Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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UK Bukakke

Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Amateur, Fetish

Reviewed by Nicola on 25th October 2005

Overall Rating 70/100
UK Bukakke
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UK Bukkake does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a no-nonsense tribute to the art of a really messy bukkake/gangbang session.

Rachel, your spunk loving hostess, is a cute British amateur that I have seen draining the spunk out of many a guy’s cock recently. She has an inexhaustible enthusiasm for getting a face full. Rachel and her friends’ mission is a simple one; get as many guys in one room as possible and then milk them dry. I just wouldn’t like to be the one to pick up the cleaning bill at the end of a hard day.


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Overall Rating 70/100
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Rachel loves her spunk but, even so, sometimes there is just too much for one girl to handle. It is in these times of need that Rachel recruits one of her twenty amateur friends to help her manage the man gloop. You can see pictures of each of her friends on the ‘Girls’ page.

The website’s functionality is fine, however from a design point of view it could do with a bit of work. I think it’s unfair to mark it down for this because, for a start, it is an amateur site offering amateur content so you don’t really expect a polished site and secondly I have it on authority that Rachel actually manages and develops the site herself. I think this gives it a great personal feel and I give credit to Rachel for it. It must be hard for her to find time outside of washing the dried spunk from her hair.

The personality of this website is excellent and what it lacks in design it more than makes up with its personal touches. Rachel quite obviously enjoys herself with her work. Her ‘About Me’ section fills you in with every last detail you could hope to know. She is a secretary by day in Birmingham, U.K, she admits to loving bukakke because she feels in complete control of a group of guys. She also says that she doesn’t really like anal sex because she loves it in her pussy so much! Rachel puts so much into this site and this section along with web cam shows and live chat opportunities demonstrate why Rachel is becoming more and more popular with the guys.

Apart from an email address, I can’t see any help or support with the website or with the movies, there is a membership cancellation link however, which can be reached through the join page.

At first I thought this site was just offering bukkake facial cumshots, but there is actually quite a bit more going on. Rachel specialises in cum-shots, so along with the messy facial sessions there is plenty of hardcore screwing and anal action so long as it ends with some kind of messy cream pie shot.

The content is normally good quality, there are a few clips that aren’t so great but it’s not a problem. There is plenty of video and picture content here, nearly 30 downloadable full-length videos and tens of thousands of very good quality pictures that are huge in size.

Rachel also does a weekly web cam show at 8.30pm every Thursday night.

Video Section
There is a little bit of a problem with the movies. There is some confusion with the format of the video files which means playing them in Windows Media Player gives a warning notice that playing the file may result in some ‘unexpected behaviour’. I’ve never seen this warning before so I don’t know exactly what caused it although I would assume it is some discrepancy between what the file format has been named and what the file format actually is. In any case the videos still play, so no need to worry!

The videos range from decent quality to not great quality. All the videos I have seen are absolutely fine to watch but they do vary. The videos also range in duration from 20 seconds to 20 minutes.

Picture Galleries
There is so much picture content that it has had to be categorised into sections. These are: Bukkake, Interracial, Swinger, Solo and ‘My Helpers!’

This is where the site excels itself. The picture content is excellent quality and each image is huge at 1024px x 1365px so you can see every last droplet of the white stuff in every individual eye lash.

There is an update section but unfortunately none of the content in it is dated so, although I know that the site is updated and I can see the most recently added content, I don’t know when this content was added or how regularly updates are made.

Picture Features

Quantity: Over 20,000
Picture Size: 1024px x 1365px
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Yes

Video Features

Quantity: Nearly 30
Formats: MPEG
Video Size: 320 x 240
Clip Duration: 15 seconds to 20 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Yes

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Mail In Check/Cash
Join Fees: $20.00 for 30 days the $15.00 recurring every 30 days, $40 for 90 days non-recurring, $70 for 180 non-recurring, $100 for 365 days non-recurring
Cancellation Links: On the Join Page