances are extremely arousing, whilst the girls featured are very pleasing and desirable in most instances too. Thereís a pretty good amount of content on offer here also, when you take into consideration the particular niches that are covered here, all this making it a membership well worth consideration at $26.13 for 30 days access, in my opinion.

Busty Adventures Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100
Busty Adventures

I have no problems recommending Busty Adventures to any one who craves big breasted girls getting shagged on film. The quality, layout, and quantity is sufficient to warrant the $24.95 charged monthly. In fact this site is really quite a good deal considering the footage is all exclusive.

Busty Amateurs Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
Busty Amateurs

Summary is a well designed site featuring a wide range of great looking girls with big boobs! Members get to gawp at 65 big boobed amateurs in all, each having a selection of picture galleries and videos, all of which feature scenes of either soft or hardcore content, or even both. Overall this site offers masses of content, covering a wide variety of women, some are really pretty, whilst others are bit frightening. This aside if you like big boobed girls then this site is certainly worth a look.

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