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Reviewed by Gordon on 5th October 2005

Overall Rating 89/100
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Summary is a completely unique site, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. I think itís a great step forward to virtual reality sex, and I firmly beleive with time, this kind of on-line eroticism will no doubt prevail over the ubiquitous movie and picture site. The reason is simple - you have complete control of the sexual situation your create, and if only the simulations were even more realistic, and the control easier it would be even better! A membership to this site will cost you $29.95 which is not bad at all given its uniqueness. One last thing, please check the system requirements prior to paying your membership. It is quite hardware intensive and may not work with older PCís.


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Overall Rating 89/100
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Its been a while since I have reviewed a site which is completely new, and unlike anything else I have seen before. In surfing around I came across a site, which looked like fantastic fun. Basically, you can have cyber sex with a girl of your choice in a full 3d environment with you taking full control of the scenario and action! Its a bit like a dream you take control of really! You get the opportunity to fuck horny young cyber sluts, and fulfil theirs (and your) every need. They beg you to touch them, lick them, fuck them with toys, fingers and your cock. These girls demand you to make them cum, you can either control a virtual partner as he or she carries out your desires upon them, or simply carry out these erotic moves yourself and monitor her excitement to the point of climax with screams of ecstasy! It all sounds excellent fun but lets see what itís really like! Could it be that we have the first site with delusions of imitating a star trek hollo-deck?

The site is split into three different games, each one has a separate download for you to carry out prior to itís use. Although this is a bit of a nuisance, I found the proces quick and easy to do and is of course free of charge for its members. (there is a game non-members can download and Ďtry outí also)

The first game 3D Slut 1 was really rather good. You start off by selecting your location for the action to take place. These are quite numerous and include the beach, the office, the doctorís room and even a dungeon if you fancy a bit of S & M. You then select your model to have your fun with (their are blondes, brunettes, redheads, and even black chicks to play with! You can also choose a second person (man or women) to carry out your instructions for you. Once you have done this your ready to proceed with the action. You can change what the model looks like, what she wears, add nipple chains and other forms of bondage, then select the toys you use to arouse your girl, dildoís, speculum, fingers, a bottle or your tongue, simply take your pick. Change her position to play with herself or fuck her in doggy style, or missionary. She will suck your cock, and beg you to fuck her pussy. Its really very arousing and superb fun! And the best thing is of course itís all in your control. You can even change the camera position, zoom in for close up pussy shots and even take a picture of the scene to save on your computer. The graphics are incredible, and really quite realistic!

The second game is called 3D Sex Villa

This is quite similar to the 3D Slut game, but with different settings, and unfortunately, not so much choice and or interactivity. Itís the same sort of thing, you select your characters, location, and select your preferred storyline from the appropriate menuís. You select toys to use, select a cum shot when you want it, etc etc. The idea is of course to make your partner climax as often as possible, and you end up feeling like quite a stud, especially as you are able to cum yourself an unlimited amount of times. (How I wish this was real life!) Itís a great game, and the graphics are stunning, but somehow, this game seems to be less erotic, and its quite difficult to fulfil your actual desires because control is not as good as in the first game. For example, when having sex the camera doesnít seem to get in the correct position you are asking for. I believe this game is new, and it seems it needs some more programming work. It does not quite work correctly but I have no doubt the guys are working to correct these problems.

The final game, called 3D Go Go was a bit of a filler I thought. You select a model from the selection of girls and then she dances for you. You control the way she looks, her skin colour, her make up and her hair etc, and then you simply watch her as she dances either clothed or naked. Unfortunately though I found this game a bit of a waste of time, the girls are not very exciting and donít really dance but just jig slightly. Itís not so erotic and with only one song to choose from it soon becomes tedious. Itís a shame as the other two show promise!

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Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone
Join Fees: $9.95/3 Day Trial then $29.95/30 Days recurring, or $58.95/365 Days then $12.95/recurring every 90 days
Cancellation Links: yes