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Reviewed by Joe on 9th November 2006

Overall Rating 69/100
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If you are looking for something a little bit different then at $3.95 per game this one has to be worth a look. The videos are pretty good quality if not a little limiting on the options front, but if you are into hardcore action then give this one a miss as it is mostly heavy petting and dirty talk for the first few rounds with some slightly harder stuff in the last of the rounds.


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Overall Rating 69/100
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Ok, well as soon as I came across this site I knew that it wasnít going to be a run of the mill review. DareRing is in fact a game recorded in all its glory and then put on the site where you are able to rent (or download) each of them. To play the game players sit in a circle and are each assigned a number for dice rolls. The game begins with Player 1 drawing a card out of a bag containing all the cards for Round 1. They must then do whatever that card says. Once that Truth or Dare is accomplished, the next player draws a card. The game goes around the circle like this until there are no cards left. Then it is time for the next round. In our game we have 7 rounds. As you go through each of the rounds the Truth and Dare questions get more and more raunchy. Yeah ok so it isnít exactly the most complicated game in the world but the result could be fairly pleasingÖ. but were they? Well letís find out.

The siteís design is simple and effective and, to be honest, with the site only having one page it wasnít exactly going to be a complicated site. They have gone with a blue colour scheme; which is pleasing to the eye and used in conjunction with a really nice header image it does exactly what it needs to do without over complicating the issue.

The billing for this site is different from your regular porn site because of the way it works. You can either pay $3.95 for access to the game of your choice or you can pay $19.95 for access to all of the games. The one game subscription gives you 3 days access and the all game subscription gives you access for 30 days so you have time to download all of the games.

There is absolutely no support provided apart from an email address, this needs to be sorted out and at least give subscribers a basic FAQ.


There are currently only 7 games online and so, to be honest, the content is pretty minimal. The women on the site vary and to be honest are all pretty average looking with the odd hottie in there for good measure. But at least they are all fairly young and to be fair all of the girls are nice to look at without having any real rotters on the site.

The only extra available to you as a member of DareRing is the forums, where you can set up your own real life DareRing games (mostly US users), do online truth and dares or just talk about general stuff. The forum seems to be fairly active with posts being added every day.

Video Section:

The current round videos are 640 x 480 with a bit rate of 1.35Mbps, which is not terrible but with the amount of content on offer being fairly thin on the ground I would have like to have seen a 2Mbps+ full screen download option as well as a 500kbps option available for dial up users and people that want to jump straight into the action.

With the videos you arenít given any other choices for download so dial up users are going to be waiting a while for their DareRing games. The games are split up into the rounds and you are not even given the option to download the entire game which would be nice to add. DareRing have now introduced a 3 Gig download limit per day, this is enough for 2 games per day which should be enough to keep you amused.

Each of the games has a handy list of the playerís names and each of the rounds within the game gives you a screenshot so you can sort of see what is going to happen. I would like to see a few more screenshots as at the moment it is a bit difficult to see which ones you are going to want to download.

As far as I can tell the videos are all genuine as you can just tell by the nervous laughs as they take off their clothes. The first few rounds of the game donít really involve much nudity and are more about dirty talk. But by the time you get to round 5 the action really starts to kick off.

Updates are obviously not amazingly regular but I was promised by the webmaster that new videos were coming soon so watch this space.

Photo Section:

There are absolutely no photos on this site and even the screenshots at 160 x 120 really donít constitute as photos.

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:

Video Features

Quantity: 7 games with each on having 7 round videos
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: 640 x 480
Clip Duration: Random
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Unsure but not that regular

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Telephone
Join Fees: $3.95 per game or $19.95 for all seven
Cancellation Links: Available via billing company