Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Lady Sonia
Reviewed by Joe on 30th August 2006

Overall Rating 84/100
Lady Sonia
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If you are a fan of BDSM and are looking for a site to sign up to then this one has to be at the top of your list. With a veritable library of content and 100% exclusive content you are unlikely to ever get bored. My guess is that once you have signed up you are going to be a life long member. The only thing I would say about this site is that the navigation needs work and the lack of options and features in the photo section is a real let down. I would expect a little more from a site of this calibre and I hope that these parts will be improved.


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Overall Rating 84/100
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Lady Sonia is a long overdue review and I have been given the honour of doing it. This is a well known fetish site with the star of the site being Lady Sonia herself. As usual I tried to go in as impartial as I could and give it a just review. So letís give it the Richards-Realm treatment and see how it fairs.

The site is designed with a nice and simple red and black design which looks great and unlike a lot of sites that use black does not come across as looking really dodgy and amateur. The homepage is laid out with all of the latest updates from Lady-Sonia and also the most recent updates from fetish-office and fetish video empire, which coincidentally you get access to with your membership to Lady-Sonia (more on those later). Unfortunately the guys at Lady-Sonia have omitted to put a nav bar on the homepage and have put all of the links for the navigation onto the homepage in sections. Once you have clicked on your chosen section a nav bar does appear and then disappear again once you have chosen your actual content. This isnít how I would have designed it as it does end up a little confusing. Another slight navigation problem is that the nav bar does not seem to have all of the sections included, so in order to get to a few of them you will have to return to the homepage and find the appropriate section.

The help and support did look a little thin on the ground to start with but after clicking a few of the links I realised that they do in fact have a hell of a lot of help content in there. Ok so the support is not the most interactive or flashy but it does the job with simple text links, but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that as if you are having problems the last thing you want is to have to download half a dozen plug-ins just to view the help and support section.


A hell of a lot of the content does have Lady Sonia starring in it, so if you donít like the look of the star of the show then maybe give this one a miss, but if she floats your boat then you are in for a real treat.

Other than photo and video content, the site also has a Journal section which is updated every week with the latest part of the current on going story or maybe just a one off story depending on what they decide on I suppose. One of the story series I looked at wasnít exactly a short story and had 40 parts to it, this is absolutely brilliant and is a great reason to stay a member just to see what happens next (does Margery bum Jeff with the strap onÖ. Find out next time in the next exciting instalment of Jeffís Bad Day, sorry that just popped into my head and thought I would add it in for some comical feel to the review).

The site also has an interviews section where Lady Sonia interviews her co stars (female) on how they got into BDSM and all about what turns them on and pretty much anything else you wanted to know.

On top of the previous sections there is also the study area which to be honest confused the hell out of me as to what it was; I think I worked it out but unfortunately I am still not entirely sure. I think that it is a collection of articles about different types of fetish equipment, fetish methods and all other sorts of fetish things.

The two extra sites that I previously mentioned (fetish-office and fetish video empire) are not actually full sites in their own right but are instead just an extra section of content for you to have a meander through. As they are bonus content I will not go into detail but they are definitely worth a look.

Video Section:

Oh my...these are impressive and also come with a nice lot of options for you to choose from. First off you have to choose whether you want to watch a video from the classic or premier video library, the classic section does not compare quality wise to the premier section but it all goes towards adding to a massive library of videos available to download from this site. The premier section lists the videos in order of update and oh my god is there a lot of them; I have to say that Lady Sonia has been remarkably busy. The latest videos allow you to either download the entire movie in high quality (800 x 450) or just regular quality (384 x 216) for people without broadband or for people that just want to get their porn a little faster. They have also got the videos split into 5 minute sections in the abovementioned qualities. On the same page they also have loads and loads of screen captures for you to look at so you can tell if the video is worth a download. The screen caps have obviously been done using a computer program because some of them are a little dodgy and have been taken halfway through a fade out.

The top quality movies are of amazing quality and can be watched in full screen with absolutely no problem and are some of the best quality that I have seen to date. Obviously a lot of the older movies do not have all of these options and are of slightly worse quality, but hey this is to be expected.

Photo Section:

The first thing I noticed when hitting the photo gallery is that there are so many. The page is filled with mini thumbnails leading to galleries and as you scroll down your scroll wheel pinkie starts to ache, there are that many!

Once you have decided on your gallery you are again presented with a wall of thumbnails as each gallery has a hell of a lot of photos. You are able to download the sets in .Zip format which I would suggest doing as the online full size browser only allows you to scroll forwards and backwards through the set and to be honest is fairly ugly and looks as if they have knocked it up in a few seconds. This section of the site does need some work and in my opinion lets the site down a little.

Each of the photos come in a more than adequate 1200 x 800, but with no choice of changing the resolution people with older monitors are going to get a face full of fanny if they are not careful as they are fairly big photos for any screen resolution below 1024 x 768. But then if you download them and use a photo browser you should be able to get around this problem.

Picture Features

Quantity: Unable to count them all but absolutely loads
Picture Size: 1200 x 800
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unable to tell, but it must be extremely regular!

Video Features

Quantity: Unable to count them all but absolutely loads
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: High quality (800 x 450) or just Regular quality (384 x 216)
Clip Duration: 5 minute clips or varying full length movies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unable to tell, but it must be extremely regular!

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone
Join Fees: $34.45 every 30 days
Cancellation Links: Available via support section