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Peter's Cumshots
Reviewed by Addam on 23rd September 2004

Overall Rating 86/100
Peter's Cumshots
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The legend known as Peter North has not let himself down with this excellent website. The photo sets rock and the video has great cum splashing shots that only Peter can do himself! Youíll find similar stuff on the internet but you wonít get the quality nor the performance that Peter produces.

Join this site and youíll also join other top porn star websites such as Christine Young and Shelby Bell amongst many others. Peterís Cumshots simply provide high quality content and value for money


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Overall Rating 86/100
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Peter North is the man who has had 1500 plus girls underneath his belt, quite literally. He cums more than a heard of elephants in breeding season. This man simply is a legend, and respect must be paid to him. So whatís this website about?

As mentioned Peter is well travelled in the lady garden. On his way round he has been kind enough to water a few plants. This site is quite simply about Peterís top 20 cum splashing moments.

His website states that "These are the biggest shots you've ever seen dangling from the hottest porn stars. You can search all of the internet, only my official site provides you the best Peter North movies."

Peterís Cumshots is really a sub section of Which is not surprising as this would mean only 20 scenes would be available and by todayís standards that really isnít quite enough, even if they are hand picked by the man himself.

Peterís Cumshots is part of the network of sites, just like most sites in todayís porn market. With Peterís site you get obviously, Christine Young, Silverstone Video, Sweet Amy Lee, Hardcore Fiesta and Shelby Bell. All of these are real high quality sites that I do recommend you visit, even if it is just for the free trailers.

Anyway back to what Peter has to offer. He not only has loads of video, which we will touch on later, but also has some extra services for his members to enjoy. If youíre a true fan of the stud you can not only download videos but also buy them on DVD through his online store. He also has a variety of other products such as Toy store, Lingerie (which could be quite handy for the woman in your life) and some herbal goods (again could be handy for the woman in your life). Thinking about it, the DVD section is about the only thing going that may not help the woman in your life and actually help you. But there you go thatís Peter all the way, charming the little women out of their pants.

Video Section
Firstly I have to emphasise how much content that is bundled in with this site. It would be unfair to judge this site alone on the top 20 video cumshots. There is simply masses of content available for which it would take an age to get through. So if youíre looking for value, youíll find it here with Peterís site.

However letís now focus Peterís fountain of youth shots. No surprises that all these girls are just sensational. Let alone cum in their faces Iím shocked Peter didnít cum in his pants, but then again that just shows you what a professional he is.

The majority of the video is just Peter and one girl kind of stuff. There are a few two on one scenarioís but overall youíll notice that it is straight stuff. On top of that, if youíre looking for interracial content you might be a little disappointed with the variety as there are only a few ethnic hotty shots. But if that doesnít bother you, youíll be in for a real treat.

The video always ends up with a cum shot. Now quite frankly this man could cum for Earth let alone his country so be prepared for real messy facials. There is intercourse normally before Mount Pete explodes, which is great stuff. The final video package is superb. The one thing that does let the site down is the lack of ability to download the whole movie in one clip. On the plus note though, there are three different formats to suit which speed or quality you wish to download/stream the clips.

Picture Galleries
I was worried that Peter would only use screen grabs for his gallery section. Luckily he hasnít done that and there are some top notch photos to be viewed here. The girls, just like the videos, are superb. There is even a special photo set that youíll find in the Special Events area, which shows Peter with two gorgeous ladies releasing himself on their faces. Not amazing you might think until I say it was all done underwater. The whole thing is brilliant and really something you have to see for yourself.

The site is updated every 3 - 5 days roughly.

Picture Features

Quantity: 6500 + pictures (Not including family webistes)
Picture Size: 800 x 600
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 3-4 Days

Video Features

Quantity: 20 (Not including family webistes)
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: 352 x 240
Clip Duration: 15 Minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Some
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 3-4 Days

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone
Join Fees: $24.95 30-Days or 59.95$ 90-Days
Cancellation Links: In the support section