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Active Dolls

Featuring: Fetish

Reviewed by Nicola on 16th May 2006

Overall Rating 87/100
Active Dolls
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Active Dolls is a completely new one on me. Unlike no other site I have ever seen, the idea is innovative and the software itself has been developed immaculately.

As a member of the site you get access to the software needed to create your very own virtual glamour model and then get her to pose for you whilst you play photographer.

As a girl, this site completely amazes and excites me. Itís like having a night in with your girlfriends and giving them a makeover and restyle. I can imagine that for a bloke it provokes a completely new level of excitement when you get to take the clothes back off again during the shoot.


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Overall Rating 87/100
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To start off, you choose one of the six girl templates and then dress her in kinky lingerie, tight clothes, slutty shoes, makeup, accessories, etc. You can be as general or as particular with the details as you like. I can understand that you may not want to spend ages trying out different shades of lilac eye shadow and may just want to get your girl to pose naked for you on the bed, but if you did want to be a little more specific, the aesthetic possibilities will astound you.

To enjoy the experience of active dolls, all you need to do is pay $19.95 for a ticket which gets you access to the siteís software for one month. The software is only 13 MB in size so it doesnít take too long to download and wonít take up ridiculous amounts of space on your computer.

Full and comprehensive member support is offered on the site and if your query isnít answered on the support page then there is a contact form to request more information or help on a specific topic.

The siteís content is generated by you. All of the shots you take are added to your personal gallery, you can then view the photos and save as many of them as you like to your computer.

As the photographer, you have a range of cute virtual models at your disposal as well as diverse shoot locations, 360 camera angles, zoom function, lighting options etc. You can be as creative as you like.

The model can be set to auto-pose mode, where she will strut around the room happily and pose for you. Alternatively, you can request her to pose in a variety of positions on the bed, chair or centre of room. As the shoot progresses you can take her clothes off one by one; sheíll pose for you in her clothes, underwear or completely naked.

The camera mode is very easy to use. Moving the mouse pans around the model, keeping the right button held and moving the mouse up or down zooms in and out and left clicking takes the shot.

The free demo is worth a go, but it really doesnít give you a good idea of the amazing amount of options available to you with access to the full version software.

Picture Features

Quantity: Infinite
Picture Size: 1026px x 769px
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: N/A

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Clip Duration:
Preview Thumbs:
Video DRM:
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General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support:
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $19.95 for a one month ticket
Cancellation Links: N/A