Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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All Network Pass
Reviewed by Joe on 6th October 2006

Overall Rating 81/100
All Network Pass
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This site is probably one of the better multi pass sites that I have reviewed and if you are after a hell of a lot of content then I would definitely put this one near the top of your list. However, if you are after some real quality and some nice options and features then I would definitely look elsewhere. They have got the pricing right for this one as I would not say it is worth the $29.95 a month that most of the sites are charging, but at $24.95 it is definitely worth a look.


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Reviewers Slant

Overall Rating 81/100
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Oh god damn, another multi pass site. These are typically a real chore to browse and especially review. But will All Network Pass break the mould and be a joy to behold, well my fellow Realmies lets find out.

The site does change drastically between the join and membersí home page and it does feel a little as if you have entered a completely different site. Once you have got over this the actual layout of the site is easy to browse and this is helped by the fact that there is a nice little nav bar with drop down menus that gives you access to each of the different sites, their support pages, Bonus Sites and Customer Support. The multi pass home page is great and lists which of the sites have been updated and which ones have new content coming soon. Each of the sites that they offer access to is all well designed and I did struggle to find any problems with them design wise.

The support provided is simply amazing and, dare I say it, one of the best that I have seen. They provide in depth FAQís on movies, membership and anything else that could possibly go wrong. In addition to this they provide a phone number and a really impressive live support console where you can talk to a support operative there and then via an msn looking interface. I took the liberty of testing this and got a response from Cindy (my operator) almost immediately. So good job on this one guys, it is nice to see a site put some thought into their support area.


As usual, each of the sites that they advertise are not actually fully fledged sites in there own right and are more like a variety of themed galleries. This is actually not a bad thing in this instance as you can get everything else that you might need, for example support, from the top navigation bar and so you can just get on with enjoying your porn. Unfortunately the quantity and quality of the content does vary greatly between each of the sites and I will go into this in the relevant sections.

The site offers a new update every day in the following categories: Hand Job, Squirting, Foot Fetish, Mature, Deep Throat, Asian, Lesbian, Hardcore and Interracial; just from this you can see that this site has an amazing range of different sites available for just $24.95 every 30 days.

Video Section:

Some of the sites offer a full movie download, others only offer streaming clips of the full movie and some of the sites provide downloadable clips and the full movie (this is why it is so difficult to review). Another thing that makes this a difficult one to review is that each of the sites have a varying amount of content with some of them have 10 pages or more of different scenes and others only having 6 movies, in total, available to download. But overall the amount of content on offer is remarkable and there is great range of different themes to choose from. The videos do not tend to get any bigger than 320 x 240 and come in .mpg with a few .Wmvís available here and there.

The bonus content section just adds to the amount of content available, but all of this tends to be streaming content, but to be honest I doubt you would have to bother with this section with all of the other exclusive sites available for you. Another part of the site that relies on streaming videos is the DVD archive section of the site where you have the choice of a great range of different DVDís, which to tend to be a little on the dated side but the choice is still impressive.

Photo Section:

The photos with this site are very few and far between; in fact only one of the sites had pictures available and the pictures section of the site only has three different galleries. Once I had found the pictures they where a little disappointing as the resolution did not get much bigger than 800 x 531, to be fair there was a drop down to jump to different pictures in the set, there were also back and next buttons available. Unfortunately there are no options to download the pictures in .zip format nor is there the option to view the photos in a slideshow mode.

Picture Features

Quantity: Unable to Tell
Picture Size: No bigger than 800 x 531
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unable to Tell

Video Features

Quantity: Unable to Tell
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF
Video Size: No bigger than 320 x 240
Clip Duration: Mostly around the 20 minute mark but does vary between sites Mostly around the 20 minute mark but does vary between sites
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 10 new scenes a day

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $24.95 per 30 days
Cancellation Links: Available via Customer Support Area