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Gia Marie
Reviewed by Joe on 23rd November 2006

Overall Rating 72/100
Gia Marie
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This site has some really nice content with the videos being really authentic and the photos being well taken. Unfortunately the site is let down by bad design and a fairly poor update schedule. If you really like the look of Gia then this one would definitely be worth a look but just be aware that you are going to be faced with a hell of a lot of design faults. After a rocky start I did actually start to warm to this site after a while purely because of the content.


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Overall Rating 72/100
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Gia Marie is a 36 year old amateur porn star, so this makes this slightly different to most solo star sites in the fact that this is an Amateur semi mature site. So is this one worth parting with your hard earned cash? Well letís take a look inside.

The site is designed with a rather garish and overpowering pink colour scheme; it really doesnít look anything like the tour suggests and in fact looks like a completely different site. This is actually rather disappointing as the tour site was actually quite impressive. The actual site really does not look that great and the navigation is rather haphazard, randomly opening new windows left right and centre taking me to non memberís areas, and I kept losing the navigation on the left when moving around the site. What's more, the site was riddled with links leading to ďpage not foundĒ errors.

The support link once again opens a new window, which in turn means that you are not logged in on that window, but once I had got over that the support was actually pretty decent. It provides a great number of FAQs conveniently split into different types of issue for ease of use.


Gia really isnít my sort and I really wouldnít join this site just for that reason (not with the million others there are to choose from) but you will just have to check out the tour and see for yourself.

As well as the regular content, which I will mention in the sections below, you also get a section titled About Me which is simply a few paragraphs all about Gia Marie in her own words. She tells you about how she turned Bi and also how she met Killer, nope that isnít her dog guys, thatís what she calls her husband (donít ask).

You also have access to the diary section of the site which seems to be fairly regularly updated with a new entry every couple of days. They arenít the lengthiest entries but are certainly a lot better than some of the other solo sites I have reviewed. Unfortunately due to an error on the diary page (surprise surprise) it did not go back any further than October.

As a member you also have access to the forum which isnít amazingly active but Gia does seem to be on there quite a lot answering most of her membersí posts, so this is a big plus for the site. There is also the bonus section where you get access to the following sites:,,, and, I didnít have time to look at each one in detail but on first impressions they looked fairly similar to Gia Marie just with different content. The webcam section was awful with none of the archive links working and the schedule being completely empty; so it looks like there is no chance of a webcam show in the near future.

Being a member of this site also enters you into the Gia Marie contest where you have the chance of being a cameraman for the day; which is a little bit weird as the last and only 3 contest winners all seem to have started by taking pics and then end up shagging her. So basically when signing up for this site you are entering a competition to have sex with Gia (is that legal?).

Video Section:

There are currently 110 videos of Gia to choose from; this is actually fairly impressive for a solo site. The videos seemed to have a pretty good range of different themes from having a pee on the beach to gloryhole videos.

The videos unfortunately only come with 2 choices, these are either a full movie download in Broadband .Wmv (640 x 480 with a bit rate of 706 Kbps) or Dial Up .Wmv (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 80 kbps). To be honest the dial up .Wmvs really arenít worth downloading; they are tiny and the quality of the picture is awful. On the flip side the broadband quality videos are in fact pretty good, not quite good enough to go full screen but not too shabby by all accounts. I would have liked to have seen a slightly higher video quality and also a choice of downloading the larger movies as clips rather than the whole thing. With each of the videos you get a nice selection of screenshots to pick from, these help to give you a good idea as what to expect from the video and they also act as a little bit of bonus content in their own right.

All of the videos struck me as being genuine and not those horrible set ups with the even worst acting and fake cumshots; these videos are simply all about Gia enjoying some hot sex on her own or with some other lucky bugger.

The video updates seem to come around 3 times a month which is not astounding but for a solo star this isnít the worst I have seen. And as I have already mentioned you have a fair bit of content to be getting on with in the meanwhile.

Photo Section:

All of the photos are separated into one of the following sections: Sexy Gia, Naughty Gia, Nasty Gia, Nude in Public, Early Gia or Members. There are 100 photo galleries to choose from and as with the videos there is a really good selection of themes to choose from.

The full size photos come in 4 different sizes and these are tiny (512), small (640 x 480), medium (800 x 600) and Large (1024 x 700). These are all viewed in a fairly decent photo browser with back and next buttons. I would have liked to have seen a slide show option as well as a drop down allowing you to jump through the set a little easier. The other option that the photo section of this site is lacking is the choice of downloading the sets in .Zip format so that you can view them at your own leisure.

Unfortunately the updates donít seem to be thick and fast with the last photo update coming over a month ago.

Picture Features

Quantity: 100 Galleries
Picture Size: Tiny (512), Small (640 x 480), Medium (800 x 600) and Large (1024 x 700)
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Not very regular

Video Features

Quantity: 110 videos
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: Broadband .Wmv (640 x 480 with a bit rate of 706 Kbps) or Dial Up .Wmv (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 80 kbps)
Clip Duration: 3 Ė 15 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 3 times a month

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Mail In Check/Cash
Join Fees: $19.95 for first 30 days and then $24.95 every 30 days thereafter (other options available)
Cancellation Links: Links available via support area