Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Tamed Teens
Reviewed by Joe on 30th May 2006

Overall Rating 82/100
Tamed Teens
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Itís another site from the guys at Perfect Gonzo and as expected the girls are all stunning and the videos and pictures are of brilliant quality. There is a good amount of content on offer and this will only improve with time. Unfortunately the photo section navigation does let this one down a little but lets be honest we are all here for the videos so this should not prove too much of a problem.


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Overall Rating 82/100
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Itís another site from the guys at Perfect Gonzo (Ass Traffic, All Internal, Give Me Pink and Sperm Swap) and the girls do not fail to impress; there are some real stunners on offer! Tamed Teens employs an icon system which allows you to easily locate the type of content you are after, these are available from every page of the site, and once you are used to what they all mean you can easily get to the content that interests you.

This site includes girl solo, girl on girl and boy on girl so the variation in content means this one has a lot of all round content to keep you entertained and, compared to some sites out there, provides the range that some people are after.

The customer support is, as with the entire gonzo network, top notch and the help links all point to the usual customer support centre where pretty much any problems you might be having are answered. You also have mini help links next to all of the content thumbnails with little tool tips on any problems that you may come across.


There are two main sections; these are the Exclusive Movies Archive and the Bonus Movies Archive. The first of the sections is, as expected, all of the Tamed Teens Exclusive content and the Bonus Movies are a selection from some of the other sites in the teen gonzo niche. This is a great idea and really helps go towards boosting the amount of content available to the members and is a good reason to sign up.

This is a fairly new site, but the amount of content available is more than enough for your average user and would not be a major concern. All new content that is added to the site is transferred to the huge archive section after a few days, this means that with time this site will have an amazing amount of content and will be another jewel in the crown of the Perfect Gonzo series.

Video Section

Each of the movies consist of 8 parts, with a new part being added daily, and on the ninth day the entire movie is available for download in super high quality. The videos are usually about 30 minutes in length which does mean that the videos are fairly large to download. As long as you have a decent broadband connection you shouldnít find it a problem, but downloading 400 megs on a dial up connection could get a little tiresome. With each of the videos you get a range of screenshots so that you can tell whether it is worth downloading the movie, the screen shots also add another bit of content to the site.

The videos do not provide much choice when it comes to format. All of the files are MPGs with the exception of the super high quality, complete movies which are WMVs. You can download all of the movies directly to your computer or, if you prefer, you can watch the individual parts as streaming MPGs. You do get a choice of quality but a bit more variation on the format might be something the guys need to look into in the future.

From each of the videos you can navigate to the screenshots and the picture shoot from that video; this is available for all of the exclusive content whereas only the video and screen shots are available for the Bonus Movies.

Photo Section

This site is definitely aimed more toward the video market and this has left the photo section a little weak and lacking a few things that I have come to expect. Once again all of the pictures are of amazing quality and even the screen shots taken from the movies are impressive.

You are only able to view the photos in one resolution which could be a little limiting and, with most sites out there offering a choice, this may be a stumbling block for Tamed Teens. Also, once you have clicked on one of the pictures to view it in full size you lose all navigation tools and are forced to use the browser back button to get back to the selection screen. Due to the fact that the pictures open up in the same window this ended up in me accidentally closing the window and having to log back in, ok so this may just have been me being a prat but it definitely needs looking at. In window navigation tools and a separate window are sorely missed and should be implemented if Tamed Teens wants to keep up with some of its competitors.

Picture Features

Quantity: 10,896 +
Picture Size: Screenshots = 492 * 396 / Picture sets = 1024 * 768
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Weekly

Video Features

Quantity: 40 Full length Movies
Formats: MPEG
Video Size: DVD Quality: WMV - 512x384, High Quality: MPEG - 448x336, Broadband: MPEG - 320x240, 56k: MPEG - 256x192
Clip Duration: 35 minutes (approx)
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Daily

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Telephone
Join Fees: 29.95 Euros per month
Cancellation Links: Available via the customer support site