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Naughty Alysha
Reviewed by Gordon on 22nd April 2006

Overall Rating 82/100
Naughty Alysha
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Alysha is a very attractive, open minded and very experienced women who has maximised this site to it’s fullest potential….there are no limits to the experiences and fetishes that Alysha will share with her members and I am sure that these will continue to get better and better. I was impressed with how this site has been put together, it’s colourful, well designed, easy to navigate and best of all it offers a multitude of exclusive material to meet your wildest thoughts and fantasies. The quantity and quality of content on this site along with its additional message boards , games, web cam links, and much more in my opinion makes this site definitely a “must see” for the open minded extreme fetish voyeur! A membership to this site will cost you no more than $24.95 per month which can only be a bargain, taking into account the hard work that Alysha has put in (and out) for us!


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Overall Rating 82/100
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General is the personal website of Alysha (apparently known as the The Fetish Queen) which has become the home to some of the most extreme content available on the net. Alysha stars in most of the content on her site, so pretty much you are guaranteed it is all exclusive. It is also raunchy but also quite extreme with some very graphic pictures and videos inside! There are over 50,000 exclusive and extreme images and over 40 high quality movies containing raw fetish material for you to view. Some of this content is quite an eye opener. I had no idea that a woman could get into such positions! Alysha’s objective is to carry out all kinds of experiments on herself and to stretch her pussy to it’s limits and she chooses to share these special ‘moments’ with some of her closest friends and of course her member’s! There is a fantastic free tour which gives you a taster of the content inside the member’s area and I will almost guarantee that if your into the more extreme side of porn you may well be tempted by it! The member’s area is very easy to navigate with a “News” sector to advise you of the shows which might be taking place in the near future. An “Updates” section shows thumbnails of the last 20 picture and video updates added with links for you to go directly to them. There are the image galleries which are subcategorised by subject or object and each gallery can be viewed as a slide show if preferred. The movies sector contains a choice of “Alysha’s” own fetish performances or you can view her with some of her girlfriends in the girl/girl action. In addition there’s “Alysha’s diary”, “Stories and Info” and direct links to “The Shop”, “Web cams” or various bonus sites which are on offer. You can even view some of the “member’s submitted pictures” if you wish, or maybe send in your own fetish movies and pictures as well!

This site contains exclusive high quality fetish material involving ass and pussy stretching, fisting, gang bangs, massive insertions, gyno squirting, food fucking and much more! There’s really no limit to what Alysha might fuck herself with next! With over 50,000 images, and over 40 exclusive movies for you to watch, this site has much on offer. The content is raw, and no doubt highly enjoyable for the open minded individual. Considering this is just one woman and her own sexual experiences I was very impressed with how much content there actually is on this site and also surprised at the wide variety of sexual activities that Alysha has carried out and performed for her member’s! This site contains some games , bonus sites and plug ins and links to many web cam options too.

Video Section
The videos on Alysha’s site are awesome. I was absolutely dumb founded watching her stuff her pussy with the hugest of toys and then follow it with a clenched fist. To finish off she squirted a huge amount of cum juice all over the place, she was that wet that she had a number of towels on standby and this seems to be a regular necessity for Alysha in most of her pussy pounding experiences!

You can see Alysha stuff wine bottles and beer cans inside herself, use three large dildo’s at the same time or watch her helping her girlfriend stretch her pussy as wide as her own. All of these movies are extreme, explicit and of a very high quality in deed. These can be viewed in WMV or MPEG format and most of the movies lasted anything between 4 minutes to 8 minutes long. You can view (pay to see anything erotic) web cam links or streaming movies on some bonus sites too if you desire.

Picture Galleries
The picture galleries are subcategorized, and there are over 50,000 images apparently on this site, and I would not think this is far off. These galleries are very clearly described and titled with good quality thumbnails, each gallery contains anything from 40 up to over 300 plus pictures. These can also be viewed as a slide show which I thought was very useful for no handed surfing. The image content is as raw as the movie content, containing fisting, stretching, gangbangs, squirting and much more. All the images were very graphic and quality if good. But be warned, this stuff is not for the faint hearted.

Alysha ensures that’s the site has several updates each week in both the picture galleries and the movies section. I found this quite impressive considering that Alysha stars in most of it. She is certainly going be very busy for the next few years!

Picture Features

Quantity: Over 50,000 images.
Picture Size: Mostly 800 x 600
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Several updates per week

Video Features

Quantity: Over 40 movies plus streaming plug in feeds.
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: Varies
Clip Duration: 4 to 8 minutes approximately
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Several updates per week

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Mail In Check/Cash
Join Fees: $24.95/Month, $49.95/90 days, other price options if by mail
Cancellation Links: Yes from join page