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Erotic Destination

Featuring: Movies, Pictures

Reviewed by matt on 7th December 2005

Overall Rating 75/100
Erotic Destination
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Erotic Destinations is brought to you buy Martin Krake who also produces European Glamour Girls. Erotic Destinations is a soft-core pay site, all the content after 2001 is exclusive to Erotic Destinations with the exception of a few promotional pictures. The design is slick and navigation is good. Content is updated every other day with either a video clip or a photo set.

The website is classy, the shoots have been well planned and thought out and variation is good. Overall quality is excellent, the only downside is the lack of content.


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Reviewers Slant

Overall Rating 75/100
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All content is soft-core; there is no dildo or fingering action in the videos or the photos sets. Erotic Destinations is more of a glamour website. The models are all very sexy and look great in front of the camera. The quality of the videos and photos is good and a lot of footage has been shot outside at various sites and is nice to see a bit of variation.
Membership is reasonable, as a double member you have access to Erotic Destinations and European Glamour Girls. There is also a loyalty scheme if you plan to stick around for a few months.

There isnít an awful lot of content on this website but it is all of good quality. The locations of the shots really set the tone and there is a good variation. None of the content is shot in a studio and all content after 2001 is exclusive to Erotic Destinations with the exception of a few promotional pictures.

There is a behind the scenes section where you can view behind the scenes pictures and videos and a brief description of the shoot.

Video Section
There are 18 video clips and the average duration is around 7 minutes. Videos can be downloaded onto your computer in two different formats, WMV 640 x 480 pixels and Div X 720 x 528 pixels. The Div X videos allow for good full screen viewing.

The videos are sexy; the models move slowly touching their naked bodies in a natural environment. You wonít find any vigorous masturbation scenes, what you get are a sexy woman naked on a beach, wind blowing through her hair and slowly caressing her body. All videos have been dubbed over with music.

Picture Galleries
There are approximately 160 picture sets containing over 8000 pictures. The pictures are very good quality and come in two different sizes. The large images are 2000 x 3000 pixels and the small images are 400 x 600 pixels.

Itís nice to see a bit of variation outside of the bedroom. Photography destinations include at the beach, at a waterfall, a fresh water lake and next to some limestone rocks to name a few. You can download all pictures sets onto your computer in a zip file.

The site is updated every other day with either a video or photo set.

Picture Features

Quantity: over 8000 images
Picture Size: 2000 x 3000 (large), 400 x 600 (small)
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Every other day

Video Features

Quantity: 18
Formats: WMV/ASF, AVI (DivX)
Video Size: 720 x 528 Div X, 640 x 480 WMV
Clip Duration: 7 Minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Every other day

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: 2 Day Trail $3.00, Standard Membership $20, Double Membership $35
Cancellation Links: In contact and support (very easy to find)