Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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ATK Premium
Reviewed by Addam on 24th September 2004

Overall Rating 92/100
ATK Premium
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ATK Premium have really excelled themselves and other websites should run scared of such a high quality site. ATK Premiumís view on their photo set shows what kind of people they are.

"Every day, the standards of this medium rise, and we strive to be at the top of this movement toward higher quality, higher resolution images."

Updated 24 times a week, 100% exclusive content and top quality girls this site is a must.


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Overall Rating 92/100
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ATK Premium offers you the next level of the quality you've come to love from ATK. Just looking at the tour itís a level up from what Iíve seen before actually. There is a real aspect of luxury, which normally warns me away from adult sites. But while surfing the tour I really found myself enjoying the Ďsellí as such because it didnít seem so much as a hard sell or promotional text. It was more to do with how proud they are with their work, which by just looking at the samples alone they should be.

But as the old saying goes, donít judge a book by its cover nor eat yellow snow. But thatís a different debate altogether.

Where to start? Some sites offer you bundles of video content or photo content. Sometimes you come across a site that offers both and if you do youíll find that the quality is normally either poor or itís a plug-in. Well ATK Premium offers you both video and photo content that is delivered to a level I have never seen before, quite frankly.

The homepage is specifically designed to be engaging and yet help you clearly understand whatís been happening on the site. The updates are clearly defined while future updates are mentioned at the same time. There is no niche search facility but instead ATK Premium has opted for a model focused delivery of their content. Basically you pick the content based on what model you prefer, this section is called the ATK Premium Model Directory.

This section is superb. The preview of each model is massive and the girls are lush! Natural beauty is the best kind you can get but itís very hard to find. ATK Premium has quite clearly carefully picked their models. Striking and stunning are the words that come to mind.

Each model has video, ranging from masturbation scenes to informal interviews, including steamy, surprising secrets and some good old-fashioned hopes and dreams. There is however more solo and lesbian scenes then hardcore. In addition to visual media, every ďATK Premium model has been given an in-depth questionnaire with questions ranging from her first time having sex to the animal she most identifies with.Ē I would love to know any other sites that go in to this much detail!

Video Section
When you enter the past updates area youíll realise really what goes behind making a site of this size and quality. Last month alone the site uploaded 350 minutes worth of video. This site has so much video itís untrue with scenes lasting 15 minutes on average and the quality being superb.

Each model so far has at least one video. As mentioned before the majority of the video is solo and lesbian but will no doubt get the blood pumping round your body and cause the windows to get steamy.

The movies have not been split up to smaller scenes for easy downloading so you really need to either be a cable or broadband subscriber. Failing that it may be worthwhile being very patient.

Picture Galleries
ATK Premium sets an excellent standard for other websites to follow with regards to its photo section. Each image is available in many different resolutions including 600 x 400, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and the original is included as well (1600 x 900).

There is the option to download the entire set which is a nice little feature for you budding photo fans. I personally like to select the photos and save them, but ATK has so many good images in a set I would probably opt for their option to download them all.

ATK Premium is updated 24 times per week, with movies and pictures of their girls in hardcore, lesbian or group sex, playing with toys or posing for artistic photo shoots. They also feature special behind the scenes sets and peeks into their everyday lives!

Picture Features

Quantity: 28000
Picture Size: 600 x 400, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and the original is included as well (1600 x 900).
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Everyday and then some

Video Features

Quantity: 1500 minutes worth of video
Formats: MPEG
Video Size: 320 x 240
Clip Duration: 15 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Everyday

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone, Mail In Check/Cash
Join Fees: $29.99 30 Days, $49.99 60 days and $64.99 90 days
Cancellation Links: In the support section located at the top of most pages.