Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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UK Road Trips
Reviewed by Joe on 11th September 2006

Overall Rating 64/100
UK Road Trips
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This site does have a fairly small amount of content but the videos it does have are really enjoyable. Unfortunately with no obvious update schedule it is not clear as and when you will get more of these. As well as this, the site lacks a lot of features that you would expect to come as standard but to be fair this site is only $19.95 which is $10 cheaper than most sites so this one might be worth a try.


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Overall Rating 64/100
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UK Road trips is all about a group of guys who go around the UK (oh and St Tropez) looking for women to shag and put it all on film just for you. With a male star called Super Marino I wasn’t expecting much from this site, so were my first impressions right or did it surprise me?…well read on to find out.

The site looks like one of your basic pay sites with a cartoon and slightly tacky header image. The homepage chucks you straight into the action with the 4 latest video updates. The site has a constant navigation but the fact that there was only 3 links did worry me a little, these being “Home”, “FAQ” and “Roadmap”.

The FAQ section really did not answer any technical questions at all and only answered 5 questions in total, and they were all about the site and what it features. There was a cancel subscription link which is better than nothing I suppose. This section definitely needs to be improved on; it would also be good to have a contact form or email address in case the FAQ does not answer your question.


There was a good selection of women available for you to have a look at, unfortunately there is no way to pick and choose which girls you view content on due to the lack of any search or filter tools.

The roadmap section is simply a map of the UK with all of the places the guys have conquered marked on. Unfortunately this is all the map seems to do; it does not allow you to click the places to view content from that area or anything of that sort. This makes the map a little useless and in my opinion it is a fairly pointless section of the site.

The videos and photos are pretty much all you get from this site with no extras and the very bare minimum of features which I will go into during the relevant sections.

Video Section:

The videos are only accessible by clicking the next or “More Road Trips” button on the homepage and they appear in sets of 6. This does become a little annoying after a while as every time you navigate to another part of the site you have to click back through all of the videos you have already seen to get to any fresh content.

The actual videos have a screenshot of the action and a title telling you where they were filmed, unfortunately the screen shots are always of the action and sometimes it was a little tricky to tell what the girls in the videos look like and whether it was worth a look or not. Once you have selected your video, each of them have been split into 3 clips with the option to either download the video in low (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 492 kbps), high (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 997 kbps) or full screen quality (720 x 540 with a bit rate of 3.99 mbps), all of these are available to download and view in .Wmv only. The Full Screen options quality is damn impressive and is more than good enough to put into full screen, hence the name I suppose!

There are currently only 34 videos available for download which is not an amazing amount compared to bigger porn sites who have literally thousands to choose from, but I have to say that these videos do have a certain feel to them which does make them a little more real and this might appeal to some people. I would definitely suggest checking out the sample videos if you are at all interested. Unfortunately the update schedule was not obvious and so I am not sure how often you can expect a new movie and, with only 34 available, the life span of this site is not going to be amazing.

The guys that star in the movies help to give the movies a little bit of personality and the girls’ British accents are really refreshing as opposed to a lot of other sites in which the women don’t speak a word of the queen’s English.

Photo Section:

The photos are either accessible from the home page link or some of the video pages provide a link if they have photos from that specific video set. The photos are all 786 x 1200, which is more than good enough, but a choice of resolutions is always nice; especially the super high resolutions you get from some sites.

There are 38 photo sets and these all have very limited options; with the full size photos offering the very bare minimum with back and next buttons. There are no slideshow options nor is there any option to download the sets in .zip format.

Picture Features

Quantity: 3800 Approx
Picture Size: 786 x 1200
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unsure

Video Features

Quantity: 34
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: : low (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 492 kbps), high (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 997 kbps) or full screen quality (720 x 540 with a bit rate of 3.99 mbps)
Clip Duration: Roughly 10 Mins
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unsure

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, SMS/Mobile/Cell
Join Fees: $19.95 for 30 days - recurring every 30 days
Cancellation Links: On site