Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Web Cams
Reviewed by Joe on 3rd April 2007

Overall Rating 83/100
Web Cams
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The actual site doesn’t look too great but the most important bit of the site, the chat interface, works brilliantly. Your experience on this site obviously depends on your chosen host but with so many to choose from on this site it won’t take you long to find one that will be happy to fulfil your needs. This was a new experience for me and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that this is a two way thing really makes it interesting and the fact that you can join up for free makes it even more interesting.


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Overall Rating 83/100
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Well once again guys I am breaking the boundaries of porn….well errr sort of, this is my first webcam site review. So as always you will have to bear with me as I get to grips with it all.

On first hitting the site I was not terribly impressed by the site design, and to be brutally honest it looked a little unprofessional and unpolished. But after I got over this initial knee jerk reaction I actually found the site easy to navigate, using the clearly labelled and well laid out navigation bar, even a monkey could jump around this site without a problem. And after a while I started to come round to the site and, even though it is never going to be the prettiest site in the world, it isn’t as bad as I first thought.

The support was really in depth and from the main support area you could view your billing details, view a list of all your recent transactions, cancel your membership, view the billing faq, view the technical assistance faq and even open a support ticket. Not only this lot but they also provide a toll free support number. So all in all this is a top notch support area and I only wish all sites were this in depth with their support, as the world of porn would be much better for it! As I made my way round the support area I got the feeling that the guys at really care about the members and this counts for a lot in my eyes.


I suppose it might be worth explaining how this webcam site works, basically you can join the site absolutely free of charge and are able to browse around the girls and can enter the free chats. As soon as you want to go into an xxx session, which is where all the magic happens, then you will have to purchase some prepaid credit. Each girl will cost you $2.99 a minute so you had better get your moneys worth and no mucking about with foreplay with this one guys!

Now with a Webcam site the girls are always going to be constantly changing but by going through the list of performers currently online, and the others that they had on the “books”, I could see that there was a great mix of different girls. There is also a great variety of models in different categories for you to peruse through and each of the categories did seem to have a number of girls available online.

From the online model page you get a, sometimes sketchy, webcam screen shot of the girl and then either the option to go into a free chat or if they are in an xxx session to join this.

Each of the girls has a nice little profile which helpfully gives you their performance schedules, so if you find a girl you really like you can plan your next visit to the site to coincide with her show. There is also a rating system, as well as a short bio on the girl with details such as their measurements and turn ons/offs. From the profile section you can also add the girl to your favourites section so that you can easily get to them without having to browse through the entire site.

Video Section:

The chat interface is superb and works using Macromedia’s flash player, which loads almost instantly. This interface provides you with a good lot of options which include the ability to double the video feed size or even go full size, but a word of warning, the full size video does tend to be a little blocky. You can also have all of the usual IM (Instant Messaging) font and smiley options that you will be used to. The other option, that I am pretty sure I wouldn’t take advantage of, is the ability to turn on your own webcam and mic so that the performers can see what you are up to; now I can see this being of interest to some of you but this one wouldn’t be for me!

If you decide to start paying then you get treated with a few other little interface extras. There is a video recorder so that you can watch back your sexy rendezvous at any given time and you can also take some pictures of the action.

The video feeds will vary on what webcam the models have but with all of the models I looked at it was of a good enough quality to see what was going on. A lot of the models also have sound so that you can hear them trying to be sexy, not sure how you go about making sexy noises but it has to be quite a skill! If you really want to act like a sugar daddy then you can even tip the models for their troubles.

Photo Section:

Surprisingly enough for a webcam site there are some pictures, they are only 320 x 240 but they are all separated into several sections and if you find the photo of interest you can go and view the relevant model’s profile.

Picture Features

Quantity: Unable to count
Picture Size: 320 x 240
Searchable: No
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Unsure

Video Features

Quantity: Hundreds of models online at a time
Formats: Flash
Video Size: More than big enough to see the action
Clip Duration: Until you run out of credits or you get bored
Downloadable: No
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Different models online all the time

General Features

Member Support: Comprehensive
Movie Support: Comprehensive
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: Free membership and then buy credits when you want them
Cancellation Links: Yes