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Meat Members
Reviewed by Addam on 29th September 2005

Overall Rating 89/100
Meat Members
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Hardcore to the extreme, Meat Members will not fail to impress those of you who like their porn a little harder. There is so much content variation itís untrue. The quality of the video is superb when downloading the big MPEGs and the sheer vastness of the network is overwhelming. At $33.95 for 18 fully featured sites, youíll be satisfied from your first download Ďtill your last!


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Overall Rating 89/100
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Meat Members comes with a hardcore reputation and Iím not talking about simple boy girl stuff. If youíre in to extreme hardcore, raunchy sex than Meat Members is the network of choice. There are 18 sites included in your membership. All of which have their own theme, style and feel.

In the members section we have an entire breakdown of all the sites that Meat Members have access to. Too many even give a small site description for each one but weíll highlight some of the top ones!

This site is interracial based content. The general theme here is pimping white girls. The girls being featured are plain looking.

Black Attack Gangbang
Again interracial content with a gangbang feel. The girls featuring on this site are a step up from Pimp Juice. The video look intense and quite frankly very creamy! Which nicely leads us on to the next site

Creamed Corn Holes
Ok so this is all about girl having a good olí shag up the ass and then getting literally cream (not man cream) on their ass. Quite simply tasty looking girls with sweet creamy asses!

No Cum Dogging Allowed
Sorry but I do find the name pretty funny. Anyway the site features girls getting a good sexual exercise and finishing off with a messy man custard facial! The girls are pretty sweet in this one.

Cum Farters
Weíre talking about anal drilling here with the amusing trumpeting at the end. All nicely captured on film.

POV Pervert
POV stands for Point Of View. Great sex scenes from a mans point of view. Some of these girls are stunning. Probably the closest weíll ever get to shafting a hottie like these babies.

Young Ripe And Ready
I think the title explains the site pretty much. All I can say is that the girls again are surperb! Quite a lot of threesome action with this site as well.

Blow Job Quickies
Great sucking action from lovely looking ladies! There is nothing apart from blow job scenes on this site.

Frank Wank
The theme here is that Frank Wank is a super agent, looking at classifieds and generally on the prowl in LA for girls to pimp. You will find interesting and attractive looking ladies.

Meat Holes
Cute looking girls getting treated like bits of meat. These girls are on the brink of going on beyond hardcore from start to finish of their video.

You will also get Midnight Prowl, Nuts On Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn jackass, Teen Slam, and White Meat On Black Street. You have to admit that is a site listings and a half.

On top of all those you also get to see behind the scenes content. This is a great section that I thoroughly enjoyed. Itís fundamentally a diary of whatís been happening at Meat Members, stuffed with pictures and video with some great text.

Video Section
The video section of the sites had a few previews, about 8 plus for each movie, with a great little description beside them. Each video was normally available with both WMV and MPEG format. Each format accommodates both users of slow and fast connections as well splitting the movie in to four clips. However there is no option to download the video in one go, which is always welcomed.

Looking through the sites and seeing what video they had to offer, nearly every, if not every video had hardcore scenes featuring boy girl action. Anal and facial shots were very prominent in the majority of the video.

Overall quality of the clips is amazing especially for the fast connection MPEG clips!

Picture Galleries
Like most video focused sites the photos are never their strong point. Meat Members follows suit but to be quite honest I donít think your going to miss it. The reason being is the fact the video section is so comprehensive.

Anyhow the pictures or screen caps are located close to each video scene so they can be simply used as extra previews to see what type of video youíll be downloading.

There appears to be a massive update for all the sites twice a week

Picture Features

Quantity: 150,000 plus pictures
Picture Size: 640 x 480
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Weekly

Video Features

Quantity: 535 Scenes
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: 320 x 240
Clip Duration: 5 minutes per clip with each scene being about 25 - 30 minutes.
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Weekly

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Web900
Join Fees: $33.95 for 30 Days or $79.95 for 90 Days
Cancellation Links: Located at the foot of the main members page.