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Reviewed by Joe on 3rd October 2006

Overall Rating 80/100
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Trying to compete with sites such as DVD Box and Video Box was always going to be a tall order (although coming up with a more original name wasn’t difficult). But it appears Vixeo has done a pretty good job and really all that separates them is a slight variation in features and Vixeo suffering in the update schedule wars (although it appears to be in the middle with the DVD quantity stakes). One thing that Vixeo does suffer from is a lack of support and that is the thing that is really going to let it down in the review scoring. So when it comes down to it the choice is all down to personal preference and with all three sites allowing you to browse the content without signing up I suggest you go and have a look at all three and then make your decision. But rest assured, whichever one you plump for you will not be disappointed, saying that I ought to mention that your bank balance may suffer depending on which one you choose as Video Box is still the clear winner when it comes to value for money by only charging $9.95 a month when the others are charging a comparatively high $29.95.


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Overall Rating 80/100
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This is another one of those mega DVD sites that we have seen so much of in the last few months and have all been scoring extremely well. This is mostly due to the massive amount of content and a great range of different themes. This one is obviously trying to jump onto the band wagon and attempting to make themselves a buck or two, so is it worth you parting with your hard earned cash, well I shall tell all so read on.

It seems as though they have re-created the look as well as the idea of the other mega DVD sites; the site has the usual list of themes down the left hand side of the page. Along the top you have 4 main tabs which are “Newest DVD’s”, “Popular DVD’s”, “Popular Scenes” and “Scene Search”. Vixeo have decided to go with a lime green and silver colour scheme which actually ends up looking fairly striking, the only bad fact with the look of the site is that the top tab images have not been put together quite right and have a weird white line in them (I must note that this is only in Firefox and not in Internet Explorer).

The support available is minimal and it only provides an email link, phone number, company address and a link to their authorised sales agent. The fact that you have a phone number and address is impressive as it is not usually supplied but all of this data should have a knowledge base for you to go to in the first instance. Not only would a knowledge base cut down on the work for the support team at Vixeo but it would also provide much needed on the spot guidance when using the site and viewing the videos. One thing that was nice to see was the introduction of a personal info area where you are able to view and change all of your personal details. You are also able to cancel your membership from this section, this all means you have complete control over your membership from one area rather than having to navigate to billing sites to enable you to cancel and edit details.


The range of different types of content is amazing and so, due to this, the amount of different women is equally impressive. This site also caters for gay members as well as people who enjoy a range of different fetishes, including Midget Porn, Obese Sex and Pregnant Women, blimey what will they think of next :).

The home page features a real time countdown to the next DVD update, which is not a new idea but is great to see implemented. The homepage also features the last few DVD updates so you can always jump into some brand new content.

Vixeo has a range of different ways of searching your content; you can of course just browse using the aforementioned tabs and sections or you can search using: a basic text string tool, male/female pornstar name dropdowns or DVD series drop down. There is also a brand new search method called the “Scene Search” from here you can use a great range of different filters to find scenes that match your specifications.

I have already mentioned the quantity of content being pretty damn good, this is backed up by the counter that the site has at the top of the page and, at the time of review, this was telling me that Vixeo had 1560 DVDs available for viewing, with 16,749 scenes, which is more than enough to keep even the pornoholics busy for a while. The update schedule is not as good as some of the other DVD sites with only 50 new DVDs being added every month. I say “only” but this still very respectable.

Video Section:

There is an astounding amount of different formats to choose from, these are Low Quality WMV (192 x 144), Medium Quality WMV (320 x 240), High Quality WMV (512 x 384), DVD Quality WMV (640 x 480), High Quality .Mpeg (512 x 288) and High Quality Mobile Device .Mp4 (320 x 240).

The .Mp4s are formatted so that you are able to watch the downloaded scenes from either your iPod, PSP or any other compatible portable device. The others are all for use on your pc and the choice provided is remarkable and caters for all members, from those still on dial up as well as those with super fast broadband connections, so don’t fear there will be porn for all!

Unfortunately those users with dial up are going to have to possess super human eye sight as the resolution of the low quality WMV is much like watching your porn on a matchbox. On the other hand the DVD quality scenes are simply brilliant and are more than good enough to blow up to full size and have a good old perv. The only downside is that even with a broadband connection they still tend to take a fair time to download due to the massive file sizes… so it ends up more like boredband ha ha, oh I crack myself up sometimes.

Each of the DVDs is split into several different scenes with a nice lot of screen shots available for each of them. As well as this, every now and again you will stumble across DVD scenes with trailers available on them; this means you can really get an idea of what to expect and whether or not it is worth downloading the scenes.

While in the DVD scene selection part of the site, it provides you with a nice lot of content surfing links. So if you like the current content you can easily jump to some other content from the same pornstars.

Photo Section:

As this is a DVD site there are in fact no photos available apart from the box covers. These are not really going to do anything for you unless of course you have a somewhat odd fetish for DVD Box covers, but they are a good feature and once again provide another reference point when searching for content that you are going to enjoy.

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:

Video Features

Quantity: 1560 DVDs with 16749 Scenes
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: Low Quality .Wmv, Medium Quality .Wmv, High Quality .Wmv, DVD Quality .Wmv, High Quality .Mpeg and High Quality Mobile Device .Mp4
Clip Duration: Varies greatly between scenes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 50 New DVDs per month

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Web900
Join Fees: $29.95 every 30 days
Cancellation Links: Available via Personal Info area