Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Viv Thomas
Reviewed by Joe on 29th January 2007

Overall Rating 88/100
Viv Thomas
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Simply a superb site for any lover of quality photography who wants to see a real variation of different categories and wants to join a site that has a real buzzing community with a chance of getting up close and personal with some of the girls. In my opinion this site is much more than your regular porn site and really offers some added value features and sections. Go on give it a try and you wonít walk away disappointed especially at such a competitive price.


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Overall Rating 88/100
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This is a long overdue review and as we have already reviewed Viv Thomas Video the video counterpart to this site, which scored incredibly high, well I guessed it was about time we did a review on the source. Just to explain the background of this site, it has all been founded byÖ.guess who, Viv Thomas who is an absolutely superb photographer who has been in the business for a fair amount of time and has built up one hell of an amazing portfolio.

The whole site has just had a brand new design and it looks great with a nice neutral colour scheme and a brown leather effect background and, surprisingly enough for a porn site, it actually manages to pull off a really smart and classy look. To make the navigation nice and easy they have used a left navigation bar which works brilliantly and helps to organise the absolute plethora of different sections available on this site (will go into these later).

The support wasnít as extensive as I was hoping for and, although there were a few little pointers on a few of the problems that you are likely to come across, I would have liked to have seen a slightly more in depth FAQ. But saying that, if its contact methods (even a phone number) you are after then they have got them coming out of their ears so I am sure any submitted problems would be responded to in no time.


The content on this site is all based around absolutely stunning women with a few of them being some really well known names such as Sylvia Saint, Sonia Red (oh my god she is sooo fit), Sophie Moone and many more that will get you all hot and bothered; I guarantee.

You donít only get solo girl and girl girl either, Viv shoots a nice lot of hardcore content as well so you really canít go wrong and this site should appeal to a fair few of you guys (it certainly does me).

The site has a top 20 girls which is worked out by how many times their page has been viewed over the last 15 days. This means that you are able to see some of the fittest girls on the site straight away and each of the top 20 girls has a nice and in depth editorial written on them. So if you are at all interested you can really get to know some of the most popular girls.

On top of all of this you get loads of little extras and straight off the bat with this site you can see that they pride themselves on a thriving member community. This is compounded by a buzzing forum where you are even able to chat to a fair few of the models and really get to know the fitties you have been drooling over, and the fact that a lot of the models pages have links to their topic means you can easily find you favourite gals section. You are also able to rate and leave comments on all of the content on the site. In addition to this the site also has a great personality with it coming out throughout the site in all of the text and is a real change from a lot of sites which tend to rely on boring and repetitive copy.

I could go on forever about all of the little extras on this site but I think that the only way to appreciate them all is to go and have a little peek yourselves.

Video Section:

The videos are ok on Viv Thomas but if you are looking for mostly video content then I would probably suggest Viv Thomas Video but as you will see in the next section this site excels in the photo area of things.

The DVD clips are available to stream in flash player 9 with a resolution of 300 x 200 with a bit rate of 300 kbps and what is so good about flash player 9 I hear you ask (well I doubt you asked that but Iím going to tell you anyway). Well you can skip through the streaming movie clip as well as the fact that the video starts as soon as you hit the page and doesnít have to buffer at all. The streaming videos are great if you just want to have a quick look and if you like what you see you can always download the video in exactly the same quality as it is on the site. In the section titled streaming clips you surprisingly enough only get streaming videos but the quality is a little better than the DVD clips with a choice of 56k (192 x 144), 350k (320 x 240) and 256k (640 x 480); these are all split into 2 minute clips but unfortunately they are in .Wmv so there is no skipping through these ones but with 2 minutes you really arenít going to have much use for skipping anyway.

Oh you can also go to Vivís DVD store if you like the look of one of the scenes and buy the whole DVD in all its glory. Now you canít ask for any more than that!

My favourite video section of the site had to be the viral videos. These are all funny out takes and had some of us in the office rolling round with laughter (well just me actually as everyone else gave me funny looks).

Photo Section:

This is where this site starts to really show off what it has to offer, with the models taking part in loads of different sections with some of the more diverse including Foot Lovers (Vivís signature type of photography), Close Ups and Blast from the past and donít worry you still get all of the regular sections such as Hardcore and Lesbian Lovers.

The photos all come in a variety of different resolutions and the choice is 640 x 422, 800 x 528, 1024 x 675 and 1280 x 844. You can also download the photos in a .zip file as well as viewing the images in a rather neat looking slide show player for some hands free fun! With 1814 photos sets and a photo update coming every day you are not likely to get bored of this site in a hurry (see I told you it was awesome).

All of the photography on the site is well shot and all looks amazing, Viv has a real eye for quality and this comes across in his content which makes all of girls look flawless (which they obviously are anyway!) and really gets across the natural beauty of the women.

Picture Features

Quantity: 1814 Photo Sets
Picture Size: 640 x 422, 800 x 528, 1024 x 675 and 1280 x 844
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 1 new set a day

Video Features

Quantity: unable to count them all but a fair few
Formats: WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: Streaming Clips - 56k (192 x 144), 350k (320 x 240) and 256k (640 x 480) and DVD Clips - 300 x 200
Clip Duration: Streaming Clips Ė 2 minutes and DVD Clips Ė Unable to Tell
Downloadable: Some
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: One new video a day

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check
Join Fees: $19.95 every 30 days reoccurring
Cancellation Links: Yes