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Reviewed by Joe on 15th February 2007

Overall Rating 80/100
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Against tough competition I walked away from this site rather impressed. The site is well built and looks fantastic and on top of this the range of different download options far surpasses anything I have ever seen. The site is only let down by the comparatively small DVD library but, letís be honest, when are you ever going to get through 550 DVDs anyway.


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Overall Rating 80/100
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This is another of the oh so popular DVD sites. It is a fairly saturated market at the moment and to attract members and come out on top of the pile this site is going to have to pull off something pretty special. One thing that I must say is that they have managed to get a pretty catchy name and with a name like Screw there is no mistaking what the site is all about and they have compounded this by choosing the tag line ďItís what men like to doĒ, catchy guysÖ..very catchy (hee hee).

The site design is the first thing that caught my eye when I was looking at the sites up for review. Screw has a really striking red and black colour scheme and it is without a doubt one of the best looking adult sites I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The navigation is simple and effective, even if it does use exactly the same formula as all of the rest of the DVD sites. But hey there is nothing wrong with that, especially as it is the layout that seems to work out best for this type of site.

The support on the site is split into several different FAQs, these are: Tech, Video Playing, Download and Customer. Although each of these sections doesnít have masses of questions in they do seem to answer most of the important questions. If you have any further questions you can always send a support request to the team through the online support form.


The site currently has around 550 DVDs online and compared to the now well established VideoBox (2300 DVDs) and DVDBox (1599 DVDs) it really isnít an amazing amount. Therefore this site would really have to offer something pretty special to even compete with those two and unfortunately in terms of extra features I really didnít see anything that made it stand out.

The site has a fairly basic advanced search tool using text boxes and drop downs. I have to be honest, I was hoping for a snazzy graphical search tool with this site, just because the rest of the site was so well designed. The fact that the design team obviously have the skills to implement something like this means they obviously decided not to bother and didnít think it was that important. The site also offers a well built favourites system but this is once again something that we now expect to come as standard and really didnít blow me away.

Video Section:

Ok as I just mentioned, this site really needs to bring something special to the table to compete with the other sites out there at the moment. Well with the videos I think Screw has done just that.

The amount of different formats they have on offer is simply mind-blowing. You have the choice of the standard download formats for your PC, these being: AVi (512 x 384), MP4 (400 x 300), MPG (400 x 300), Wmv High (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 1.19 Mbps), Wmv Med (400 x 300 with a bit rate of 832 Kbps) and .Wmv Low (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 564 Kbps). On top of that lot you also have the following choices for portable devices iPod, PSP (400 x 300), Zune (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 464 Kbps) and Pocket Pc (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 564 Kbps). Now believe me downloading this lot very nearly caused my PC to come to a grinding halt, there are just so many different formats. It is without a doubt the best selection of formats on a site that I have ever seen and really helps to put Screw on the map!

You might expect with this amount of different formats the DVD pages might be jammed with links providing download options for all of the different formats. Luckily Screw has solved this problem with nice elegant dropdowns and it all works rather well if you ask me.

If you were wondering what the hell Zune was, because I certainly did, it is in fact the format that the Microsoft Portable Media player uses. Donít ask me why they just canít use .Wmv but hey I suppose Mr Gates knows what heís doing.

You get a brand new DVD every single day with Screw; this means that you are not going to be waiting long for some brand new content to look at and in the meantime you can always delve into their well organised back catalogue for something to watch.

Photo Section:

There are no photos available on this site

Picture Features

Picture Size:
ZIP Downloads:
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Video Features

Quantity: Approx 550 DVDs
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, AVI (DivX)
Video Size: AVi (512 x 384), MP4 (400 x 300), MPG (400 x 300), Wmv High (480 x 360 with a bit rate of 1.19 Mbps), Wmv Med (400 x 300 with a bit rate of 832 Kbps) and .Wmv Low (320 x 240 with a bit rate of 564 Kbps). On top of that lot you also have the following cho
Clip Duration: Depends on DVD
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: 1 New DVD a Day

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $29.99 for 30 days
Cancellation Links: Yes